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  1. It really good. The shape of the TSi is awesome. Performance I am not sure if there is much difference. Or if it is literally a case of new and shiny. I do really like the feel as well of the TSi. it has that long on the face feeling that gives you the shivers.
  2. I am really pretty in love with the TSi3 driver.. It purdy.. and performs really well.
  3. It does not bother me either. Well, not much. haha.
  4. public course is a a bit vague. Almost every course in my area are basically semi private. Privately owned, but open for public place. So they can and should have the same privileges' as any private business or private course for that matter. Muni courses are really the only exception and even at those there should be a very base standard...
  5. For sure. I appreciate your knowledge here..
  6. Totally agree!!! I do some local modifications within the rules at play though. Which is basically what you said. I think we are mostly agreeing in a disagreeable fashion. haha.
  7. With it being a private course, and a private event that is outside of the PGA. I am simply saying they can host whatever event they want. Obviously they are not going to tack too hard away from the rules.
  8. I think with this being their event, and they are allowed a bit more latitude. But mostly I agree. You can hold an event and set what ever rules you want.
  9. Sorry, I should have been more specific. They do not allow the detailed topo arrow maps that every other event does. For someone like Bryson, I think he needs every detail. He has not had great finishes over all at the masters.
  10. Augusta does not allow them.. That's why. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2018/03/21/green-reading-books-the-masters-makes-own-rules/ https://www.golfdigest.com/story/masters-2020-the-augusta-national-rule-that-could-keep-bryson-dechambeau-from-winning-green-jacket Golf’s governing bodies proposed greatly limiting the amount of data found in these books in 2018 before ultimately deciding to only limit their scale and size. But at Augusta National, which has always played by its own set of rules, the topographical maps that plot putting surfaces down to the tenth of a
  11. Good listen. I think there is still a minimal dress code that should be required. I think many non collard shirts are as nice or nicer than what you will see in the form of a polo.. I also think shorts should be fine for tour pros during the event. I don't think cut offs or basketball jerseys should be seen on anything nicer than your goat track muni where they have keystone on tap... My love it or leave it. 19:55 - Bryson winning the Masters - Love it but - will have to see how the lack of a green book affects him. 20:38 - Vice golf balls - Meh
  12. oohhh. I cant wait to listen based on the the topics alone!!. . I am going to answer the questions before I listen, then come back and see if my opinion changes at all.. 0:59 - The (alleged) names of 2021 drivers. - Callaway Epic something Cobra Rad driver Taylormade SIM'iler Mizuno JPX357 Ping G425 WIlson WLab driver by a different name. 5:15 - HOT SEAT: We predict the #1 selling driver in 2021. It will be the Taylormade driver. 9:50 - What's a SPIF, and are they bad for your game?
  13. Funny that these will never come to life now. Rickie is not even playing them anymore going back to the AMP cell irons from yesteryear.
  14. Quigleyd

    7 woods

    Or some good players with high swing speeds but want to play the game slightly different.
  15. Quigleyd

    7 woods

    I would love for callaway to make a sub zero 7 wood.
  16. Mine was not prepped. If they cant manage that small detail, what is going on with the shaft production process?
  17. First Name Cody City, State Reno, nv Current Driver in Play Sim Handicap 4 Swing Speed 121 Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSI3
  18. As said, he is the face of golf for this week. Just like DJ was unbeatable and the face of golf during the tour championship.
  19. Yep.. and now I cant find it. haha. I put it in a closet to glue up or send back and I think my kids found it. Now I have no idea where it is.. If I find it I guess I will try to glue it back up and see how it goes.. The 3 swing i made before it failed were not impressive, but who really knows. Over all it is probably not worth the $99 it costs. Its seems very cheaply made. No finish, just a sticker for a logo.
  20. Milled or smooth lead mainly to a audible change. That sound difference we interpret as feel. That is the biggest difference. everything else is more marketing than performance.
  21. I really wanted one of these bullseye throwbacks.. But there were too pricey and gone in seconds. https://blog.odysseygolf.com/toulon-garage-small-batch/?_ga=2.80698519.149015142.1601669695-1382612854.1600960813&_gac=1.121850233.1601669695.CjwKCAjwn9v7BRBqEiwAbq1Ey9mgcaPbeLLNj4z3hUPPFmFpgDXm2l8Ag0F7fXj3kFQW-eABy-BgVRoCQAgQAvD_BwE
  22. First Name/City State Cody Handicap 6 Current Model Wedges Played RTX4 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge I like the look and I love when a club patinas.
  23. !00% agree with everything you said. That is the same conclusion I came to after I thought about it some.
  24. I didnt say he "would" I said "consider".. That is a great story about your son. I commend him for is good decisions. But lets not pretend that if taking something was the difference from saying I was a college football player and saying I was a professional football player. You would not "consider, or think about it" hopefully the same decision would be made. But what that kind of reward it is silly to think it would not cross your mind. I was a college athlete once as well (oh too long ago). I also have never in my life taken anything. But I did "think" about it a few times. When you f
  25. There is too much money out there to "not" consider it. I just think claims based on changes made are dumb. I would not put it past anyone, including me to think about or look for some type of advantage... The reward far outweighs any risk in my mind..
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