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  1. I would be very interested in doing a club champion putter fitting. Probably more so than a iron or driver fitting.
  2. I don't really understand why you have to wait on Raw. It literally requires less effort to make raw wedges. Why does it take longer to get them?? haha
  3. I will be getting these for sure..
  4. I did not catch that on the first reading of your article. My bad, but now I am even more interested. I really liked the OG spinner. If they have improved it. AWESOME!!
  5. I am a huge fan of the DG spinner shaft. It works great around greens and on half shots. Full swings, it can get a little loose so I don't think I would play it in a lower lofted wedge like say a 50 degree. but for a 56/60 degree. You bet!
  6. I have been a cleveland wedge fan for years. I am pretty excited to see these.. I think they are going to be awesome.
  7. But, dont you think there would be more home runs if you used metal bats? have you ever played on a beer league soft ball team? They have limits on the number of home runs you can hit other wise that is all they would do. I don't disagree that a roll back is probably not needed though. But, if the MLB had aluminum bats there would be a 90+ home run year by someone.
  8. With these. It is really what is on the inside that counts...
  9. Sure, well aware of who they are. I also stated that it is a very biased and unfairly given judgement.
  10. Sure, but these companies have good long standing relationships and control (assuming) over their product. I don't know about Hogan, NL, Sub70, etc. As I said, it is probably an unreasonable bias. I accept that.
  11. I think the new level stuff looks good. I have still just not ready to take the leap on DTC stuff. I fully admit a bias and a underlying thought that they may be lower quality. I know that is judging by the cover and not fair but it is the truth and I am sure many feel the same way. Companies like Mizuno, and others have earned my trust. I am willing to pay the extra premium for them.
  12. They are awesome. the print is a little strange but who cares. Other than the RTX3 which were a miss. Cleveland has always been my wedge of choice.
  13. Just wait about a month or two for the new Cleveland wedges and thank me later.
  14. My sim plus motore X took me from this. Playing the gold. To this.. I hit a good shot just past pin high with my original one 13.5 mini driver.
  15. Good grief that is soo good!!
  16. Never said a made for shaft was bad or wouldn’t work for anyone. Just that it is dishonest marketing.
  17. The current best example is the ventus shaft in the sim drivers. It is not the same shaft as the after market shaft. It has the same name, same bend profile but is. It the same construction, not the same materials, lacks the velocore. Hence watered down.
  18. This could be a good week for me. I got almost my whole squad near the top of the board!
  19. First Name/City State: (US Applicants Only) Cody Reeder / Reno,NV Current Drive in Play: SIM Max 9 degree Swing Speed: 121
  20. Rory better pull his head out if he wants to play the weekend.
  21. That limited pars and stripes driver looks amazing!!!
  22. I enjoyed the podcast. I am a little umm... not sure the word but I am a little ick'd out by the B.O.D. conversation.. and Tony's affection for such things. hahaha...
  23. Gosh, I like to try a lot of stuff. Its really an expensive and bad habit. Here are the last few shafts in order. Kuro Kage black 7x Graphite Design AD DI 7X Ventus blue 7X Ventus black 6X - borrowed never bought, but played enough to get a good sample size. Haz green 60 TX Haz green 70X KBS TD tour catagory 5 7X UST Mamiya LINQ gun metal 60X Motore X F1 7X tipped 1 inch. I also have a rogue white 70X tipped an inch I have not even tried.. It is kind of a toss up as to which I have liked the most. I would say I have played my best golf probably ever with the Ventus blue. It is super straight. I have hit my longest drives with the Haz green 60TX when I am swinging well that thing is a ball speed monster. The KBS is a bit of a different animal all together as it is higher torque over all and very tip heavy. Not sure about it yet. I am having a hard time figuring it out. . The Motore F1 seems very good in terms of distance and direction. I am really starting to like it alot and it seems to be performing very well. If I had to settle on a shaft and get rid of the rest it would either be the Motore or the Ventus blue.
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