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  1. I'm 70 and use a G30 12 degree driver with a Ping SR graphite shaft. This season, my average drive is 189 yards based on my GPS watch with long drive of 211 yards. Thankfully, my drives are normally fairly straight so at least my second shots are generally from the short grass.
  2. I play nearly modern, 70-80"s vintage and hickory shafted clubs from the 30's. Have to admit the vintage and hickory clubs bring the biggest smiles to my face. Key to enjoyment (at least for me) is to make sure to select tees that match the appropriate distance for these clubs as well as older traditional courses where the game is more along the ground as compared to newer courses which require high shots carried over hazards.
  3. Good News? I wish, but sadly no. I made the cut in 2013 and got practice round tickets - only success over past 15 years. The way 2020 has gone, guess I shouldn't have expected anything different. But maybe next year !!
  4. Done, very interesting research. Good luck!!
  5. Warren Course at Notre Dame. its a Coore Crenshaw design open to the public. Hosted a number of USGA events including Mens Senior Open recently. Great links style course - a fun walk and located close to Indiana Toll Road exit.
  6. Jones makes several good options (both carry bag and a carry / stand bag) - just picked up a carry / stand bag during Black Friday sale - really nice pricing.
  7. Course I mostly play doesn't have a range so I have found that swinging a weighted club and chipping a few shots in a grassy area is my best option. Reminds me of many older courses I have played in the UK which don't have ranges just a practice putting green area. In any case, my scores don't seem to vary greatly between range or no range - as long as I can stretch before playing.
  8. After reading the report and watching the video, have a questions about swing speed and "soft" golf ball. Several times the report stated a "soft" ball is a "slow" ball unless you have a slow swing speed. Question is: what is a "slow swing speed" for this report - is it below the 85 mph level used in the report? Did the report identify how "slow" your swing needed to be to make a "soft" ball work for you ? As a senior with a 75-80 mph driver speed, I'm trying to determine how the report relates to my game.
  9. rwc356


    Check out The Society of Hickory Golfers (hickorygolfers.com). They have tournaments in the US as well as overseas. Also have regional playing groups where you can try out clubs and see if hickory for you. I've played hickories for almost 15 years - its a lot of fun.
  10. I got out this morning for a quick 9 holes -parking lot was getting full by the time I finished. Played a Chicago Park District Course which overlooks the Lake on most holes. $15 for a senior walking - one of the few bargains in Chicago
  11. Nice looking putter. Looks like a Tom Stewart putter based on the "pipe" marking. Stewart made clubs for many great golfers, including Bobby Jones. I play hickories pretty much full time. Great fun - key is to make sure you play reasonable length tees. For most of us 5800 - 6000 is a nice length course. Trajectory of the irons tend to be lower and putting spin on an approach shot is a real challenge. Finding a good Brassie for tee shots is also challenge since most surviving clubs have low lofts (
  12. So, I'm a little height challenged for my weight, and always felt more comfortable turning with a narrow stance. Last lesson, it was suggested perhaps I was a little too narrow (feet under the hips). I've tried to widen my stance but also turn out my right foot 20-30 degrees to see if that helped me with the turn. So far, it just feels so darn different that I'm having trouble making good ball contact. Could also be fact that its 38 degrees in Chicago and I hate hitting off indoor mats. Hope to get back on outside soon - and see if the wider stance helps - if not then I'm back to feet under the hips.
  13. I try to walk at least 9 holes when I play - when its cool I'm good for 18. I seem to have better pre-shot timing when a walk as opposed to rushing to the shot in a cart.
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