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  1. I would take the tuned golf. I wear sunglasses on the course anytime it is sunny.
  2. Foz's shot was great! started at right edge of green and worked its way back to the pin. My best shot was probably the approach on 18. I was 80 yards out and told Foz this is my worst distance for a shot. Then hit it 6 feet from hole and made the birdie putt!
  3. This is cleaned up the best I can. A man was watching golf. His wife kept bugging him to go out and do something, so he gave her his credit card to keep her quiet, and told her to go shopping. The wife goes to an antique store and browses around. Eventually she finds an old, plain, and shoddy full length mirror. She inquires as to the price. The proprietor tells her it is $10,000.00. She ask as to why a mirror in such bad shape was so expensive. The proprietor tells her it is a magic mirror that will grant any wish as long as it rhymes. To spite her husband for ignoring her, she buys the mirror and once home she hangs it on the back of the bedroom door. She yells for her husband to come look at what she bought for $10,000.00. He jumps off the couch and runs into the bedroom. The wife shows him the old mirror and he cannot believe she paid so much. She informs him it is a magic and mirror and proceeds to show him what it will do. She steps up to the mirror and says, " Mirror, Mirror, on the door, make my breast a 44." There is a snapping and popping sound and she stands there with breasts now measuring 44. She tells her husband she is going shopping again because she needs new clothes and proceeds to leave. The husband stands there in disbelief, shaking his head, muttering under his breath. Then an idea comes to him! He steps up to the mirror and says, "Mirror, Mirror, on the door, make my member touch the floor." AND His legs fell off!
  4. I just started playing in March of this year after a 23 year layoff. When I started I was not sure what ball I wanted to play, fit my game, and felt best. I tried ProV1, ProV1x, Chrome Soft, TP5x, and Tour Soft. I eventually settled on the AVX. It seems to work best, fits my game, and feels right. I get good distance with it and I like them around the green.
  5. Replace the 1996 Odyssey Dual Force Rossi II with an used Odyssey Two Ball Versa Fang. Also bought a box of Titleist AVX balls at same time.
  6. Great idea. I am now on map! Thanks
  7. Welcome to the forums Colcur :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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