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  1. Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!  Glad you joined us A.P.  Used to fly into San Jose all the time. The closest to San Jose that I've played is Poppy Ridge GC outside Livermore..  Nice course!


    Actually started playing golf in Eugene, OR, and stopped playing when we lived in the SW Hills in Portland. San Jose has some nice courses - I did have the privilege of playing Poppy Hills last week which proved my course experience needs to be broadened! 

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  2. I learned to play in my late 20s, played for a few years, and then life got in the way. Just returning to the sport after 7 years away, and much more committed to it than before (though still struggling to break 90)!


    I'm just beginning to replace the original set of Alpha Silver Diamond irons and hybrids that I bought a decade ago (Sasquatch Sumo also on the chopping block). Looking forward to joining the conversation on here - I've lurked for a few weeks now and really appreciate the content thus far.

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