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  1. The EASILOCK function is great for the Motocaddy bags. It does not have any negative effects on non-Motocaddy bags. My Bagboy bag strapped down to the cart with no problems and stayed centered through the entire round. On my Sun Mountain reflex cart it would spin sometimes.
  2. @Motocaddy Prez any plans on including a follow me feature in future models? I am in the Tacoma area for business sometimes...
  3. Haha @Motocaddy Prez we appreciate it! It's not your fault!
  4. Oops forgot to include my round this weekend for the Grint Tour. Next one for sure!
  5. Now if only the dockworkers and the unions could come to an agreement so we could unload the containers and get our accessory packs that would be great...
  6. Unfortunately that will be up to @Tpoole22. Our rainy season has pretty much ended here in SoCal! I could spray some water on the screen and try lol. As for traction, if the grass is wet, the wheels can slip depending on the grade of the terrain. Going uphill i did have a few wheel spins but downhill seems to be fine. The tread pattern on the wheels seems able to handle terrain well.
  7. Lol I think I got your bag then. I ordered blue but got red! But just like you said, no complaints just glad I got the bag! First round with it tomorrow. Will report back on how the clubs go in and out of the dividers. Sometimes the Shotscope tag on the butt end of my clubs would get caught in the threads of my old bag.
  8. Quick video and picture of the Easilock function. The studs fit into the slots on the "tongue" of the cart and really do keep the bag from moving. It is still easy to remove the bag if you lift straight up. Good function and I will have to test on rough ground to see if the bag stays on without the lower bag strap. 20210415_175305.mp4
  9. Yesterday I let the cart go up a fairly small but steep hill at my range. It actually flipped up like the scene in Cars with the tractors in the field. First time that happened but as @Tpoole22 mentioned, we don't have the wheelie bar in the back like the remote unit does as it is expected that you will be hands off with the remote units. I think it was because the speed was too fast going up. I think I had it on setting 5. As I was picking it back up, I noticed there is some sort of differential or other feature that makes the wheel on one side stop while the other side kept spinning. May be
  10. Noting here since I am testing the Motocaddy for MGS. Current weight 184.
  11. Either way dealer should pay for all repairs since you just bought the car or take it back as a lemon.
  12. So this is turning into as much a bag test as it is an electric push cart test! Haven't had a chance to test the Easilock function but will be on the range tonight and will just mount the bag to the cart for testing purposes. Moved my entire bag over and found a few differences from my Datrek Light II bag. The valuables pockets are deeper so more space for bigger phones. I have a Note 20 Ultra so fairly large phone that I will test the fit. I use my phone for the Grint during rounds so not that it would stay in there. The cooler pocket is really big. I can fit a 6 pack of seltzer water with ro
  13. getting better with that 3W off the deck. 225 was about the distance I was looking for at the start of this test last year! smashing it off the tee for sure! Goes almost as long as if not longer sometimes than my driver!
  14. As someone who wore glasses all my life then had LASIK performed a few years ago, it would be interesting to see if this truly helps! Thanks for being the guinea pig @GolfSpy Dave though I am sure no actual guinea pigs were hurt in the testing of this product...right?
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