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  1. Thanks for great feedback - PT and Dr. both say "go for it" so enjoy following your progress! Thanks all -
  2. Do any of the testers have back (or other) issues that have been helped or hindered thru the protocol? I’m concerned about back pain with swinging with the weights and yes, at 64 it could be an age issue. I do work out but it still may not be an applicable tool for 64 y/o female. Current drive 180 - 200 but really REALLY want more!! Thoughts??
  3. Wondered if there is a wide variety of ages amongst the stack system testers. Also, do you notice a difference in the time of day that you train? I tend to be less flexible early AM and feel stronger early afternoon once aches and pains subside. Exciting to see early improvements in your results already.
  4. Well... I will rephrase my original post! I MIGHT WAIT to try a different ball! I am using a Titleist ProV1 right now. I don't lose balls very often and have had some good rounds with it. Still looking at which variable created the low round - like less Birdie juice!
  5. Hands off my 7 wood - I have named him Zeke and we have have conversations every time he comes out to do his job! Ping G425 Max 20.5 loft. Fits well between my 3 wood and 5 hybrid
  6. Pretty sure it’s not unique but a telescoping ball grabber for those pesky times when your ball finds the edge of the water and you can see an alligator- or in the woods next to the sign that says Beware of Snakes!!
  7. I am also interested in getting new shoes. I prefer an athletic style with some structure. Foot Joy has worked well for me with the Pro SL but now I am looking at the fuel or hyper flex. I am really interested in learning about the BOA. My husband really likes his Sqairz although I think they are heavy. Not sure how the women’s version would be.
  8. Really looking forward to the putting portion results.
  9. Just wondering what ball you all play with? Any other testing going on? Also curious about what shoes you find comfortable and stable.
  10. Remember Steph Curry at American Century Championship - hole in one? I also made a hole in one on the same hole. And that, folks, is where the similarity between Steph Curry and I ends. I didn’t even run down the fairway! It was however with my two sons and husband as we were on a trip to celebrate my husband’s retirement. It was during Covid so all we could was golf!
  11. Our local course has a WGA but the management isn’t as accommodating as they used to be. I play when I can but usually prefer to play rounds with some of the same women as we try to improve and enjoy friendships. I will play member - guests as long as we can laugh through the competition!
  12. Looks like this thread is pretty old but just to say I’ve been to several Martin Chuck schools with my whole family. HCI ranging from scratch to 20. Every experience has been great and includes all aspects of the game.
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