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  1. Experimentation is one of the fun things about doing these reviews, so it's good you had a chance to try different things. Those are two pretty good scores and that 5 iron 203 into the wind, impressive.
  2. You almost had me for a second. That's the beauty of working on a Saturday and being sleep deprived. I planned on playing today, if we had gotten off at 3:15, but they worked us an extra hour. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow and I can get some golf in.
  3. Barkeepers friend and some 0000 steel wool will work wonders removing rust. I used it in a set of Wilson's I found at a thrift store.
  4. What's the difference in loft between your AP2's and the Hogan's? It sounds like you had a good day with them, I saw where @GolfSpy MPR posted you swinging them on Twitter and I do have two more questions for you. Did he try hitting them and how bad did Kirke beat the two of you?
  5. Coming from you, that's as good of a seal of approval as any. I tend to get a little fat with my fairway woods and it's good to hear the baffler rails work.
  6. That was one thing I am worried about, the shaft. The good thing is, if it doesn't work well I can always pick another one up. I'm glad to see you picked up the SIM, those clubs look great and TM also make fantastic woods.
  7. I'm hoping it'll be a little more consistent than my current 3 wood which is either feast or famine off the deck. I've hit both amazing shots and duds and am hoping it'll be easy to launch and be a monster on those second shots on par 5 holes.
  8. @Lacassem will be happy to hear I pulled the trigger on a new (to me) 5 wood. I picked up a Cobra F8 from Golf Discount at a great price with a regular flex Aldila NV 2KXV Blue shaft. Also picked up a performance pack of Srixon Z Star XV to get the free shipping.
  9. That's awesome fellas! @Sluggo42 that look of joy is priceless and @joen it's good to see the puppy approves. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear your initial thoughts on the Hogan's.
  10. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love how the grips and heads compliment each other, that's a real classy look.
  11. It's about time we get to see some carbony goodness, I know if I've been impatiently waiting y'all must have been going insane. That SpeedZone looks awesome at address and hopefully will serve you well. Plus, you got a Ventus, that's just sweet.
  12. That new, shiny set of sticks will make you feel better. Can't wait to see them!
  13. Just let the thoughts of carbony goodness power you through the day.
  14. I bet the excitement was real, hopefully your heart didn't skip too many beats. I'm excited for y'all and can't wait to see photos!
  15. Great video! You make me jealous with your mad editing skills and how you just put the video together. You almost make me want to get an iPhone, not quite, but almost. Good job!
  16. You're sounding like you're feeling a little rough, I think precautions are in order and you should probably stay home. Can't wait to see photos! These are beautiful looking irons.
  17. I appreciate the advice @edingc! I'm already anxiously checking my email for any notifications, even though I know it might take a few more days. It's also good to know you're seeing results doing the introductory protocol, I'll probably do the same for a couple of weeks. I've also watched the videos and it looks like some sound drills they have on there.
  18. Congratulations testers! This is a great group for one of the most unique review opportunities I've seen yet. It'll be interesting to see what you all think of the Exputt and how well the practice will pay off on the course.
  19. Sounds like a fantastic time with your son and dad, that's awesome! Also, love the water bottle your son is sporting.
  20. That's a beautiful putter and a great deal on it. Congrats on finding it and I'm glad to hear you like it!
  21. Glad to hear there wasn't any damage done to it and you didn't have to go to the hospital for the heart attack I know I would have had.
  22. On a hunch, I just got up from my couch and went and checked my driver and this showed up.
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