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  1. I agree with @cnosil, just keep plugging away at those things and remember, bounce is your friend. It's amazing how we can hit the ball a long way easily and then find the closer to the hole we get the harder the game becomes. You've got this! I have faith you can get it straightened out and will be shooting in the 70's soon.
  2. I did some work with the Odyssey this evening rolling some putts on the PuttOut trying to make some perfect putts and recording how many attempts it took to make one from each distance. I started at one foot and moved back every time I made one. It took 2 attempts to get one at 1 foot, 20 at 2, 30 at 3, and I tried 20 times to get one in at 4 before my wife had supper ready and I had to put the mat away. Untitled - Sequence 01 21.mp4 I'm not really disappointed at my performance, it was a good chance to get a feel of how to make putts at these distances and I was impressed that I really had only 2/72 putts that might not have gone in on the course. I think it really showed me how well this putter is working for me so far.
  3. I hit a small bucket of balls yesterday before moving over to the putting green to get an initial idea of how the Odyssey 2 Ball is going to work for me. I started out by hitting wedges toward specific targets and seeing how close I can get them. Most of my shots went close to the right distance, but left. It's not as bad as my usual left miss and I feel I'm starting to dial in aim on these short little pitch shots. I then moved up the bag work irons and I'm starting to see some positive results from my lesson, the Swing Jacket, and the Power Up wedge. I'm getting more weight feeling like it's on the inside of my right foot on the backswing and the results felt like I wasn't hitting them as fat. It could be trickery by the range mats, but I didn't hear as many scraping sounds off the mat before hearing ball contact. I hit some 5 weeks and only saw one horrible top out of the bunch. I did hit some low trajectory shots, but I'm happy with the improvement.
  4. I got out to the range today after work and after hitting a small bucket, took the 2 Ball over to the putting green to have sort of a "getting to know you" session. I didn't track data, just wanted to see how the ball felt off the face, how alignment would be since this is a style I've never tried, and checking out how distance control was on lag putts. The feel was good, but honestly didn't feel as soft as my Sabertooth. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the slot that runs between the top and bottom of the putter. I'm not complaining, it feels good. It's just different than what I'm used to. I found that alignment was easy using the 2 Ball alignment. At the end of the day I rolled some shots where I was focusing on rolling it over a spot in the green and I hit it regularly. My lag putting was good on distances from 10-25 feet and on longer side hill and downhill putts. I did come up short on most of my uphill putts and those I got to the hole, went long. I did sink a 10 footer that I rolled off the green. Putts in the 3-6 for range were automatic and I did sink 2/6 from 8 feet when I placed the ball three different places around the hole. I'm planning on getting out again this weekend to get some video of my stoke to use in my intro thread.
  5. I really like both finishes, but tend to lean toward the Norcal finish. I honestly really like the whiskey finish, also. I think you have a tough decision to make and I think you'll be happy whichever way you go.
  6. I hope you get to feeling better Rev, hopefully it's just a sinus infection and you can feel well enough to hit some balls into the net. It's exciting to see y'all starting to get them in and I hope you enjoy it!
  7. After taking some photos and attempting to do an unboxing video (fail), I rolled some putts on the PuttOut. Distance control was good and after figuring out I was dealing with about half a cup right break, was doing pretty good. I didn't have any perfect putts, but the good ones would have been in. I convinced my wife and sister-in-law to try it out and they were right on speed wise at 6 feet and would have sunk most of the putts they attempted.
  8. Just got mine in today and have been taking some photos and giving it a good looking over to get some initial impressions of it. I'll say I'm impressed with the look of the Stroke Lab shaft and really loving the grip. It's not the standard DFX grey pistol grip, I'm thinking it's the White Hot OG pistol grip, but I can't confirm it on The Odyssey website.
  9. Congratulations on the eagle! I know it's not an ace, but that's a heckuva drive to get it that close.
  10. Was the anger photo taken after the results of the original ball test?
  11. Honestly, I don't think I can describe well enough how valuable and thankful I am that I was able to get out for the golf learning day with @Tom the Golf Nut. Between the lesson, the round, and the chipping academy, it did more for my golf game than anything I can think of. You know what was the most valuable? Actually, now that I think about it, I'm going with two things. 1. Spending the day with someone who is just an all around great person. The conversation, fellowship, and ability to observe someone who can dissect a course was amazing! 2. The most important thing I got from Bob was confidence. Having him state that my swing was fundamentally good did loads for my psyche. I've spent a lot of time this year feeling completely like I have no business playing this game and that was a boost I needed and a great motivator. The work is coming along nicely and I know it's going to take a lot of it to get to where I want to be, but it'll be worth it.
  12. It looks like a good time to be out on the water and like it was a good time. I also think it's cool you're working to get your beard products out there, could be a good business to get in to.
  13. Congratulations testers! This should be a good review, especially with the wives getting involved.
  14. It's a busy weekend here in the Chunk's household, but I did get a trip in to the range today. I wanted to see if I've made any progress from practicing with the Swing Jacket and the Power Up wedge during the week and from my lesson. First thing I notice pulling up to the range is they don't have any of the grass roped off, so I guess it's getting to the part of the year it's mats only. Yay. I don't like mats even though I know they're a necessary evil this time of year. You just don't get the feedback you do from the turf. Plus, the mat I was in was narrow and that cut out shots with driver and fairways. I had some mixed results starting off, but as the range session progressed, I saw better results. My strike was all over the place early on, mainly toward the heel. The toe strike was intentional, the shank....not so much. I realized I had too much tension in my arms and got crisper contact as the time went on. There was a guy next to me hitting some G710 irons and we got to talking about the time I had 5 balls left. We discussed equipment, lessons, frustration with the game, courses, etc.... My last 5 shots were probably the crispest of the day. I could feel better center face contact and better dispersion. Great session today, I wish I could bottle days like this up and bring it back out any time. I'm happy to see some progress and the work paying off.
  15. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing that.
  16. I've just now gotten to watch this and I want to say thank you Rob for coming on and answering questions and letting us get to know you better. I'm really enjoying the AMA's as it's a good way to learn about the golf industry and the folks that make it happen.
  17. I've been getting out the last couple of evenings and working with the Swing Jacket in order to keep myself connected and combining that with some of the stuff from NTC and the lesson I took. From the lesson I was focusing on getting a steeper shaft in the backswing and from NTC really focusing on wrist set and cast A. It all seems to be coming along nicely, I've made a few divots in the yard that are at or ahead of where I was imagining the ball to be. I was smarter tonight and took the Divot Board out because I've got rocky soil and don't want to damage a club. I need to get the net up and see how contact is looking, though. I'm planning on doing that this weekend when my schedule isn't get home from work, shower, socialize, eat, and get things ready for work tomorrow. From my last few range sessions, I'm starting to feel like I might just be able to play this game.
  18. I was curious about the tint, so thank you for explaining that. It looks pretty cool, too. I wasn't sure if it was something that might help you track the ball better, or something else.
  19. Those look good Rob! I love Ray-Ban frames, I've had them in the last couple of pairs of glasses and sunglasses I've gotten. Let us know how they work out for you.
  20. You've done an amazing job this year and it's good to see you've made it in to the single digits. Your hard work is paying off, the swings you've posted on your trifecta videos looks so good.
  21. That's pretty cool and an awesome item to send along with demo clubs. Sub 70 always impresses me with their customer service. I've been over on the Pitchfix website checking them out and might know what I'll be asking for on my birthday. I have a thing for trinkets and it looks like it'd be perfect for carrying in the pocket. Thanks for sharing!
  22. I can imagine @Yellow Ball wants to stay away from anything that goes snip, snip. Poor Red Ball, cut down on his prime.
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