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  1. Happy birthday @daviddvm! I hope you have a wonderful day.
  2. Right now my plan is to go with the TaylorMade TP5 Pix practice balls. They're such a good deal for a tour level ball that I can't pass them up. Who knows? I really don't have that much of a club no problem, but golf balls? I have a problem.
  3. I'm very sorry to hear of her passing, but am happy you got six years with her after the diagnosis. It's true it's something we all go through, but it's still difficult when it's mom. I lost mine four years ago and still miss her every day. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We're all heat for you if you need anything or just need to talk.
  4. 10,000 is a crazy number! I've been here going on three years and haven't got a third of that, and I feel like I'm on here a lot. Congrats on the milestone, Rob. Here's to many more posts!
  5. That's a really good deal, especially since it comes with a target and a side extension. Thanks for sharing that!
  6. Great write-up and thank you for sharing your experience getting fitted for both. I don't think either would be a bad choice, so good luck with whichever you choose. Congratulations on hitting 3,000 posts. I always enjoy seeing what you have to say and it's been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to many more interactions.
  7. I had to go with the home simulator. I would get a lot of use out of a membership, but I don't think I would play quite enough to justify the cost. A simulator would be great to have on days where I've worked or the weather is too bad to get out. I think it would help dial in yardages and give feedback on any swing changes I might be working on all from the comfort of home.
  8. This should be interesting. Is it the wedge that changed the wedge?
  9. I was able to only get one nine hole round in during the month. Between the work schedule and rain, lots of rain, especially on the weekend it just wasn't conducive to golf.
  10. I'm fairly shallow with my irons, but have chunked the living daylights out of this thing once or a couple hundred times. I'm embarrassed to take pictures of those, though.
  11. I've looked at the pad and noticed it should be easy to replace by pushing down on the plastic casing and pulling up on the pad. I haven't seen anything that @GolfSpy MPR did about replacing. Also, @B.Boston asked about wear and I thought I'd get a photo of what mine looks like now. Keep in mind, this is probably between 400-600 shots, I've got a problem and am obsessed with grooving ball first contact. I think it's still got a lot of life left in it before needing to be replaced.
  12. It's showing a bit of wear, I have a couple of the sequins that are bent but nothing too bad. The good thing is, replacement pads are available.
  13. That's a big nope for me. Big guys and skinny jeans are not a good combination.
  14. Speaking of that drill, I was able to come home from work today and spend about 45 minutes hitting into the net working on this. When I first did the drill, I had an epiphany: I have been rotating and allowing my sternum to get behind the ball in the backswing. I worked on the thought of keeping the sternum stationary during the swing. I started seeing some good results along with some inconsistent ones. I had a few that looked like fried eggs and actually topped one or two. I made an adjustment and tried my best to take my arms out of the swing and let the body do the work. That's when
  15. Got home from work without a lot of time before daylight runs out and supper is ready. I took the Divot Board out and worked more on the 60-60-100 drill. I saw mostly good results, with a few swings that had me scratching my head. I'm still trying to get used to the focus on the dot on the board without a ball, but I figure that'll come with practice.
  16. That looks really good! I've heard those cameras are good for stabilization and it shows there. Plus, that's a pretty puppy.
  17. That's awesome! I've been considering buying one for a lot of the same reasons. I'm finding I like recording my swing and the phone does good, but not great. I've looked at reviews for the Hero 7 and will be interested to read your take on it.
  18. They were kind enough to send a replacement and it works perfectly. I have only been able to play once since getting it, but love how well it cleans the clubs off. It was pretty muddy that round and they came clean. I hope you enjoy yours, I think it's a good product.
  19. I can feel you on that one. My course strategy while sitting around the house is pretty good, but get me on the course, that's another story.
  20. I remember those dashboards, I thought they were so cool at the time.
  21. Finally figured it out, the controls were different from my VW. I programmed favorites and couldn't figure out how to get to them, it just works differently on this car. Finally found the "favorites" setting on the radio and I can tune to them. I hate driving to a silent car or not being able to channel hop.
  22. Hopefully something will open up and hopefully you might be able to sneak in a round.
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