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  1. Inside the fitting studio. Lots of equipment to measure, adjust and work on clubs. This is where the magic happens!
  2. Didn’t bring all of my clubs. Just a half set in a lightweight carry bag.
  3. Nothing going on here. Move along. Just professional golfers getting fit for the highest quality golf shafts ever made.
  4. Outside of Jon Sinclair’s fitting building and from the outside it is giving off vibes of “Secret Lair”!
  5. Slept pretty well and after a rather just adequate hotel breakfast I’m up and at ‘em. The sun is shining and the birds are singing but it’s a bit frosty out. 46 degrees. A bit of a shock from the 82 yesterday at home. Bundled up, though I imagine that I’ll be working up a lather soon enough. Heading to the Texas Star golf course in a few minutes.
  6. Golf clubs retrieved, rental car secured, checked in to the hotel. Going to hit the hay after I get settled in. Staying about 2 miles from the Texas Star Golf Club where I’ll be headed in the morning for the fitting. Sweet dreams of fairways found and distance gained!
  7. Landed in Dallas. Some light reading on the plane: and a libation:
  8. A little slower today. Probably didn’t warm up enough.
  9. Waiting at the Savannah, GA airport for my flight to Dallas. Golf clubs are checked. St. Patrick’s Day is a big celebration here with the 2nd biggest parade in the country I believe. The fountain in front of the airport had it’s water dyed green.
  10. Headed to Dallas Tomorrow Night! Excited and a bit nervous. Hope that my recent driver swing comes with me. Been hitting my driver very well this past week. Curious. Eager to meet Jon Sinclair not only to get fit for the TPT Golf shafts but also to learn more about the fitting process in general.
  11. A few more personal bests achieved today! The trend is looking good.
  12. There was a good article about the new Footjoy and Jon Buscemi 2024 collaboration on the MyGolfSpy main page that inspired me to take a closer look. The new Premiere Field LX reminded me of my favorite shoes ever from Footjoy, the Split Toe Professional. Was able to order a pair yesterday on the day the shoes launched. By the evening the limited release shoes were sold out. Looking forward to getting my shoes in a few days and will post more about them when they arrive.
  13. Thought I might share some reviews that I’ve found on the TPT Golf Shafts for everyone to watch while you are waiting for our fitting results.
  14. Back at it. Set a couple of personal bests today.
  15. Interestingly the TPT Nitro Hi shafts have two distinct bend profiles with the transition occurring at the 16 HI. So with the Nitro LO there are three bend profiles in the Nitro range. The Power Range LO also have different bend profiles to their respective HI counterparts across the Driver, Fairway wood and hybrid shafts.
  16. Finally the TPT Power Range HI & LO hybrids: Versus the Fujikura Fuel Hybrid shaft that I’ve played for a long time. Since the hybrid I play, the Cobra LTDx, has a bonded hosel I have purchased a second one to receive the TPT Hybrid shaft. My test and review of the hybrid shaft will include results from both. Will try to build to the same specs so that the only difference is the shaft for comparisons sake.
  17. The Power Range HI Fairway wood: Compared to the Graphite Design Tour AD DI which is in my fairway wood now. Admittedly it is hard to compare the graphs since the scale is not included but the general shape of the bend profiles are similar.
  18. Here’s how the TPT Nitro HI and Power Range HI Driver shafts look. Compared to the Diamana GT (the current generation of the Diamana ZF that I have) The Power Range HI and the Diamana GT have pretty similar bend profiles.
  19. In anticipation of my fitting I’ve started up my swing speed training with the Stack System again. Have also been walking 9 holes two or three times each week using my Bag Boy Quad XL cart and Alphard V2 wheels. A week and a half to go! Also have been spending some time reading everything I can on the TPT shafts and spent some time this week on the golfshaftreviews.com site to look at the information on each shaft that I’ll be testing and also the shafts that I’m playing currently. Noticed some interesting similarities.
  20. Got a bit off track. Did a number of return to form workouts and then today I got back on my program and was happy with my results.
  21. Love my Corey Paul minimalist blades made with forgings from Kyoei.
  22. My two driver choices were either the Cobra LTDx LS or the Tour Edge C723. I went with the Cobra LTDx LS because it is maybe just a little bit longer than the Tour Edge C723 but not as forgiving. Since one of the claims of the TPT shafts is better dispersion I thought that the Cobra driver would be a better candidate to test. Have been kinda considering upgrading to the new Cobra Darkspeed LS and if so the TPT shaft would fit that club as well.
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