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  1. Did my workout this morning. I was very encouraged. Was able to set several personal bests.
  2. @ARoc Sorry for your loss. It is very disconcerting when a golf shaft breaks or bends unexpectedly, and sometimes catastrophically, causing the head to become loose or even fly off. Shafts are remarkably strong and light these days but they still sometimes break. Golf shafts are subjected to extreme amounts of stress during the swing. Some golfers create more stress than others. They get beat up and banged around in the golf bag. They get jostled on the golf cart and in the car. Some golfers get mad and throw their clubs or beat them on the ground after a bad shot. When they break at the hosel adapter it might be because of a shaft prep issue when the adapters are being glued on. It could be a manufacturing defect. It could be because the adapter screw was tightened too much making the adapter difficult to remove from the head and subsequent attempts to dislodge the adapter might have weakened the shaft. Lots of reasons. Thankfully many of the manufacturers are pretty willing to replace a broken shaft for free or at a reduced cost on a relatively new model of club. If you haven’t contacted the manufacturer already I would start there and see what the next steps are to obtain a replacement shaft.
  3. Yes. @RetiredBoomer I have had a similar problem. This year one of my goals is to have 14 clubs in the bag that I have complete confidence in. To that end I’ve been reviewing my Arccos data to assess the Strokes Gained for each club and to look at when and how often I use each club. So imagine my surprise when I discovered after reviewing the data that my 7 wood has been used the least of any of my clubs. Despite being one of my favorite clubs because of how easy it is to hit off the fairway and how high it launches and how soft it lands. My 8 iron is the second least used club. It looks like I just don’t have the yardages very often that require these clubs on my home course from the tees that I usually play. So I’ve been wondering about taking one or both out of the bag to replace with a club that I would use more often, but haven’t figured out what that would be yet. Two clubs that I do switch in from time to time are a 13 degree 3 wood as a tee only club and a 4 utility iron that I use for low running rescue shots and tee shots. But they are very course and conditions dependent. Here are my 7 most used clubs from highest to lowest over the past three months: 1. Putter 2. Driver - 445 times - tee only 3. Lob wedge - 348 times - fairway only 4. 4 wood - 184 times - Tee & fairway 5. 5 hybrid - 124 times - Tee & fairway 6. Sand wedge - 122 times - fairway only 7. Gap wedge - 89 times - fairway only
  4. @TCUfrog Sorry to hear of your current putter woes. A good place to start would be to take a look at the recent MyGolfSpy tests on Mallet and Blade putters and get a feel for what is available and the strengths and weaknesses of each model. You are lucky that you are in the Atlanta, GA area. There are so many options for stores and fitting locations in the metro area that you should be able to try many different putters by just going to the various stores’ putter corral and rolling a few putts with any and all that you like the looks of. As long as you are not struggling with technique or some other issue the list will probably get reduced pretty quickly based on how they look, feel and sound. Once you get a few contenders you can narrow the list further to just those putters that allow you to aim correctly and roll your putts on your desired start line with the desired pace. If you don’t want to do the trial and error putter hunt method then I would suggest you book a putter fitting. It is on my bucket list to have an Edel putter fitting just for the experience and to get my specs and to understand my aim bias. Plus, I really like the looks of the new Edel Array putter line. Best wishes to you in your hunt.
  5. Did my workout yesterday at the range before playing. It has become my favorite way to do the Stack System workouts. Making progress everywhere but the 195g weight still. If anyone is still looking for a discount. Any of those people currently using the Stack System is eligible to give you a referral code that will give you a $50 discount and also give us an extra free year on the subscription. Send a PM and we’ll share a code with you.
  6. For graphite golf shafts Grafalloy has an excellent budget line of shafts that cover a fairly wide range of golfers. The Grafalloy Blue and the various iterations of it over the years is a proven performer. They are a part of True Temper sports that also owns Project X, Aerotech and ACCRA.
  7. Just checking in to repeat that all three of the TPT Golf shafts are staying in the bag. My results with them have been very good.
  8. When I started investigating the Brava shaft I first spoke to the folks at BGT and they suggested the Stiff to me. But I was able to get the Brave X-stiff shaft for less than half of the retail cost with an adapter already fit for my driver. My swing speed is close to the dividing line between stiff and x-stiff. I’m also doing swing speed training to try and increase it further so I thought it might work out and so I took advantage of the deal. In retrospect I should have taken their recommendation and/or gotten fit because the X-stiff is not the right flex for me.
  9. The Tour Edge E723 that I am playing is extremely easy to hit.
  10. I’ve had a lot of success with the BGT Stability Tour putter shaft. It made me want to try the ZNE wedge shaft when that came out. Fitted my lob wedge with the 130g version and loved it so much I put the 115g in my gap wedge. Bought one of the new 115g RED ZNE shafts recently and put it in my sand wedge. Love it too! Got a great deal on a preowned Brava X-stiff shaft a few months back but unfortunately it did not work for me. Too stiff for me. With the recent success I’m having with the TPT Golf Power Range shafts that I’ve been fit for I will not be pursuing a softer flex Brava shaft.
  11. Over the past few years I’ve developed a greater appreciation for swingweight and how it affects me. I’m tolerant of swingweight differences of +/- a point or two between clubs. I have a definite comfort zone. Really don’t notice much difference within a range of say D2 - D6. When the swingweight gets lighter than my comfort zone it affects me the most. I lose an awareness of where the club head is during my swing. This causes me to struggle with consistent swing low point/ground contact and face awareness. If the swingweight is heavier than my normal comfort zone I have great club head awareness but my swing will feel labored, it just feels like more work to swing the club. At my recent fitting for TPT Golf shafts with Jon Sinclair I was struck by a few things. First, he really didn’t want me to try and adjust my swing to the different shaft and clubhead configurations. If it didn’t feel right in the first swing or two he took it away from. Swingweight was something he paid a good bit of attention to. Second, he was very diligent about recording all of the specs of my current clubs and of the various shaft/head combos that he handed me to try. He used a swingweight scale during the fitting for each combo. After the fitting he provided me the information on the amount of weight to add to each club head to get to the swingweight specs of my best fit. After a couple years of frequent experimentation and club switching my main goal this year is to have 14 clubs in my bag that I have complete confidence in. Been relying on matching swingweight, static weight and club balance point when building my own clubs. Have never measured the MOI of my clubs, but now you guys have got me thinking. It would be nice to know what the MOI is of my favorite clubs and see how they compare.
  12. Like @skraeling I took a couple week break from the Stack System and did a return to form workout today.
  13. That’s a good question. Online fitting tools have just not proven to me to be that accurate. Although not in the market for new irons I’m really curious about the new Wilson AI fit using the Blast grip sensor. Will that become the new gold standard or will it fizzle out?
  14. Even if you think you know what ought to work based on your current specs and comparing to what has worked for you in the past against what manufacturers post about their shafts you just don’t know what is going to be the best fit until you try it. Using the TPT Golf online fitting tool I would have gotten the fairway wood and hybrid correct but the driver shaft would have been wrong. Similarly I went through the Mitsubishi Chemical online fitting tool and the three shafts recommended to me for driver did not include the shaft I was fit into and using prior to the TPT Golf Shaft review. I strongly recommend getting fit for the TPT shafts before purchasing. Especially driver since there are two models: the Nitro and Power Range, two bend profiles HI & LO and multiple flexes.
  15. Planted some bushes and trees yesterday morning and I was sore and tired before my afternoon round. Tried to just take an extra club on every shot and swing easy. Hit a few trees off the tee when I tried to swing hard which hurt my average distance. Here’s some of the Arccos data from yesterday’s round:
  16. Thanks for the questions @Rearviewmirror! Yes my approach shot distances have decreased as a result of a 7 yard increase in my Arccos Smart distance with driver. Approach shot SG overall has improved by .1 strokes. SG with driver has improved by .5 strokes as a result of a combination of increased distance, better accuracy and fewer penalties off the tee. My ability to reach Par 5 holes in 2 has improved because my Driver and my 3 wood both gained distance and better dispersion. Resulting in better scoring on par 5s. According to Arccos I am now gaining .2 strokes on my approach shots that are over 200 yards. I have been fit numerous times over the years and was fit for the three clubs prior to testing the TPT Golf shafts in them. All three of the clubs were performing well for me prior to testing the TPT shafts and all of them had premium after market shafts. My driver had a Diamana ZF 60 S shaft, my 3 wood had a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S and the 5 hybrid had a Fujikura Fuel HY 85 Stiff shaft in it. The TPT shafts have improved my performance with all three clubs on the course. I am achieving similar results on the course as I saw during the fitting with Jon Sinclair.
  17. At my fitting Jon Sinclair went through the differences between the Nitro and Power Ranges. It is my understanding that the Nitro Range is the newest shaft profile made with slightly different materials and a slightly refined manufacturing process that allowed across the board for a stronger but lighter shaft with lower torque than the Power Range. I believe the shaft bend profiles of the Nitro LO and Power Range LO are fairly similar. The Nitro HI has a softer mid section than the Power Range Hi. During my Driver fitting I tried the Nitro 16 HI, 17 LO, 18 LO and Power Range 17 HI & 18 LO. At different playing lengths ranging from 45 to 45 1/2 inches. My best results came with the Power Range 18 LO 45”.
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