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  1. if you blow grips off ........it's a bit of a surprise taking one off that has a Pro Soft in the shaft!
  2. John / Jamestown RI I do use a net (Rukket 10x7) but would like to find something that is smaller and also easier to set up and break down. I have a Zelocity "The Radar" that I occasionally use.
  3. I headed to Austin in the spring for a meeting and I'm looking for any suggestions for a place to stay and play after the meeting.
  4. Looking for a cordless hand vacuum. Any recommendations?
  5. I have been using Pure grips for a number of years because they are very easy to put on and off with air. What other brand of grips do you guys use with air?
  6. Snell MTB-X .................and a long sleeve MTB-X shirt
  7. I've seen two of these (both S400's) in the past month where the chrome is flaking off a fairly new shaft. Have any of you seen the same?
  8. Has anyone tried this tool? Comments .........pros/cons?
  9. I have a set of .355 heads and I'm considering boring the hosels out to .370 so I can use some .370 pulls that I have. Pro's / Con's?
  10. Long approach shot for me. In particular a fairway wood.............four or seven, it doesn't make a difference, they both hate me.
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