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  1. johnw

    Austin, Texas

    I headed to Austin in the spring for a meeting and I'm looking for any suggestions for a place to stay and play after the meeting.
  2. Looking for a cordless hand vacuum. Any recommendations?
  3. I have been using Pure grips for a number of years because they are very easy to put on and off with air. What other brand of grips do you guys use with air?
  4. Snell MTB-X .................and a long sleeve MTB-X shirt
  5. I've seen two of these (both S400's) in the past month where the chrome is flaking off a fairly new shaft. Have any of you seen the same?
  6. I appreciate the feedback - thanks
  7. Has anyone tried this tool? Comments .........pros/cons?
  8. I have a set of .355 heads and I'm considering boring the hosels out to .370 so I can use some .370 pulls that I have. Pro's / Con's?
  9. Long approach shot for me. In particular a fairway wood.............four or seven, it doesn't make a difference, they both hate me.
  10. Just ran across this ...............my experience is to heat the head (using butane), gently tap an easy out in and then remove the broken shaft. Maybe I have been lucky but I've never had a problem with the 25 or so of the ones that I have done.
  11. John, Rhode Island Handicap - 13 Current irons in play - Callaway Big Bertha Carry distance of 7 iron - 135 yards
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