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  1. Scott, Tempe, AZ. Handicap 9 Cobra King Forged TEC Black 5-PW
  2. Scott Lammers - Arizona Yes, Sky Caddie SX500, Garmin S2 Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS
  3. Scott Tempe, Az. 10 Handicap. Cobra Forged TEC Black with stilf KBS tour shafts 5 - PW. Titleist T-200 stiff flex. This would be a very interesting test. Last year it was between the Cobra Forged TEC and Titleist T200 for me after attending some demo days. I came across a deal I couldn't pass up on the Cobras so they went into the bag. It would be interesting to see the performance difference after more extensive testing in real world conditions. FYI Arizona currently has no COVID-19 restrictions for golf.
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