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  1. I just got my first 32º polo shirts. They were listed as regular cut, but are very "european" in the profile. I can't imagine what the slim cut versions are like. If you have a dad bod, stay away from the slim cut.
  2. I am interested in the M1 driver head. Do you have the specs as measured by the tour van? More pics would be welcomed also. Thanks.
  3. If the grip has a flat side, it makes the wedge non-conforming. Also, a lie of greater than 80 degrees is verboten as well.
  4. It is a smaller size torx bit, a #20 instead of a 25.
  5. Also, I think he was wearing XXL shirts at 140lbs. That couldn't have helped.
  6. No offense intended, but those alignment inserts aren't even close to being square to the face.
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