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  1. Gauge GAA-8 my only putter for about 15 years. Loved it. Recently got re-fitted and switched to an Edel E-1
  2. Excited for some of the new ones...think I will add a new 3 wood, and maybe a 5 wood or something in the middle - we'll see where the fitting leads me. Most excited about Titleist Tsi and Ping 425 (never owned a Ping club), TM SIM will be in the running as well.
  3. Old putter was a Gauge Design GAA-8. I bought it used in 2004 after spending about 5 years going thru various other head shapes, insert types, etc (White Hot, Cameron Anser, Bobby Grace, Ping Piper). I settled on mallet, no insert, double bend shaft (limited choices with hosel design). I used it for about 3 years. DIY backweighting after trial and error. Then got fitted with it where the fitter agreed that it was a good fit for me, but cut it down, added some lead tape to head and adjusted shaft bend a bit. I really love the putter and in my mind I was a very good putter with it. La
  4. Also - the head alignment markings made a very big difference to my visual perception. Very easy when you get fit with Edel to test / customize / see what works for you what does not. Again - wish other Mfgs could offer this. And some pics to enjoy....
  5. I was recently fitted for an Edel putter. A few words of wisdom. Their putting system places emphasis on aiming. What I found most unique about their putter fitting is that they can give you a few different hosel configs to try during the fitting. I wish other Mfgs could do this. Honestly, any putter fitting will help you. I think you benefit most when you may have already defined what head shape works best for you - what preferences you have, if you have tried backweighting before, if you know what your current misses are. They are solid putters overall. I am honestly
  6. thomapa1

    Snell MTB-X

    Played Reds last year, have a few rounds under my belt with MTB-X As others have said, MTB-X is a better all around ball than the Red was. Best parts of the MTB-X = Long off driver, noticeably for me (on a great hit, any premium ball will get out there...but I am finding great distances more often with MTB-X) I find the MTB-X is still very spinny off of scoring clubs, which I like. I compared vs Bridgestone Tour BX and XS - no comparison, MTB-X checks up much better. I feel I can carry more to my intended target - a good feeling of confidence. As spinny as Red? maybe n
  7. Aliens...must be Aliens.
  8. Just played a round with Bridgestone Tour B X. Prior, I played Snell Red last season (lots of spin, suspect in wind or off driver at times) and was testing MTB-x and Black. Prior to that, Chrome Soft. During 'off' season time, I admit that I play a wide variety of found balls, but usually all in the premium category. I am a 6-9 handicapper, 95mph driver SS, solid all around game. I don't care so much about ball costs. First, I would echo the previous posters comment about the firm feeling of the Snell MTB-X, not as noticeable on woods, irons, but yes on the putter. After
  9. The end result is that we now have another excuse for hitting a ball into the woods....or being 8 yards offline on a 7 iron shot. "My ball has to be irregular"
  10. Great...I was pretty well sold on stocking up on Snell MTB-X...now I should really test Bridgestone Tour BX. ProV1 as a solid catch all if I get frustrated. It figures that the longest is also the most offline - can't have everything I guess! Not so concerned about a driver being 4 yards offline when most of the competition may be about 2 yards off....more concerning that a 7 iron is a similar offline distance to driver...that's getting a bit more significant for me. Nice stats!
  11. Loaded question. Some people can hit a 45"+ driver consistently in the center. Most would benefit by getting to 44.5" or so. My last few fitters said consistently that 44.5" is about the max people should play for consistency. With that said, I got an F8+ at 44.5" and absolutely loved it. Hit the F9 vs my F8+ on a launch monitor, same exact shaft and got increased ball speeds (just a few mph which was equating to about +5 ish yards) but the more surprising was the consistency of strike and dispersion vs the F8+....and the F8+ was really really good during my 6 months with it. J
  12. thomapa1


    Got fitted for an F8+ late last year. After a number of rounds, it is a tremendous driver. Last time out I hit a few shots either low or high-toe - they should not have gone anywhere...but ended up with better than expected distance. Like for like perfect hits, prolly not much difference among most of the tier1 drivers...but the forgiveness factor really really impressed me. I ordered my F8+ at 44.5" then replaced the 2g weight with an 8g weight to get swingweight back up. I have an F9 on the way as well, more curious than anything else as to how it performs vs the F8+. Fo
  13. Congrats! sounds like a positive experience. I cannot believe more people do not do some kind of fitting to see evidence vs buying something they 'think' may fit them off the rack. Of course people will now say 'I know my swing - I don't need to get fit'. I tried hitting what I thought were similar profile shafts in my existing driver, that I as fit for last year. Was not convinced it was perfect. Differences were significant (like 10-15-20 yards difference due to shaft, flex, head weight configuration...but also to dispersion and feel). Ended up reversing the head weights
  14. Went to PGA Superstore and did a driver fitting to tweak my F8+. Was fit mid last year but was not 100% sold on my setup. After trying a few different lofts and different shafts, turns out that I needed more headweight in my F8+ as I ordered my club at 44.5" and did not have heavier weight in the head. My complaint would be that I did not feel the head much, shaft felt boardy. They did not have any heavier weights for the F8 so I tried an F9 head which had additional weight chips to try (same exact shaft as in my F8+). The combo felt awesome, it was what I was missing, more clubhead
  15. Ugggh...I got an F8+ at the end of last season...Probably not worth the cost, but posts like this make me want to buy/try the F9.
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