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  1. Thanks for chiming back in as an original tester Revkev. I (obviously was not one) wondered if any of the original testers were going to see it through further and to see if anyone would eventually report the "3rd Bump" in speed. I for one have been thinking about and gearing up for this off season to continue the training in quest of this mythical 3rd bump in speed and see if it comes through. I'm in this so far for 10 months now, my current plateau has been "locked in" since back in March more or less........figure I've made it this far, see if I can stay healthy and power through to March 2020 in hopes of the last increase?!?!?!?
  2. I stayed true to my word as it relates to the below Quote from the above post (lol). 366 days ago, 8-2-2018, I trotted out to range with my swing speed radar and a bucket of balls. Warmed up and then hit and recorded 10 drivers with result of Max 108mph, Averaged 105.5 366 days later, 8-3-2019, trotted to the same range and a bucket, warmed up and then recorded 10 drivers with result of Max 118mph, Averaged 116mph, and slowest was 113mph. I did actually record a 121mph in my string of 10 but eliminated it as an outlier and hit another to use for record. It is the 2nd 121mph (in months) I've seen but I'm not buying it until I see it more often QUOTE FROM ABOVE:"On August 1st will be the 1 year anniversary for me of when I first got the stick and the radar and drove down to the range to collect my first "starting numbers." Granted I did not start the training FOR REAL until November 1, but I am hoping to remain healthy and head back to the range on that 1 year anniversary date to re-test and compare."
  3. I played a 2 day tourney Friday & Saturday and followed up with casual game yesterday on Sunday. I played the Srixon XV in yellow most of these 3 days......I'd say 80% of the time. I sprinkled in some Yellow Prov1x's I had in the bag, and found a TP5x which I played for 3 holes. Of this, my "feeling" was that it "appeared and seemed to me" the Srixon XV was either spinning more with the short irons and wedges.......or something about the cover makes it appear so b/c I seemed to get alot more balls spinning back, or others I call "rippers" where it really ripped back and some then resulting in catching the slope and going away. This was being seen again yesterday playing a muni in Norman called Westwood, greens were pretty soft and rolling nice nicely.......with the Srixon XV lots hitting and coming back, even on half wedge shots in the 85-95yd range, which surprised me. I did finally take the SrixonXV out of play on about #13 as it was appearing to show a form of a "crack" forming around the circumference of the ball, half way around which maybe resembled a seam line???? Odd, looking, showed to my playing partners and holstered it. Put the yellow Prov1x back in play and again noticed the ball stopped spinning back by feet but instead was hitting and generally staying near its pitch mark. Odd I enjoyed the XV quite alot
  4. I've been following the review here, had a gift certificate to burn at Winter Creek so snagged a dozen Srixon XV's to try. I'm in your area and man you get to play alot of golf, I'm very jealous! I played Lincoln East last weekend and Earlywine "Lakes" (aka South) course yesterday. I'm planning to put these XV's in the rotation for a tournament this weekend at The Territory and see if I can join in on all the great feedback that's been given here and get away from my current ball. I had been playing the Callaway "Soccer balls" for two seasons b/c I thought they were fun and goofy, but the recent info concerning them has been alarming so I'm in the ball market now. Congrats on all the great play, I know these courses and holes you described very well
  5. The last month I have been recovering from a back injury from golf and speed sticks. I was a couple weeks into Level 4 when all this happened, so I put them down for abit and the last week or more have been starting back up with 2 training sessions per week at the Level 1 proto.........and ramping up and into L4 over the next week. On August 1st will be the 1 year anniversary for me of when I first got the stick and the radar and drove down to the range to collect my first "starting numbers." Granted I did not start the training FOR REAL until November 1, but I am hoping to remain healthy and head back to the range on that 1 year anniversary date to re-test and compare.
  6. That's a bummer, sorry to hear that news. Is there a Plan B? Given you bought them for more speed either just wanting more or feeling you needed more........where will the efforts be directed now, other means in mind? Or "eh, I've got enough."
  7. My testing always consisted of warming up through the bag, and then hitting 10 drivers recording all the swings, and making note of my fastest and then the average over 10. Also, I choose to "test" much more frequently in the beginning. I think it takes a little bit of pressure off of the actual test day, and heaven forbid you should wait all those weeks for that fateful day only to not be "feeling it" or yourself.............and set your self up for heart break. Since I tested more frequently, I would say there are DEFIANTLY days when you just "don't have it" and those when you really do. Just my two cents.
  8. @L.I. Rich man just hang in there. Do NOT be afraid to take a few days or a week away from the training and come back. Sometimes this can benefit you. As an aside........we all gotta remember also, golf and the golf swing is very complex, and sometimes we point fingers at unrelated issues. Remember, "correlation is not always causation." Sometimes. I'll use example of myself this last week, I played like hammered poop, like stop keeping score bad and try to hit the ball, like loose 7 balls bad.......and shot 72 just a few weeks ago. So there I stand, starting to climb the pity bus for a non-stop trip! Thinking "I've spent all these months, I KNOW I have this added speed, and getting my @$$ kicked by my buddy. We start paying attention to divots, and alignment at address.............I found myself a new habit (somehow) setting up closed and aligned out to right field! Bought some nylon rope, used 4 tees, made two alignment aids and off to the range and now I think I'm already on the mend. We called my awful outing last week "back to basics day." You'll get there don't fret. We've all played PLENTY if s*** golf WELLLLLLLLL before superspeed I'm sure, I'm sure we'll play more too
  9. Congrats you guys, keep it all up! Wish I could join in with something new to celebrate, however I can not. I played bad, real bad last weekend, but it happens and it'll likely be better next time........but I WILL NOT let it stop the protocols, Level 4 began today, and I have lots of big golf coming up the next 1 to 2 months, so forging on. This thread could use some new and continued inspiration and reports from the "newer" fellas, so keep grinding. I'm crossing my fingers for when we see or hear about our first party who believes sees the THIRD smaller increase in speed
  10. Don't get discouraged. While they (superspeed) do have some rough correlations of training numbers versus swing speed, please remember: you are your own best test subject. All you can do is stick to it, log the training numbers, and continue to test your Driver SS every few weeks or months and look for YOUR patterns. That's what I did . I found as I logged training versus my driver SS, I could see my own patterns emerging. Past that, I know not
  11. And that is a very good point you have there. I actually feel like I tend to struggle with the lightest stick and yet can get pretty decent numbers with the heavier ones. Seems the same with the actual drivers too. Part of my trip out today was just to also test speeds of two very different drivers I have, one being especially heavy...........and ironically I can still swing it the same speed as the much lighter one. It was the other purpose of today's outing
  12. @edingc that's great man and that's why I'm glad we have alot of these things in type here so we can go back and reference just as you have. Glad you were able to do that and yeah you've got speed on tap when needed. I did this today with you on my mind to report back and also so I can confirm or not if my numbers are still steady or not. Yesterday, my level 3 training numbers were Green 134, Blue 131 and Red 124. Went to range today, very brief warmup with 15 9 irons and then hit 12 drivers for recording data (just regular swings, no craziness). Driver swings I had one "stinker" low of 109mph, highest of 117mph, and averaged 113.08mph for all. I'll start Level 4 weeks end this week, let's just keep banging it out!
  13. Man congrats on the big number! Your training numbers confuse me a bit (not to be insulting), I'm not yet understanding where the speed goes on the driver SS though? You've been posting all the same and comparable numbers I've reported for some time I think but from your reports the driver SS hasn't played up to full potential yet? Holding back on the driver?
  14. @revkev I can't speak to that directly, I'm so damned stubborn I'm forging ahead in the training in lieu of maintenance.........HOWEVER......your question does peak my interest. I've seen the same, alittle off my top numbers from about 2 months back, but a few pages ago (or back) I did pose what I thought was a very pertinent question: is it possible that as we begin to take more GOLFING swings than just "speed rips" and one finally begins to outweight the other, would we see a "regression to the means?" Keep us up to date in that regard if you don't mind, this has intrigued me alot and I can't answer aside from watching my numbers (which are flat, and peaks not as high as previously seen) and following while others make comment
  15. Well I hope the rest of your game comes back around so you can take benefit of your added length/speed. I too have my own struggles (don't we all), but all things equal I believe: my best "me" last year when things were all working...........can not beat the "me" this year when all things are working and more length/power. This is unknown of course but why I said I feel like my ceiling is now higher. Hope you get it all back in your other areas
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