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  1. Hey @jlukes and other testers.........I'm curious, so would you contend so far that this Ping Driver has mostly or entirely eliminated the left side miss? Your comments above bring back pleasant memories and piece of mind I previously enjoyed with my former Ping Driver. You see, about 4 years ago I had a TM driver that had the occasional (or often) crazy left side miss, scare the dickens out of you. I switched to a Ping G30LST thereafter and I don't know what it was about that club but it virtually eliminated the entire left side of the course for me, my piece of mind became sound and half the course was all but gone. Now I'm gaming a TS3 (set flat and open) and from time to time I can still get a wild left bomber. Jlukes I know you also just came from a TS Driver and your posts have got me really wondering as to this specific issue. I'll be following you closely on that......and if any other testers are experiencing strong bias to left side balls gone, please chime in.
  2. Congrats @edingc & @joen My updates are not that great, just status qua for the time being I "think." I say I "think" because I did a driver swing speed test last weekend, 10 balls as I always do, numbers were 116mph highest and 113mph average. That is down alittle from my last est, HOWEVER I've had a driver equipment change with my Driver now being roughly 30grams heavier or 9% +/-, so now with a variable introduced it's tough to know how much effect (if any) that has had.
  3. That's good stuff Revkev. I really need to do a "speed test" session this week I hope, I have not done one on February 24th..........and I'm real curious for two reason: 1) my training numbers of late have certainly stalled, if not dipped a bit 2) the ability to finally swing in warmer temps to test speed. Looking forward to updating my numbers but yet also "scared" given what I've been watching as my trend training numbers and how high (and excited) my last session was
  4. I've hit some bad and wild balls, but most every time when it has happened I've reflected on it and thought to myself I'm certain that bad shot would have existed with the rust and without the training, and thus I felt they are always lying there and waiting........except I felt like instead of being terrible and short it's now still the same amount of "terrible" but closer to target with shorter distance and more options? All in all, I think bad shots are bad shots but having the extra power on tap is far superior to not having it wishing you did. I think of it like, if you can dunk a basketball.....you have the choice to dunk it or lay it up, but obviously you don't HAVE to dunk it........but if you don't have a dunk as option in your tool belt, well you get half the options (or insert other metaphor here). Helps add choices from tee or approaches all around I think. I'm just now starting to get limited play time, Friday was upper 60's, I gps logged distances for as many shots as I could this day, 9 drivers for the day go me an average driving Distance of 284yds this day, and also average 3 wood of 270yds. Just a single day and windy but pleased overall
  5. Samsung S7. I know Android systmes used to be bad with these but from what I gathered that was mostly taken care of now. Maybe I was wrong and that's my mistake, tough to know at this point. Playing again today and I won't be attempting to use the system, just can't stand the thought of another round of frustration, so back to standard golf as we know it for the time being.
  6. Well I gave it another shot today, I checked that all the sensors were working and paired last night, all identified as functioning and paired. 1st hole, picked up 1 shot again. I sat after #1 adding the 3 other shots and fumbling through it. #2, it picked up one shot, once again I sit and add the needed info. #3, records one shot, I sit and edit info. #4 it's somehow registered a putt I didnt take. I'm pissed off and frustrated and say "screw this I cant deal with this." I'm just not willing to pay a subscription to sit and log anywhere from 52-67 shots.................it's supposed to do that for me. I'm going to contact Arccos I guess but damned if I did not have half a mind to drag my clubs in and cut those grips off at current time.
  7. Thank you @palvord, I just went back and read your stage 1 and 2 reviews predicated off that information. I see in your stage 2 where you gave it Accuracy (3 out of 10 points) , and yes reading your comments seem similiar to my first exposure to this system yesterday. Gues my question now would be, so did you decide to keep using the sytem or have you dumped it and foregone all the distraction and frustration?
  8. Sorry the above seems kind of "rant'ish." Just pretty dismayed how the first attempt went. So, I just logged in on the Arccos "Dashboard" online to review. And the mentioned holes where I said I finally just started "4th round" of the day and just said screw it, leave it in pocket and see what it records. Well, I recorded for score: a 2 on #8, 1 on #9, 1 on #10, nothing on #11, 1 on #12, 2 on #13, 1 on #14, nothing for holes 15, 16, 17, and finally a 1 on #18. I mean I knew they claimed they will help lower your scores and handicap, but I did not know this was the way! LOL (Friday night humor).
  9. Well, update as for my excursion. It was a horror show. At first I teed off and tried with no bluetooth on, it did not pick up my tee shot, but did pick up a wedge shot, and no putts. Went back and played the hole again, different clubs, same thing. The fact it recorded W/O bluetooth seemed to indicate it would work without. Tried a few more holes, not recording but 1 shot each hole. I checked the sensors on course, they alll said they were paired and working and identified correct clubs. Now I'm getting pissed and so not paying attention to golf. So I say lets turn on bluetooth see if anything changes, nope, still sucked. Went o course on full phone charge, had it in front left pocket, sensors say they work, and I stopped and restarted 5 rounds (selecting the hole I was then playing) as starting point.......................and had the most number of holes in one of any one on the planet earth. Terrible start to say the least. In the morning I'm going to unpair and repair all sensors, try again, and if I cant get this to work, Im ditching these while under the 30 day trial b/c it was just that bad today. My "last attempt" at a round today was starting a "new round" from what ever hole I was on, I played 7 holes just leaving it in pocket and not touching until done (b/c of frustration) and I shot -21 under par. Go me
  10. Gents, thank you both! I forgot about the phone asking to use my microphone so that makes total sense now. I kept thinking "there's just no way they would NOT include the bluetooth in the instructions for play"..................but my mind kept asking "but then how does it know and I'm finding plenty where it says use bluetooth." Anyways, thank you guys, excited to try this out, I want to like it, so I'll give it a few months while the grips wear out and then assess.
  11. Just installed the smart grips last night, will give them a try this afternoon. Only thing I'm trying to be sure of is......the instructions do not say to have bluetooth on and running during my round (but yes I used to pair clubs), but common sense seems to indicate I need to have it on during round to communicate with sensors while playing? For the life of me I'm finding answers going both ways
  12. Well, I just put the Arrcos Smart Grips on to try for a few months and see how some data goes. Figure there's no lying in those numbers and it's time to see "what is what." Hopefully the distance numbers reflect the "feels" I'm getting. First trial of Arrcos will be this afternoon without driver however. Let the real distance gains (or not) shine through, nestea challenge!
  13. Week 18 or 19 of training here for me now. Definitely appear to be stuck in a "range" of training numbers for the last 5 weeks since seeing a noticeable jump at that time. But, all things considered, although it's been tough it's kinda the fun part, knowing that these are the times alot of others may stop training due to lack of added progress after, what......almost 4 months now. So just gonna grind it out and see if there's more gains in the tank at some point down the road I guess
  14. Exactly why I asked about equipment changes (or not) a page or two back. I too thought to be "feeling" new/odd sensations in my driver, and my 3 wood was a disaster. I bought, as experiment, a used Rogue Subzero 3 wood in 75g x-flex and it was a HAMMER. Given that success, last week I went to Club Champion for driver fitting to try some new and different shafts for my TS3. Every shaft they gave me for my fitting was in the 73-77g weight family in X-flex. Ended up settling on Fujikura Tour Spec 7x Black. Edit: Should have included the statement that I've never owned X-flex anything, ever.
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