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  1. I bet you are correct and nailed that on the "feel." I believe when I entered my data on preference, if memory serves me, think I choose "accuracy."
  2. I'm not overall pleased with the swing I sent in to them but I am very blown away with the fact you simply send in a swing video and they send back data that definitely are well within the "ballpark" of what I know to be my standard norm. I used my Mevo for 7 drives to know when I was more or less warmed up before the video swing and the data sent back from Bridgestone was basically within 3%+/- error of the averages I had just collected. From a simple 1 swing video....................I vote that to be impressive. I'm more curious as to how/why they recommended Tour B XS to our tester who had 113mph chs and fairly high spin? Isn't that the "spinnier" ball? I thought that curious
  3. Incredible, thank you for the opportunity. I've been doing lots of work in the recent past weeks with wedges and my Flightscope Mevo, so looking forward to throwing these in the mix and build out some feedback and results. Thanks Mygolfspy!
  4. That was a great question and good info in response. I too wondered as I'd thought to stock up on some deals over the winter but was worried I'd do so and then a new ball drops to try.
  5. Reflections on my 2019: it was a total flop and dud for me. Coming off 2018, I had two goals or "hopes." 1) See if I could get to scratch or anything in the 0.X range (coming off a low of 1.5 from 2018) 2) See if I could get my scoring average down 2 strokes from 2018 (78.05 2018) (Edit and Addendum; not a "this year goal" but lifetime goal of cracking into the 60's which still continues to ELUDE me! I feel like it's out there waiting but I'm not getting any younger and 70 just isn't getting it done anymore......I need this in any season before I croak!) Both went quickly unrealized, frustration set in quick, coupled along also with a summer bout of shanks and a low back injury in mid summer, I missed by a wide margin as to both. Results instead being 57 rounds with 78.5 scoring average (with rounds wildly between 71-91 on the year or 9 months), so strike one. And my handicap instead going up and see-sawing back and forth all year between 2.5 - 4.4. Needless to say, I'm glad to be ending the year and get past this and hope next year is better. For 2020, plan to keep training with Superspeed, this thursday I'm going in to get an TPI Physical screening and K-Vest Eval to begin the process in hopes to start to better understand what my physical limitations are (i.e mobility/flexibility/power) and hope to identify what I feel certain pains in my body and what of those (if any) is complicating my swing and well being. So I'm starting that chapter this week, in hopes to work to resolve and clean up any physical limitations I'm currently working around/compensating for.
  6. Rev, in the last year I have certainly hit on a trackman (club champion) during a fitting, and GCQuad at two different facilities and yes I'd say all things seem to appear and fall in line with previous exposure and memory. I have used the Mevo on course for myself and other companions and yes it certainly identifies a pop fly, a 2 groover, and neck spin balls. ONE single for instance.....my first day out with it on course, I was swinging pretty freely with great speed for this day. I decided to try and "let one rip" at full speed from the tee which resulted in a high in the face, high launched sky ball, wiper, weak ball flight high to right. Mevo appeared to identify what I just witnessed, a very fast swing speed with a terrible strike and woeful results (but pat on the back for Club SS!): Ballspeed 150.2, Club Speed 119.21, Smash 1.26, Carry 240.1, Launch 15.8, Spin 3964, Height 131′9″7.4 A favorite feature of mine is, all your shots also get uplaoded into the cloud on myflightscope.com, there or in the app on your phone, you can select what club you want to see results from for your session.....let's say you stood on range and went through the bag hitting......instead of having to stand and look at the list of all the clubs you hit and try to "crunch numbers," if you select say "Driver," it will pull all the data for just that club (from your entire session) and list just them all together for review and give you averages for all data paramenters at the bottom for all shots limited to that single club. Can also export that data to Excel spreadsheet. Maybe just watch these 4 recent video....they are very good and more current as to the last several months, as the Mevo and the firmware has had numerous updates from the older videos you could find out there years back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_cRX51RxX4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSdNeMbI1CQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ZJTGS9sis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGzqRAfIn5c
  7. Well, let's just say I get both.........but I have nothing to compare them to as a control, so they "seem" in the realm of what I'd expect on both but I have zero chance to verify either. So at this point I accept that they are of this planet. (in other words, no idea unfortunately)
  8. Oh I am really enjoying the Mevo. It "solidified" and brought piece of mind that all my Driver SS range test sessions were confirmed and I could/can in fact average 114mph with one of my drivers, over 18 swings and this was swinging and playing ON THE COURSE (which I think is important, not a "range ripper swing). It also showed me (and confirmed) I do in fact swing my OTHER heavier driver slower but my efficiency is higher. I say all this to say: the Mevo is alot of fun. I've just now begun to use and identify that the driver I swing the fastest in fact has a crappy ball speed and carry. Whereas my other driver I swing slower is better in both even though it is down on SS. So, I'm starting to work on how to marry the 2...........so this year instead of just focusing on SS like I did last year, my goals are moving to ball speed and carry goals to better match my speed. Second and only other reason I got it was to work on nailing down carry numbers for 1/2, 3/4 and full wedges through the bag. Mevo does not reflect a Total D number, so given your comment above you might keep that in mind, it only gives carry.
  9. Congrats to you B. Boston, that is so cool! @revkev My "wheels" have been turning and thinking of adding some exercise and lifting (moderate) to my off season and superspeed training. I've got a Flightscope Mevo now, newly acquired, and want to use it to track progress this year on course and range in lieu of the swing speed radar.
  10. Thanks for chiming back in as an original tester Revkev. I (obviously was not one) wondered if any of the original testers were going to see it through further and to see if anyone would eventually report the "3rd Bump" in speed. I for one have been thinking about and gearing up for this off season to continue the training in quest of this mythical 3rd bump in speed and see if it comes through. I'm in this so far for 10 months now, my current plateau has been "locked in" since back in March more or less........figure I've made it this far, see if I can stay healthy and power through to March 2020 in hopes of the last increase?!?!?!?
  11. I stayed true to my word as it relates to the below Quote from the above post (lol). 366 days ago, 8-2-2018, I trotted out to range with my swing speed radar and a bucket of balls. Warmed up and then hit and recorded 10 drivers with result of Max 108mph, Averaged 105.5 366 days later, 8-3-2019, trotted to the same range and a bucket, warmed up and then recorded 10 drivers with result of Max 118mph, Averaged 116mph, and slowest was 113mph. I did actually record a 121mph in my string of 10 but eliminated it as an outlier and hit another to use for record. It is the 2nd 121mph (in months) I've seen but I'm not buying it until I see it more often QUOTE FROM ABOVE:"On August 1st will be the 1 year anniversary for me of when I first got the stick and the radar and drove down to the range to collect my first "starting numbers." Granted I did not start the training FOR REAL until November 1, but I am hoping to remain healthy and head back to the range on that 1 year anniversary date to re-test and compare."
  12. I played a 2 day tourney Friday & Saturday and followed up with casual game yesterday on Sunday. I played the Srixon XV in yellow most of these 3 days......I'd say 80% of the time. I sprinkled in some Yellow Prov1x's I had in the bag, and found a TP5x which I played for 3 holes. Of this, my "feeling" was that it "appeared and seemed to me" the Srixon XV was either spinning more with the short irons and wedges.......or something about the cover makes it appear so b/c I seemed to get alot more balls spinning back, or others I call "rippers" where it really ripped back and some then resulting in catching the slope and going away. This was being seen again yesterday playing a muni in Norman called Westwood, greens were pretty soft and rolling nice nicely.......with the Srixon XV lots hitting and coming back, even on half wedge shots in the 85-95yd range, which surprised me. I did finally take the SrixonXV out of play on about #13 as it was appearing to show a form of a "crack" forming around the circumference of the ball, half way around which maybe resembled a seam line???? Odd, looking, showed to my playing partners and holstered it. Put the yellow Prov1x back in play and again noticed the ball stopped spinning back by feet but instead was hitting and generally staying near its pitch mark. Odd I enjoyed the XV quite alot
  13. I've been following the review here, had a gift certificate to burn at Winter Creek so snagged a dozen Srixon XV's to try. I'm in your area and man you get to play alot of golf, I'm very jealous! I played Lincoln East last weekend and Earlywine "Lakes" (aka South) course yesterday. I'm planning to put these XV's in the rotation for a tournament this weekend at The Territory and see if I can join in on all the great feedback that's been given here and get away from my current ball. I had been playing the Callaway "Soccer balls" for two seasons b/c I thought they were fun and goofy, but the recent info concerning them has been alarming so I'm in the ball market now. Congrats on all the great play, I know these courses and holes you described very well
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