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  1. Ok, so I don;t know how to embed a video (Rookie!).........but if you make it through this video you capture the essence Alex Evan youtube channel. British humor with golf, great channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Lm074XSIw
  2. TXG and Alex Evans. Honestly I don;t understand how Alex Evans channel has NOT blown up with more subs. The guy is a good golfer trying to make it as a pro, he's hilarious, he makes quality content and his best golf buddy on the channel who is on regularly with him is a freakin top 75 golfer in the World golf rankings!?!? And they are both funny, I thought he'd go viral with his content but not as of yet I guess. I'll link his content b/c its got lots of great stuff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWNL-9pRK2aev1oCRJNnevw/videos
  3. Review is up, sans spending to much time fighting some format errors which plagued, and limiting word count. Boiled down, for me and this ball, the Tour BX........I was playing only Srixon Z-Star XV and ProV1x's last year. Suffice it to say, this year will be Z-Star XV AND Bridgestone Tour BX. I already had 4 dozen Z-Star XV's in closet before getting picked for this so I'll play those, but the B'stone for me will certainly replace the Prov1x as an option. Tour BX just gets through the wind much better for me with irons and off tee with Driver. I fight spin and the ProV1x's (for me) get to much "float" when compared this Tour BX EDIT: and the Tour BX cover durability, far surpassed the other two balls mentioned in my opinion. That cover survives extremely well I thought
  4. Got through an entire round yesterday with a single Tour BX ball and I'm still impressed with the durability of the cover. From all play I've had with these balls I'd say the cover survives the life of play longer than I can play them before I typically loose them. This ball has performed well overall, it has not "separated" itself away from other premium balls I usually play but it darned sure goes into rotation for me with never a single surprise.
  5. #9 yesterday, standing in the fairway sitting on even par thus far on day. Green is bisected in middle with a ridge running acrossed left to right making it two tiered. Fairway slopes heavily left to right so I'm standing with ball below feet, 148yd to a front pin. Thinks to self, "try and rip 9 iron knowing I need it all and be 100% perfection, or 3/4 an 8 iron and be sure to not get above the shelf." The ball below feet made that discussion easy, not comfortable with that hard a 9 iron with ball below me. Played the 3/4 8 iron, flush it, we all hear the ball make that nice instant "swooooooooooosh" through the air as it leaves and before it even reaches it's apex I call out loud, "Go in".......still flying and now on descent down I call it again "oh go in." Ball hits just adjacent to pin, gets alittle of slope and rolls next to cup, couple inches away. Did not go in but was told "don't bring your putter you won't need that," and get to make the turn to back 9 at -1
  6. TXG thoughts on the new balls also now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTvUD3cSnd4
  7. So the general consensus here is it's better than the previous and or better than the "other" brand you played? It's the new sliced bread? It runs faster and jumps higher?
  8. Again I agree. But all things bolded are also still not a "standard." They are attempting to implement a standard piece by piece, letting the engineers beat them to the next piece. Point still being, if equipment is where "they think" they can stop this, they must go all the way there and implement the "standard model." Without, leaves the companies to go around looking for all those things (or others) mentioned. But they won't yet do this for many reasons I'd imagine. I agree with you and Brandel, my mind sees the implement of course design being most logical. Just being devils advocate, I understand what they are tip toing around with the basic throwing out for general public opinion.......but it's not really helping them to resolve because that would be tough and piss people off LOL
  9. When we watched the Superbowl, did we tire of the advertisements for the competing manufacturers football that went further, with the 7% lower drag and tighter spiral, pattern designs for easier catches, or "tight seam pattern for aerodynamics?" (lol) The World series, got sick of all the adds for the new baseball bats, with "unobtanium," low center of mass for down the line homers and easier flight out past center field. So on and so on.....golf has allowed those to be built deep into the fabric and it's fearful on what to do. But given all the years of this, what are they seeing now and scared of versus when we were going from all the other advancements in decades gone by, before manufacturers were golf's "steroid" and woven in before steroids were in baseball (during the * era of baseball) Man I don't know. LOL
  10. I don't disagree.......that's why I posted it as an open ended thought provocation. There's alot going on is the discussion as "they" present it. But as a whole, it's actually open ended (extremely so) as to the possible remedies, considering the lack of "boundaries" given golf versus all other ball sports (literally almost all). Think of this: in the other named ball sports, of those, which are having debates of equipment companies or products (balls) going to far? Or the companies that are putting materials like titanium, tungsten, etc into new products for "further advantage?" They all have a gold standard I think, +/-. In my mind, again being open ended to solutions, i think the crux of the matter is two: 1) golf has an identity problem, one to resolve at the professional level and/or tour level........while still "celebrating" the new long hitters and record slayers (and "elite athlete," for another thread) while honoring the old guard and records.......can't represent the new talent and story while crushing the old 2) golf seems the only "ball sport" to have allowed the equipment manufacturers (again, given no reg. "courts," "ball," pr bare with me, "striking implement?") to bake in the the performance advantage into the sport over the past 100+ years.......thus allowing it's own perpetual "steroid" via equipment.....and if you read CAREFULLY, the only thing stopping them from correcting is the threat of suit. And so we come back to how to fix. It's fascinating really I think. I look forward to seeing it unfold and watching. This is not a taking of sides, I don't have the answers, but can see some underlying currents of perceived "problems" that are that of business vs sport and not of actual regulation....or just a lack of imagination. I could draw up a "golf court" I think helps solve the whole issue, but again, "you can't do that" says golf industry.
  11. Closes eye's: (Self talk in mind: eye's clinched........thinks real hard of ALL the popular "ball" sports in the world..........basketball, pool, water polo, soccer, baseball, ping pong, tennis, rugby, cricket, etc.........yes, so many. Regulation courts? Regulation balls and/or equipment?) Opens eye's.......thinks deeply of the sport lacking those (golf). Asks self "why," and with such infinite solutions to problem, given the lack of "court" and "equipment," why it's hard to resolve...... ***Awakens from pondering, gotta run, hot pocket is burning! Hellz yeah!
  12. Will be interesting to see if this fully develops and how it would/will all actually play out. That's damned near more intriguing to me than the actual proposal of the golf and even that sounds pretty cool. I'll be eating popcorn and watching the next couple years i guess
  13. Ball balance and CG, I am not testing for that in my eval. Not sure on others
  14. Also love me some Yellowstone and Stranger Things. Ozarks is also great. One that my g/f and I just finished was on Netflix called "You." I came in cold on the new Season 2 and she just loved Season 1 apparently.....needless to say about 5 episodes in I was hooked, and then the ending was "whoa wtf, didn't see this coming." I was impressed with that new Season
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