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  1. That's a bummer, sorry to hear that news. Is there a Plan B? Given you bought them for more speed either just wanting more or feeling you needed more........where will the efforts be directed now, other means in mind? Or "eh, I've got enough."
  2. My testing always consisted of warming up through the bag, and then hitting 10 drivers recording all the swings, and making note of my fastest and then the average over 10. Also, I choose to "test" much more frequently in the beginning. I think it takes a little bit of pressure off of the actual test day, and heaven forbid you should wait all those weeks for that fateful day only to not be "feeling it" or yourself.............and set your self up for heart break. Since I tested more frequently, I would say there are DEFIANTLY days when you just "don't have it" and those when you really do. Just my two cents.
  3. @L.I. Rich man just hang in there. Do NOT be afraid to take a few days or a week away from the training and come back. Sometimes this can benefit you. As an aside........we all gotta remember also, golf and the golf swing is very complex, and sometimes we point fingers at unrelated issues. Remember, "correlation is not always causation." Sometimes. I'll use example of myself this last week, I played like hammered poop, like stop keeping score bad and try to hit the ball, like loose 7 balls bad.......and shot 72 just a few weeks ago. So there I stand, starting to climb the pity bus for a non-stop trip! Thinking "I've spent all these months, I KNOW I have this added speed, and getting my @$$ kicked by my buddy. We start paying attention to divots, and alignment at address.............I found myself a new habit (somehow) setting up closed and aligned out to right field! Bought some nylon rope, used 4 tees, made two alignment aids and off to the range and now I think I'm already on the mend. We called my awful outing last week "back to basics day." You'll get there don't fret. We've all played PLENTY if s*** golf WELLLLLLLLL before superspeed I'm sure, I'm sure we'll play more too
  4. Congrats you guys, keep it all up! Wish I could join in with something new to celebrate, however I can not. I played bad, real bad last weekend, but it happens and it'll likely be better next time........but I WILL NOT let it stop the protocols, Level 4 began today, and I have lots of big golf coming up the next 1 to 2 months, so forging on. This thread could use some new and continued inspiration and reports from the "newer" fellas, so keep grinding. I'm crossing my fingers for when we see or hear about our first party who believes sees the THIRD smaller increase in speed
  5. Don't get discouraged. While they (superspeed) do have some rough correlations of training numbers versus swing speed, please remember: you are your own best test subject. All you can do is stick to it, log the training numbers, and continue to test your Driver SS every few weeks or months and look for YOUR patterns. That's what I did . I found as I logged training versus my driver SS, I could see my own patterns emerging. Past that, I know not
  6. And that is a very good point you have there. I actually feel like I tend to struggle with the lightest stick and yet can get pretty decent numbers with the heavier ones. Seems the same with the actual drivers too. Part of my trip out today was just to also test speeds of two very different drivers I have, one being especially heavy...........and ironically I can still swing it the same speed as the much lighter one. It was the other purpose of today's outing
  7. @edingc that's great man and that's why I'm glad we have alot of these things in type here so we can go back and reference just as you have. Glad you were able to do that and yeah you've got speed on tap when needed. I did this today with you on my mind to report back and also so I can confirm or not if my numbers are still steady or not. Yesterday, my level 3 training numbers were Green 134, Blue 131 and Red 124. Went to range today, very brief warmup with 15 9 irons and then hit 12 drivers for recording data (just regular swings, no craziness). Driver swings I had one "stinker" low of 109mph, highest of 117mph, and averaged 113.08mph for all. I'll start Level 4 weeks end this week, let's just keep banging it out!
  8. Man congrats on the big number! Your training numbers confuse me a bit (not to be insulting), I'm not yet understanding where the speed goes on the driver SS though? You've been posting all the same and comparable numbers I've reported for some time I think but from your reports the driver SS hasn't played up to full potential yet? Holding back on the driver?
  9. @revkev I can't speak to that directly, I'm so damned stubborn I'm forging ahead in the training in lieu of maintenance.........HOWEVER......your question does peak my interest. I've seen the same, alittle off my top numbers from about 2 months back, but a few pages ago (or back) I did pose what I thought was a very pertinent question: is it possible that as we begin to take more GOLFING swings than just "speed rips" and one finally begins to outweight the other, would we see a "regression to the means?" Keep us up to date in that regard if you don't mind, this has intrigued me alot and I can't answer aside from watching my numbers (which are flat, and peaks not as high as previously seen) and following while others make comment
  10. Well I hope the rest of your game comes back around so you can take benefit of your added length/speed. I too have my own struggles (don't we all), but all things equal I believe: my best "me" last year when things were all working...........can not beat the "me" this year when all things are working and more length/power. This is unknown of course but why I said I feel like my ceiling is now higher. Hope you get it all back in your other areas
  11. This may come out as a bit of a ramble, but I'm hoping as we all go forward and are truly getting into golf season, I'd in hopes to hear how everyone feels on if this has directly impacted your scoring? You know, alot of us spent the entire winter swinging these things, and while speed is "the new king," this whole process must involve better scoring as per golf. So I'm really crossing my fingers that as the weeks go by we hear more stories of new record rounds OR ALSO maybe a lowered scoring average. That's our real pay dirt! My feeling thus far is my golf has not been all that stellar yet, but I do feel fairly strongly that my "ceiling" has been raised and my ability to go low (or lower more often) is near. I'm optimistic. I've had a few rounds already this year that I feel have shown the potential to do so, much earlier in my year than last. Have had 4 rounds being anywhere from -1 to +1 through 12-14 holes only to crumble, and one round kinda finally holding one of those together for 72 2 weeks ago. I was not able to see anything like that last year until the mid summer months and feel strongly I can exceed last years scores given the added length?!?!?!? Higher swing speeds for lower scores for all of us I sure hope!!!! The theory is it should be easier for us with the added length and speed, we didn't spend all this time doing it for nothing LOL. Keep chiming in with scores as we go guys, this is the TRUE METRIC OF OUR SUCCESS! SCORES
  12. Congrats, and you should be. Just two night ago I started building graphs in Excel of all the data points I've recorded for my swings since January 1 (which was already 9 weeks into "training") and all I could think was "damn it, I wish I recorded and collected data from the start!" I trained my first 9 weeks without recording data and making a "game of it" and wished I did. You know when the best time to start is? Yesterday! You know the second best time to start? Today!
  13. That's great man, best of luck on the journey. You are gonna have some serious "light bulb" moments and excitement at times. <---------I finally get to kick the kneeling swings to the curb (thanks heavens) and graduate on to Level 4 in two weeks. Looking forward to doing all standing swings again. EDIT: In first sentence.........could also replace "journey" with "addition," b/c the training swing increases does become so, and self feeding
  14. Oh boy!! Big numbers. What have you seen for Driver swing speed lately then? If we are trying tokeep track of and chime in on "training numbers (and percentages) versus driver speeds as discussed above.
  15. Sounds right in there I'd say. I was lucky enough (or ashamed enough) to have done my SS training yesterday mornng, and then by chance just happened to end up in a fitting bay hitting some drivers and here is what I saw same day: Morning training session recorded 133 Green, 131 Blue, 125 Red...........and then on GC Quad in afternoon I pretty much lived in the 110-113mph range for most all swings. Edit: my all time highs for those 3 clubs being higher (142 G, 135 B, 127 R) just slightly, if trying to compare a "ceiling" number, but same day as above stated I think is nice to see.
  16. Oh awesome! First round in the 80's?!?!?!? Congrats to you in a big way
  17. To all my superspeeders, I have a question and something I'm hoping for future feedback and observations: now that golf season is starting and we begin to play, I am VERY curious to see/hear if anyone feels like their training numbers and/or Driver swing speeds come down alittle? My training numbers seem to softly be drifting down the last 2 weeks and I am really wondering if this is a slight "reversion to the means" now that I am making more (and slower) "golf swings" than I am "superspeed training swings." Over the winter all we were doing was ripping fast swings, so fast swings far out numbered slower swings. Now with my game representing more slow swings via actual golf and touch swings, I'm kinda feeling like my numbers have begun to regulate down? Make any sense?
  18. My experience to date "feels" like this (i type this at 6 months/24 weeks now): the overall speed just generally has increased, it's just there and everything feels the same. Before SS training and still true now, every time (for me) I TRY to swing harder or faster........it most typically does not result in faster speeds, for me. That's likely do to my inefficiencies solely. So the added speed tends to just show itself naturally, I have no "another gear" I'm sorry to say. Wish I did!! So answer to question of "I’m curious if your speed overall increased with the same feeling of effort".......for me, the answer is yes.
  19. Glad to hear you are taking the "Nestea Plunge" (everyone remember that?). As encouragement, I'd say the numbers as you've listed above sound very identical to mine when I started the program, Driver swing speed average of 105mph, and similar green, blue, red numbers. Flash those numbers forward from weeks 14 through 20 and the Personal records for those sticks went to 142, 135, 126 and an average driver swing speed of 115mph at the end of February. So get busy and pound it out! Good luck!
  20. Gentlemen, I was coming in to post after my training this morning, and then saw this awesome article on the homepage that just went up, so CONGRATS and THANK YOU all for the hard work put in! https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-community-case-study-superspeed-golf/ For me, the grind has been REAL. I sit here, at week 23 and still grinding it out. I've for sure been stuck in a training range since my last bump/jump in performance back around February 12th (or roughly week 13 for me)....................but I'm gonna be stubborn and keep pounding at it.
  21. Hey @jlukes and other testers.........I'm curious, so would you contend so far that this Ping Driver has mostly or entirely eliminated the left side miss? Your comments above bring back pleasant memories and piece of mind I previously enjoyed with my former Ping Driver. You see, about 4 years ago I had a TM driver that had the occasional (or often) crazy left side miss, scare the dickens out of you. I switched to a Ping G30LST thereafter and I don't know what it was about that club but it virtually eliminated the entire left side of the course for me, my piece of mind became sound and half the course was all but gone. Now I'm gaming a TS3 (set flat and open) and from time to time I can still get a wild left bomber. Jlukes I know you also just came from a TS Driver and your posts have got me really wondering as to this specific issue. I'll be following you closely on that......and if any other testers are experiencing strong bias to left side balls gone, please chime in.
  22. Congrats @edingc & @joen My updates are not that great, just status qua for the time being I "think." I say I "think" because I did a driver swing speed test last weekend, 10 balls as I always do, numbers were 116mph highest and 113mph average. That is down alittle from my last est, HOWEVER I've had a driver equipment change with my Driver now being roughly 30grams heavier or 9% +/-, so now with a variable introduced it's tough to know how much effect (if any) that has had.
  23. That's good stuff Revkev. I really need to do a "speed test" session this week I hope, I have not done one on February 24th..........and I'm real curious for two reason: 1) my training numbers of late have certainly stalled, if not dipped a bit 2) the ability to finally swing in warmer temps to test speed. Looking forward to updating my numbers but yet also "scared" given what I've been watching as my trend training numbers and how high (and excited) my last session was
  24. I've hit some bad and wild balls, but most every time when it has happened I've reflected on it and thought to myself I'm certain that bad shot would have existed with the rust and without the training, and thus I felt they are always lying there and waiting........except I felt like instead of being terrible and short it's now still the same amount of "terrible" but closer to target with shorter distance and more options? All in all, I think bad shots are bad shots but having the extra power on tap is far superior to not having it wishing you did. I think of it like, if you can dunk a basketball.....you have the choice to dunk it or lay it up, but obviously you don't HAVE to dunk it........but if you don't have a dunk as option in your tool belt, well you get half the options (or insert other metaphor here). Helps add choices from tee or approaches all around I think. I'm just now starting to get limited play time, Friday was upper 60's, I gps logged distances for as many shots as I could this day, 9 drivers for the day go me an average driving Distance of 284yds this day, and also average 3 wood of 270yds. Just a single day and windy but pleased overall
  25. Samsung S7. I know Android systmes used to be bad with these but from what I gathered that was mostly taken care of now. Maybe I was wrong and that's my mistake, tough to know at this point. Playing again today and I won't be attempting to use the system, just can't stand the thought of another round of frustration, so back to standard golf as we know it for the time being.
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