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  1. After 3+ weeks of practicing and playing with the Tommy Armour Over N' Out (2018 model), I can definitely see why it was rated 2nd in accuracy and as one of MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Wedges for 2018. Once I was able to spend multiple range / chipping sessions with this wedge, it has instantly become my new favorite club to use around the greens and for shots within 60 yards. Since adding the wedge to my bag, I've recently recorded my best 1 putt(s) round and a lot of that was due to being able to get on the green with accuracy and park the ball close to the hole with this wedge. I've also
  2. Thank you for the update from Arccos, @jlukes! I was looking forward to hearing people's feedback on how well the Arccos Link performed tracking their shots. I'm currently only tracking basic stats on my scorecard (GIR / FIR/ Up & Down / Putts / OB / Sand / etc) but am now starting to look at shot tracking systems like Arccos to get more data that I can then take to my instructor / lessons for better feedback on where we can improve the most.
  3. @tony@CIC, I'm lucky in the fact that the basenji breed cannot bark at all and I have had her around me hitting golf balls enough to where the sound does not bother her.
  4. Had such an AMAZING time playing golf at Skamania Lodge. Easily the hardest course I have played but produced some of the most breathtaking views I've experience while playing. Of course the best part of the day was being able to bring Anouk for her first golf outing and she did amazing! Never once did we have an issue. She loved to just lounge in the sun by the tee boxes or around the greens as we putted and she really loved pulling the push cart while running after our friends in the golf cart Really wish there were more courses in Oregon (only two that I know of and the closest to Portlan
  5. I've been playing almost a year now (end of June is when I bought my first set of clubs) and finally broke 100 this past Monday. As a reward and also to help improve parts of my short game (especially getting out of some of those deep bunkers) I decided to look at buying a lob wedge around 60 degrees (also a suggestion from my instructor) since my most lofted club in my bag was currently a 55 degree SW. To start I was looking for something used because I originally didn't want to drop the money on a brand new wedge or get fitted for one but then after rereading MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Wedge fo
  6. @ole gray, I did not change the grip but I'm in the same boat as you in thinking about going to a bigger grip. I have to head to the store this week to pick up a wedge I'm getting work done on and might use that time to look at some of the bigger grips. I'll definitely report back with what I end up going with and how that has changed my performance.
  7. After taking the TA #3 Putter out this past weekend, it has definitely earned its spot in my bag for this summer and foreseeable future after having one of my best putting rounds to date. I originally thought that I wouldn't like the smaller club face compared to my Odyssey O-Works Red Tank #7 Putter, but like @ole graysaid, "It sits perfectly behind the ball and inspires confidence." I think for me the bigger club face on the O-Works actually created less confidence due to all of the other surface area I could be hitting it the ball on that's not the sweet spot. The major benefit that r
  8. @ole gray, great to hear you like your Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3 Alignment Putter so far! I just got mine in the mail yesterday and am really excited to start putting it through some tests against my current putter (ordered the 38'' due to my height being 6'7'') . My current putter in the bag is a Odyssey O-Works Red Tank #7 Putter (38'' length) and have been using it for almost the whole year I have been playing (I originally started with a discounted Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter after getting fitted for everything but a putter and quickly found it to be a bad choice for me after
  9. This is my basenji, Anouk, who is a little over 2 years old now. She really enjoys laying on my putting green inside our apartment and I'm getting very excited to take her out on her first golfing experience at Skamania Lodge on June 1st. Can't wait to post some pictures of the experience afterwards!
  10. Welcome, @Justin T.! If you ever find yourself playing around the Portland, OR region, hit me up. Would love to play with a fellow MyGolfSpy.
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