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  1. After reading this thread I'm excited for this year's challenge. I KNOW I've got some garbage between my shag bag and my "found balls" pocket on my carry bag. I'll get pictures tonight, but I think I have some Wilson Eco balls "made from recycled tires." #Can'tWait
  2. TLDR - MOSTLY Indian. At some points in development/skillset the arrows matter. I wish there was a way to actually quantify this and graph it (because I am a nerd like that). My best guess is that at a 20+ handicap it is 99% Indian. Swing is so wrong and non-repeatable that perfectly fitted top of the line clubs will make almost zero difference. AND older/smaller sweet spot clubs might be better because they would get better feedback on mishits during practice. Somewhere between 19 and X HCP the player improves enough that fitting clubs and picking a single ball will help improve play. But a duffed/fatted/thinned/bladed/OTT-ed ball/iron combo will not make a driver go 240 down the middle no matter how perfect the fitting. Somewhere between X and Y you get players that are good enough to surf on doors and can play any clubs well (plenty of YouTubers who play rounds with old school clubs under 80). At that point, moving to higher quality clubs and balls that allow more workability.... blah blah blah... I'm rambling. But I think there's some areas where the arrow provides decent return and some places where it wouldn't matter a bit and I'd love to see data and see it graphed.
  3. Great looking setup. Love the wear on those wedges - like trusted old friends! And as many others have said, the bag is AMAZING! Good luck this season.
  4. Yes. I think I saw that in the info somewhere too. So, take my 35% down to 15% and it's not as bad. It's still not good.
  5. Congrats on the new driver! What a fantastic experience. I'm looking to get a new driver (and fairway woods/hybrids) and have a fitting scheduled for June. Hopefully it will be as enjoyable an experience as yours!
  6. Not to nitpick, but I'm going to nitpick just a touch here. YES, the STD is important! YES it points to quality and consistency of the ball and its performance. BUT 1.00 isn't a magic number. The size of the STD will be relative to what the average value is. If you are ONLY referring to the STD of compression, then yes <1.00 is very good. But I still wouldn't draw the line at 1.00. As an example - I'm a little surprised that everyone is jumping all over the Snell MTB-X. The STD OffLine from driver at 115mph is 21.5yds. Unless I'm missing something in the data (i.e. they had one complete outlier), 1SD includes about 65% of data points. So about 35% of the balls off the robot were >21 yards offline. That is HUGE. The Bridgestone Tour B X is only 3 yards shorter than the Snell and the STD offline is half of the Snell. The Vice Pro is 10 yards shorter (yikes!) but the STD Offline for the Vice Pro is 6.6. That baby is STRAIGHT!!!!!!!! (it performs VERY poorly in the spin categories off the 7I and Wedge though). So YES! Look at the data tables. YES! Look at the STD info. But don't use 1.00 as your dividing line.
  7. I'm working on looking at the standard deviation (z-score) for each of the balls in each of the categories and conditions. Once I have it in some sort of usable format I'll share it here as well. I did drop some of the balls from the list though (the Cut brand / Volvik (based on price, if I'm paying that much I'm buying ProV1 or B-stone) / Vice below Pro). I originally was doing this for myself and knew those balls were all out for me. The information and discussion here is fantastic!!! Thanks.
  8. Seeing this and hearing the HQ guys talk about fitting a ball to the irons and a driver to the ball.... where do I go to get a golf ball fitting?
  9. I'm just about out of my stash of "new" golf balls (many varieties received as gifts over the last year) so I'll be buying soon. I'm cheap (well, I have limited golf $) so ProV1's are not going to work. I was looking at getting a bucket of used for basically $1/ball, but as the boys at HQ pointed out yesterday in their YouTube feed, $1/ball for Kirklands!!!!! I'm not sure that I'm going this way, but knowing that's an option will keep me out of the used market.
  10. An 11 claiming to be a hackster. Golfers are funny. I'm an ~18. If you're down playing golf in the IE on a weekend and looking for a partner to play with drop me a line. Goose Creek is one of my favorite courses in SoCal.
  11. Interesting thread. I would love to have the option of a single rider cart. I play as a single often enough that having my own ride around the course would be a welcome change. I do not generally enjoy sharing a cart with someone I've just met. I would hope that the 2 person cart never completely dies though. As was mentioned many times in the thread, for many people a huge part of playing golf is the social part of it. My dad's only reason for playing golf is 4+ hours of us hanging out and catching up. As noted, the cover from the elements is a big reason for the carts as well. For me, one of the hardest things about walking is that I don't really get to sit for 5 hours and I'm always in the sun. The 2 person cart solves both of those. For those course that have a lease program, would it be an option to blend some single person carts into the lease and test them out for a year or two? Wouldn't single rider carts make sense for groups playing late twilight rounds chasing the sun? I hope that we see some of these make start to break through soon.
  12. Great picture! Thanks for the report and feedback. Would be interesting to see an on course comparison between your current driver and the test driver. Hit both on driver holes. Switch between which you hit 1st on each hole. It won't be perfectly scientific, but it might indicate if the accuracy is a swing/aim influence or a club/spin influence. Looking forward to more feedback on the driver.
  13. My daughter saw me marking balls (3 green dots below the number) - "ohhhh, coool! Can I draw on your golf ball dad?" Sure, why not. For those that know.... you know. For those that don't, its the TriForce from Legend of Zelda games. (I mark my balls when she's not around now)
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