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  1. 3 day trip to Vegas with my wife and try to talk a buddy and his wife into joining us. BIG dinners every night! A show or two. Golf in the morning. Poker in the afternoon.
  2. Interesting. I would have thought 10+ year old technology would be ready for an update. Glad to hear that you were able to save a few bucks. I think that my 8 year old Orlimar Driver may be in need of replacement, but I will absolutely be bringing it along for any shopping / fitting trips to ensure that I'm seeing an improvement. Question for the group - I'm trying to find Demo days and can't seem to track any down. Google keeps showing me OLD info on past days but I can't find anything on upcoming days. Help?
  3. Looking forward to hearing how it went at Quail Hollow. I'm looking for a driver upgrade and all these posts have me excited about checking out the Ping products. Thanks!
  4. WOW! This is a great opportunity and I would love to be a part of it. Here's the info you asked for: Andy Glendale, CA Driver swing speed is 95mph / 17 Handicap I have an Orlimar 3W (15*) and an Orlimar 4H (22*) the clubs are circa 2011 I am right handed ********************************************** Adding a little to this: I have been hitting golf balls for a long time, but this year I decided to really learn how to play. I have been at the practice range twice a week all year. I have taken lessons to learn how to swing properly. The lessons and practice have all
  5. Greetings from SoCal! Looking forward to learning more here at MGS! How long have you been playing golf? Have "played" 30-ish years. Have "tried" to get better for 8 years. Have been actively dedicated (focused take lessons practice a few times a week) since end of Dec 2018. What’s your handicap or normal score? Handicap says 17 but that's padded by a few <90 rounds in Oct/Nov that may have had a mulligan or two included. I shoot between 90 and 105 on a regular basis. But I'm working on it! What do you love about golf? It's my way to get away from the stress o
  6. Played awful on Saturday. Driver was a 2 way miss including one drive that was 2 fairways left (I managed to only bogey that hole). Irons were awful, just absolutely awful. Chipping and putting was about average for me. Posted a triple digit score. UGH! The good news is that it was 75F, the sun was shining, I walked 18, and I was the "new guy" in a local club and really enjoyed the other 3 gents I played with. Back to practicing this week.
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