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  1. Quit Myrtle Beach back in the late 90’s as they quit caring about players and only cared about the money you give them . I hope they have changed but when I first went there (76) they treated you like guests not turnstile money givers
  2. I recommend a stop at the Pine Crest Hotel for drinks on the front porch , great place for conversation and meeting neat people , it’s an old fashioned hotel just as they should be ambiance and heritage are excellent
  3. I latched onto some Under Armour golf pants that aren’t baggy and no skinny leg stuff either . They have enough expansions if you want to wear a light fabric pair of shirts under and then change out you can . I light the fact they look good and light enough that they aren’t restrictive in any way
  4. Consistent tee height gives you a controllable that helps eliminate a variable and back in the day day used to play the ball and tee and sink tee until my knuckles touched and today with the tees that have a stop to give you the same height are great tools that you can work from for desired results
  5. Eggleston, Florida IPhone 8 out doors range no net
  6. For more years than I can recall I walked every time I played and carried my sticks , then I received a push cart for a gift and walked every round with it , while I loved the cart and it’s ease , the transporting to and from course was a difficulty and unless I had a large enough vehicle it was quite time consuming. Now living in Florida most of the year and the setup of courses is long distances between tees , courses with multiple nines , it isn’t feasible to use the cart . I could take up north in the summer but most of the senior guys I play with ride , so alas so do I . I still walk daily over 3 miles as a means to stay healthy and really would enjoy walking the course again
  7. Garen The Villages Florida/Columbus Ohio Titleist Pro V 1 I have played the Old Top Flites back in the day they were called rock flite and then have gamed a few gamers during wet winter weather
  8. Garen in Ohio/Florida I have used a net for warm ups At the course but haven’t owned one-I am a practice mutt , hitting balls every chance I get I have the unit that GRPR sold ( at last PGA show in Orlando )-pseudo LM
  9. Garen The Villages Fl 10.5 medium Adidas chaos comfort , looks and if I strike the ball well when in them
  10. Garen Eggleston Florida The Villages Zelos 7 -stiff SS -105 driver 70-80 on irons current shafts KBS Tour stiff 120
  11. Garen Eggleston The Villages Fl RH 3-wood Regular MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 Gram 18 degree Recoil ES 75 F3 11.3 index Currently play Titleist 18° and 25° hybrids
  12. Garen The Villages Florida Lady Lakes currently TaylorMade M2 9.5° 104-106 TS2
  13. Garen Central Florida handicap index 10 current wedges Vokey 60° Cleveland 56° played a trusty rusty cobra back years ago
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