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  1. At my age of 70+ and still whacking it pretty good this looks like a winner I’d love to try
  2. Play daily Year round and am very loyal to my drivers but if this baby can sway my head I’ll scream it to the heavens
  3. I’m known for testing drivers often , like to try them so this is up my alley
  4. I have been a tester for Titleist in previous Tests and hope to get the chance again
  5. This could be the item that returns my putting form , used to be very good putter but age and time have hurt my putting . I now see an item that could potentially be a game changer for many players of all ages
  6. I was a really good putter until I developed some bad habits but am on the upswing, I use a custom built for me Flanigan Bilt that’s fitted after extensive time on a SAM putting machine and would love to try Edel as I am a bit of putter procurer of putters over the last 50 years
  7. Gaming a Ping 400 and love it but am willing to test this club and will give it a honest rating
  8. Quit Myrtle Beach back in the late 90’s as they quit caring about players and only cared about the money you give them . I hope they have changed but when I first went there (76) they treated you like guests not turnstile money givers
  9. I currently game a Ping 400 LS and love it . I’ve owned 3-4 Callaway drivers and never had one I could use for any length of time . I play over 200 rounds a year and would give it a solid workout . I’m 70 years old but in great physical shape and can still sneak it out there
  10. I recommend a stop at the Pine Crest Hotel for drinks on the front porch , great place for conversation and meeting neat people , it’s an old fashioned hotel just as they should be ambiance and heritage are excellent
  11. I have a set of Cobra forged players irons that I love and being an old guy (70) still pump drives out in the 235-255 range and would love to give the RAD a run
  12. I latched onto some Under Armour golf pants that aren’t baggy and no skinny leg stuff either . They have enough expansions if you want to wear a light fabric pair of shirts under and then change out you can . I light the fact they look good and light enough that they aren’t restrictive in any way
  13. Consistent tee height gives you a controllable that helps eliminate a variable and back in the day day used to play the ball and tee and sink tee until my knuckles touched and today with the tees that have a stop to give you the same height are great tools that you can work from for desired results
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