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  1. Ping g irons 5 - Sand wedge. All yellow dot except the sandy, which is blue dot. Shafts are AWT 2.0 stiff, 1/2 long except the sand wedge which is a KBS. All grooves are in good shape. $225 plus shipping.
  2. I have two putters that may be of interest. 1. An Edel E-1 at 35", black shaft and bronze head. Not used too much and probably above average. 2. Scott Camerson Select GoLo at 35". Sent it back to Titlesit and had them paint a white line on the head. Probably average or a bit better. Can supply photos should you be interested.
  3. First time post here but was a long time member of FGI. Anyway, have been playing Ping g irons for awhile but they had a steel shaft and I wanted to switch over to graphite, thinking (some would question that) I might gain a few yards and my elbows would thank me. Tried numerous irons and would have bought Mizunos if they were available. Found out that there was a very long waiting list and then I saw TourEdge had a demo program. Picked up a 7 iron with the KBS 80 stiff and was very impressed. Decided I would order a 8, 9, P and they were shippped within a week. I am currently playing to about an 8 and definitely play a fade - did take Net club super senior championship a month ago ! - and have been playing for about 20 years. Still can't putt worth a damn, however. Anyway, I have found these irons to be very, very straight! Working them is difficult as they just want to go one direction. Had a pro look at them and he said he couldn't play them because of their thickness. Then he hit the 7 i and all he could say was that it was the easiest shot he had hit in awhile. Still would not play them.....I, on the other hand, will play anything if it suits my stupid swing. After about 5 months of playing them, they are going to stay in the bag. Price was right, delivery very prompt, graphite shafts, and to top it off, tighter dispersion. Can't say longer but definitely tighter. For what it is worth.
  4. Have an Edel, if interested. Might be open to trades.
  5. Not exactly what you are looking for but I have this. Almost brand new; hit some range balls and played 18. Launches too low for me. Make an offer. Head cover included.
  6. Have an Edel E 1 that might interest you. It is 35", however.
  7. Sorry, don't need any more wedges. Looked on eBay and I think $70 plus shipping is pretty reasonable.
  8. Not exactly what you are looking for but I have a Ping G SW, KBS 120 S, Blue dot
  9. I have this for $200, no shaft. Hit 30 range balls and played 18 with it but found it launched way too low for my sad butt swing.
  10. Barely used, 20 range balls and 18 holes, Cobra Sz 9* . $225 plus shipping.
  11. Have a Cobra King SZ Speedzone 9* head. Have hit 20 range balls and 18 holes; launches too low for me. $225 plus shipping. Long story about mixed messages between my club and Cobra and how I would up with this head. Anyway, it is straight from Cobra and not a knockoff/look alike. Would also consider a trade for a Ping 410 SFT driver head.
  12. I recently picked up a grey Ventus with 4Tcore in a stiff flex. I spined it and have been using it in my Ping driver. My shaft that I have used with this head has been a Kuro Kage TiNi stiff. Been using that shaft for 2 years. I believe that Ventus to be stiffer and a bit lower in ball flight. Will be switching back to the KK in the near future as I like the feel of that shaft and probably know it better. That said, I have also been demoing the real Ventus blue with velocore stiff in a Mavrik lately. Probably played 2 rounds and had some range time with it. My very limited observation is that the real Ventus feels better to me. Can't really make a head to head comparison as I am using Ping vs Callaway. Must say the Mavrik and Ventus is probably longer but it seems I really have to go after the ball hard. I think the Ventus is a bit to stiff for my 95 - 100 mph swing. Would like to try ther Ventus in a regular flex but regrettably my club does not carry that shaft in the fitting cart. Am currently playing to a 6 hndcp just for background.
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