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  1. I’ll have to give them a try at demo day. Sounds interesting
  2. Unless it’s a major issue, for me at least at my skill level a slight imperfection in a ball isn’t a big deal to me.
  3. Actually I have two of the mats! I bought-one which was 13” wide by 12 feet long and then cut off 3feet , as a mat to stand on. I’ll attach a photo on how I use it. I figure practicing on 5 to 6 footers was most important. I bought the slower version, because our greens in my area are not what I consider really fast. I also use a broom to sweep against the “grain” to slow the roll. The other one I have takes too much space (4X12). It is a good product and I would recommend it. If you ask for a sample from the company they will send you a sample. I like mine, but there are other options. As you can see in the pics, I use parallel bars to practice, now I only use the one on the inside ( helps me not loop the putter), as well as a Eyeline mirror for eye alignment and putter squareness., as well as a cup reducer. It has really helped my putting.
  4. So what do you want for the bag? larryjhill704@gmal.com
  5. Looks super! Is it single strap? What are you looking to get? Any trades?
  6. Are any of the putters face balanced to suit a SB stroke? Straight back and through?
  7. Pittsburg KS 70 85 average totally committed, I have the time and desire to improve
  8. Looking for the vintage Ping carry bag, single strap, and legs that pop out. Needs to be in mint condition
  9. 70445


  10. Topic is mostly about Wilson Infinite line anybody have opinions on the Tommy Armour Inpact #3?
  11. Who was the online putting instruction you used?

  12. Has anyone had a swing evaluation or lesson online, with any of the pro teachers? Was it a good thing? There are more and more teaching pro doing this. And if you did which instructor did you use?
  13. I had my Cameron custom cut to proper length and new grip installed. The reason was I wanted to be sure it was done properly. For instance, I was wanting to make sure the grip was on straight. Having a grip on not perfectly square, could mean a open or closed face. Kinda pricy however, with shipping and all that, but well worth the piece of mind. You get what you pay for. Straight grip on the putter is a must! And yes their work is quality.
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