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  1. How do I delete a ad on the forums? I would like to delete a ad I posted from 70445. It’s not worth my trouble.
  2. I’ll repost everything tomorrow, I didn’t post a photo, (didn’t know that) since it’s in the orginal sealed, unopened box. I won’t open the box but post a photo of the sealed box. It’s just the regular iPad 8th gen 32gb. Shipping and insurance IS NOT included in price. Prefer no PayPal unlessless buyer pay fees, whatever that is! Sorry for all the omissions! Didn’t mean to, just not a complete listing.
  3. No its honest! It was a gift from a company. I don’t need the credit at Apple and I have two iPads now. Sir, you are completely wrong!
  4. .Deleted, I’ll repost according to proper requirements!
  5. Just saw your post! How much? Trade for a Vokey sm6 56° W grind I think.
  6. Looking for a Ping g400 SW, steel shaft REG FLEX red dot or black.
  7. Larry/Pittsburg ipad Air outdoors No
  8. Larry/ Pittsburg Kansas ipad pro outdoors No
  9. Larry Pittsburg/ Kansas No, had one a few years ago, it was a homemade deal, it worked somewhat, but ditched it a few years ago. No, I have never owned a LM.
  10. Free if you want it, just pay postage.
  11. Looking for a Ping g400 sft 7 or 9 wood, prefer stock R shaft .
  12. Larry, Pittsburg /Kansas i am Right Handed choice #1 18° Recoil ES75 F3 Reg choice #2 3 wood 14° MCR Tensel CK Blue 70 gram Regular Flex handicap 12 i currently use Ping G25 Hybird
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