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  1. Larry/ Pittsburg, KS in summer at golf course, in winter at home on piece of carpet from a car trunk All the ones I’ve seen are either poorly made or too expensive slow
  2. Larry/Pittsburg Kansas/USA Cameron Futura 5s Tomcat 14, I really like the alignment tracks, plus wanting a slight arch type stroke
  3. I currently use a Cameron Futura X center shaft putter, and would like to try a putter with say 1/4 toe hang. Anybody give me a list of models?
  4. Selling 8 grips, new never been installed, pics tell the story. $45 split shipping to your zip, US only. Retail is close to $10 each. Selling because I need a oversized grip, Arthur caught up with me!
  5. Have a Bushnell Pro VE, at $275
  6. Thought I would try a wood instead of a hybird. Ended up with Ping, so I’m selling the Callaway. The paint chips on the bottom, were caused by shipping poorly packed club. The chips are not seen at address whatsoever. Headcover included. $70 and split shipping.
  7. Would you please take down all my postings on the for sale forum? It’s a great service and I appreciate that service. I’m cluttering up the site! thank You!
  8. How you you delete a for sale ad in the forum?
  9. Larry/ Pittsburg, Kansas Callaway MD3 54° 54°
  10. 11 Pittsburg KS Ping g25, 8 iron 130 honestly have not heard of the irons or clubs, just what I’ve read on MGS. Love to test and evaluate these irons. I’m very opened minded about reviewing things and objective as well.
  11. Larry Pittsburg Kansas usually about 2 hours a week maybe a three putt every other round, depends on the course and it’s greens I'm data driven and am always looking for ways to improve through the use of data and video analysis
  12. I’ll have to give them a try at demo day. Sounds interesting
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