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  1. Thank You for that info! Helpful. I’ve always hit a 7 wood, and several of the guys I play with have converted over, (were all in 70 age). I also carry a Cally 11 wood, that I use a good amount. It kinda like a 5 iron, but a wood, not a hybird. I’m thinking about getting the Accross, sounds like a lot of data I could use, but it might and probably will hurt my ego! drive shat and other info is helpful, Thank You for that.
  2. Thank You to all who have commented on this subject. Very informative, should have checked with the four, first!
  3. No not fitted, just advice from local pro! I know dumb, I am
  4. Glad it works for you, for me not so much. I’m 78, hit my Cally Rouge st average 200-210. I was looking for more distance but,didn’t get it.
  5. Well, I just bought a Ping g430 driver from the local pro(mistake), the specs are g430 max head (not high launch) 12° with the Altra Quick in 45 gr. I don’t know , but I can’t hit it at all, It’s either too light or something. The shaft was shipped at 43”, which is 3/4 inch shorter than standard. Maybe it’s the weight difference but I literally cannot hit it. My Callaway is much better, don’t know why I even thought of changing. I called a pro club fitter and asked him about a shorter shaft, he said it wouldn’t make any difference, the shaft being 3/4” shorter! Anyway I would not go that route again, in theory it sounds great, but for me, not so much.
  6. 70445

    PING G430 12°


    • FOR SALE
    • New

    SOLD. Bought it, don’t like it. I hit balls with the plastic still on the head. No marks of any kind. Has the Alta Quick shaft sr shaft (the one it comes with). $450.0O USD. Shipped to address in USA. WOULD TRADE FOR A TAYLOR MADE STEALTH2 HD.


    Pittsburg, Kansas - US

  7. Thank You for your reply! I might give the 425 a shot.
  8. Any users of this club? Mainly for seniors? Anything better, like the TM STEALTH2 HL, other clubs?

    • FOR SALE
    • Used

    In excellent condition. Selling because I don’t use it. Bought it new. $275.00. I retook the photos, I didn’t realize that you had to have a photo date with pic. Date photos are as of July 28. Other photos were taken earlier this year this year. Includes shipping to USA.


  10. Selling what I don’t use. Putter is in VG condition, almost like new. 34” length from Cameron, headcover included. Not altered in any way. I prefer center shaft! ThIs is as nice as you can get. Have headcover, in good condition, Cameron headcover. $210 and split shipping. Also a Vokey SM9, wedge flex shaft 56° 10° Bounce, and S grind. $90 split shipping , in good condition ! Only played this last year, I prefer a 58°. I would consider a driver trade Draw version, 12° loft, TM or Cally preferred, but others considered..
  11. Woodworking , mainly durning fall/winter. Gardening, mowing lawn and golf…not particularly in that order!
  12. As posted in title, wedge flex shaft. Also a Vokey SM 5 black, wedge finish 56°. Bought the SM 9 thinking I needed it, but heck I had one in my bag, thought it was a 54°.. anyway I don’t need two of the same! I would sell the 5, both are in excellent condition, faces are in excellent condition. SM 9 $110 and split shipping. Say $70 for the SM 5. E5B4477A-D043-46B8-BD43-21C8DDF687C1.MOV
  13. New to speed training, hoping someone can help me on a couple of questions. I’m 78 and of course have lost speed…. I’ve been using a shaft one handed to get the swoosh thing going. I make 20 swing left handed and 10 or so right handed, then 10 both hands. I’ve noticed my last hand is fairly good, but height hand is slower, as well as both hand together. I’m not using weighted sticks, but just the golf shaft. Is this a good technique? I hesitate to use weight as my shoulder is not that good, and don’t want to injure it any more. Any informed comments would be appreciated.
  14. Bought this wedge because I had credit at the local golf store. He was going out of business. $90 is the price. I hit it one time and didn’t like it, I prefer graphite. I thought I would like it, because I use a Cleveland RTX 3 54° graphite. Any way I’m selling it! Would like to have a RTX 3 CB 58°, if I could find one.
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