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  1. Forgot to add, head cover included.
  2. Barely used, 20 range balls and 18 holes, Cobra Sz 9* . $225 plus shipping.
  3. Have a Cobra King SZ Speedzone 9* head. Have hit 20 range balls and 18 holes; launches too low for me. $225 plus shipping. Long story about mixed messages between my club and Cobra and how I would up with this head. Anyway, it is straight from Cobra and not a knockoff/look alike. Would also consider a trade for a Ping 410 SFT driver head.
  4. I recently picked up a grey Ventus with 4Tcore in a stiff flex. I spined it and have been using it in my Ping driver. My shaft that I have used with this head has been a Kuro Kage TiNi stiff. Been using that shaft for 2 years. I believe that Ventus to be stiffer and a bit lower in ball flight. Will be switching back to the KK in the near future as I like the feel of that shaft and probably know it better. That said, I have also been demoing the real Ventus blue with velocore stiff in a Mavrik lately. Probably played 2 rounds and had some range time with it. My very limited
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