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  1. Interestingly enough, I have always played about 6900 yards at my home course. I never realized that it is actually fairly further than most courses. I generally hit the ball pretty far (7 iron from 190 yards- 200 if i hit it hard) so I never really noticed it being an insanely long course. I really want to see and play a course where it would really challenge me and force me to hit 5 irons into greens to see what I would end up shooting.
  2. Yes, I think it might be a grip issue as well. I will try that today and see how it helps me. Thank you for the analysis, I appreciate it. Keep you guys updated!
  3. Does anyone have any tips on why I am hooking all of my irons lately? I don't know if i am in my own head or if it is my grip or any other causes. I managed to pull out a 41 yesterday on nine holes with only 1 par. 2 birdies but other than that par 3 scoring was horrendous with double bogeys on both. I was striking the ball well just overdrawing waaaaayyyyyy off my intended line.
  4. Let me know if you ever sell those irons. Would love to bu those off of you. I love the combo set!
  5. Brandon Marusic - Troy, Michigan I have always relied on eye balling, using things such as 150 markers etc and counting my paces from my nearest marker and on. This allows me to get my most accurate reading without a rangefinder I have been in the market for a new rangefinder as I am trying to lower my scores and I feel a most accurate reading would help that as I often find myself hitting too far, very possibly due to incorrect yardages.Ex of this would be my last round where i calculated having 205 yards out and i elected to hit a 7 iron and went 15 yards long. This would be very cool to test as I have never used a rangefinder and it would be very interesting to see how accurate this product is and how it would or if it would directly impact my scoring. Appreciate it MyGolfSpy and Go Tiger!
  6. Hello everyone, So happy to become part of these forums as everyone here is very interesting and I am loving the different conversations between everyone. I am from Troy, Michigan and am about a 9 handicap. Trying to shoot low this summer as I just shot my lowest round on 9 holes from the tips which was +2, 38. So glad to join everyone!
  7. Thank you! Sounds awesome, i am very excited.
  8. I live in Windsor, Ontario bordering across from Detroit. Thinking about making the trip to Arcadia to play with a couple of buddies.
  9. I have personally been rocking the TP5X golf ball along with Prov1x. They spin great around the greens while still giving me great distance off the tee thanks o a high swing speed. Would love to hear something about the project As about how the spin off the driver because the green side spin with them is amazing.
  10. See MYgolfspy ball review to maybe help you narrow down between those choice.
  11. Yes, of course. I will post them later on today when I go golfing as I am at work right now
  12. Driver- Taylormade M2 with aldila rip beta Xstiff (newer model) Utility iron-P790 2 iron Hzrdus Xstiff 4 hybrid- RBZ tour hybrid stock stiff shaft 4-PW irons - Taylormade PSI irons stiff KBS tour shafts 52 Degree- Cleveland RTX 3 56 Degree- Callaway Mack Daddy 3 60 Degree- Taylormade milled grind wedge Putter- Scotty Cameron Futtura X5 putter dual balance
  13. Hey guys, My question is: Has anyone ever bought and used clubs off Dhgate? I want to know how they perform compared to how good as they look. The manufacturers are calling them OEM which means original equipment manufacturer suggesting they are real and if not, of very similarities. Please let me know if they perform as the should. Appreciate it
  14. How did they perform? Considering they are most likely counterfeit.
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