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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence: Brandon, Troy, Michigan Handicap: 8 Current irons in Play: Taylormade PSI The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 195 Thank you for the opportunity to apply Ping and Mygolfspy!
  2. Shout you for finding this deal. Just got 12 Srixon Zstar balls and 6 Zstar xv to try. I am wondering which ones will perform better for me as I have an avg ss of about 120mph for the driver. I really want to like the zstar due to greenside spin is greater than xv but I dont want to give up 10 yards in doing so. Anyways, extremely excited to give these balls a try.
  3. Amazing story WOW! That's so funny, like all of that is insane. I love that you guys just skipped the hole without him
  4. LOL, the guy was that bad? I find that so cool/funny you teed up with him. By chance, did you use Golfnow to book that tee time? That would be ironic. As for Supreme golf, I first heard about it through the podcast Foreplay by Barstool Sports and it has worked very well for me. Keep me posted.
  5. Clubs: Irons, putter, Driver, wedges, UDI all the same (+14) Bag: New bag purchased in middle of season (-1) Ball: Usually Prov1x, if I run out I use what i have left (+1) Distance device: Bushnell tour v4 purchase mid season (-1) shoutout @THEZIPR23 Glove: same Titleist as normal (+1) Shoes: Added a new pair of Speith 2 shoes (-1) Total: 17/20 All in all, not a terrible score. Kept things fairly consistent throughout the season. Had I calculated this year I would have had probable 5 points as I go new everything lol. Another shoutout to @GolfSpy STUDque for the format
  6. Played two days ago and forgot to update the forum. I usually only have time for 9 as I play after work but anyways, here it goes. Drove the ball decent just need to minimize my misses as per usual. Iron play was decent, I blocked a shot or two but aside from that, striking everything solid. Wedge play was fairly decent. I really struggle with putting as this was the main struggle of my round. I should not have 2 3 putts in a 9 hole round. That and my big misses are what leads to a score exponentially higher than what it should be. I hope to break par once more this year as I know I can do it, I just need to put my game together and play my misses. Score: 40 (+4) FIR: 3/7 or 43% which is extremely average for me GIR: 5/9 or 55% Up and down to save par: 2/4 or 50% Putts: 18 with 2, 3 putts.
  7. Overall, a great tournament and show's you will learn from what you did wrong and continue to improve. The weather also was not in your favor but congratulations on finishing and still being there to compete and not back down after a couple bad holes. Good for you!
  8. Wow I am sad I just saw this. I'll give it a try and report back to you!
  9. Went to the range last night after work. I hit a bunch of iron shots and ultimately, decided on keeping everything the same for now. I figured out my club face was rarely square at impact but rather closed to the target a lot of the times. I was watching videos of DJ hitting a golf ball and he doesn't point at the target and almost seems like he does the same thing. Going to try and get out to the range more in the coming weeks and hopefully diagnose my problems and really see what is best for me. Like I said, right now my swing was performing well with a controlled baby draw and i was hitting the ball very accurately aside from a couple blocks lol.
  10. I have used Golfnow and you can find some great deals. Supreme golf can be very good as I like how easy the app is, the deals you can find, and the rating system and reviews can be very assuring.
  11. I am going to go to the range soon and try out some new things. Might even tr the one plane and see how that works for me.
  12. I'll send everything later on tonight. Appreciate it guys!
  13. Yes, exactly!! and the occasional hook but for the most part you nailed it
  14. Appreciate the reply! I'll send videos later today and post them in here.
  15. Hey guys, so I just realized that when I swing, I NEVER release the club head or aim at my target. I have developed this swing where everything is good until impact and basically after I strike the ball I hold off the club face to almost try and force a straight ball flight and it is leading to a bunch of inconsistencies in shots hit. Please inform me if you have any tips, pointers or even drills you think will help me learn how to release this club and my target.
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