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  1. I'm a member at Three Jack National and proud of it... http://3jacknational.com/
  2. Oh where to begin... I'm retired and have been working in the Pro Shop at private club for the last six years. Believe me when I say that our pro's clubs haven't left his office in the last three years. Same goes for the 1st assistant. Both are young guys that work 6 sometime 7 days a week when we host an outside tournament on a Monday when we are normally closed for maintenance. No way are these guys getting paid a decent wage for the time they put in. I'll also advocate for our Superintendent. A thankless job most of the time. Constant complaints from members; the greens are too fast, the greens are too slow, too soft, too firm, pin positions, etc. Our Super does an excellent job and has a great crew. Members fail to realize that things they want done to the course cost money. Even hint at raising dues and all hell breaks loose. A word about private club members. Since covid, no surprise to anyone, our tee sheet is full from open to close. Most members book their times using an on-line app up to 9 days in advance. I can't tell you how many members book times and either don't show up or book for a 4some and show up with just one or two players. These same membes will also ****** about not being able to secure a tee time... On a Tuesday we'll get a call from a member that he has 7 friends coming to town on Friday and wants us to squeeze in two tee times for him. Not going to happen. Result, pissed off member who lets everyone know what dirtbags we are... Or the guy who "used to be a member" that shows up expecting to play for free when he's playing with his member buddies.. The group of low handicap members that are playing behind a group of average players, who are on pace, constantly calling the shop for us to send someone to have the group in front "speed up"... The guy who wants to go out and walk, by himself, to "work on his game" on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the middle of the day... Not gonna happen. Result, pissed off member... We have many female members. Individually, all very nice women. When playing in the weekly Ladies group or the Ladies Member/Member, it's always "oh I don't want to play with her, we don't get along"... Oh, and the members who don't follow the "cart path only" rules... And those that don't think they should have to repair ball marks or rake bunkers. After all they pay dues to have that done for them... We have approximately 420 members. As you may well imagine, it's very difficult to keep the vast majority of them happy. Each thinks the club should be set up in a certain way, their way, and when it's not... There's not enough space here for me to relay all that goes on. I certainly understand why becoming a golf pro may not be as appealing as it sounds.
  3. For me it's: Driver Callaway Rogue Max 3 wood TaylorMade M6 5 wood TaylorMade M6 7 wood Callaway Epic Speed 5i - SW Mizuno JPX 19 58 degree wedge Callaway Sure Out Putter Wilson "The L" Infinite
  4. You hit it right on the head. It's all economics. One application of fertilizer on an average course is somewhere around $16k. Course are not cheap to run and people don't want to pay greens fees that will support all the expenses and a reasonable profit for the owners. I worked at a course in north Georgia that was barely breaking even for those exact reasons. It had been owned by the same two individuals for many years. When they finally decided to sell, golf course management companies were offerring them pennies on the dollar compared to real estate developers for the property. They would have loved to sell it so that it stayed as a golf course, but financially it didn't make sense. Developers had the land cleared within weeks of the closing.
  5. Bruce from Suwanee, GA Currently play the Wilson Staff The "L" Would love to try Impact No. 3
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