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  1. Lessons! Always a good reset. Usually always leave it later than I should as well, I come out of a lesson and I can’t wait to get out on the course
  2. Cheers! This was exactly what I was looking for, seems to be mostly positive. I’ve missed a few very short putts by leaving the face drastically open so hoping this will help square things up!
  3. Not had the benefit of trying an Evnroll putter with the gravity grip so after people’s thoughts on whether it would be a worth while upgrade for my existing putter (not Evnroll unfortunately) They’re not that easy to come by here in the UK just now but can get a Gravity Grip from eBay (looks like a fake/copy) but I’m just after peoples thoughts on them? I’ve seen the MGS video trying them and they seem to go down well.
  4. I’ve found that a big mistake folks make is simply not knowing their average distances they hit their clubs. Takes a bit chunk of guess work out
  5. From Saturdays round my shot of the day was a slightly wind assisted uphill 289y drive up through a tiny gap between two bunkers (fluke) onto the edge of the green on a par 4. Only then to leave my first putt about 30ft short. Missed the birdie putt, though did make the next for par, felt like a dbl bogey though after that drive. Golf, it’s some game.
  6. Biggest for me is today finally getting to single figures on my handicap. Chuffed to bits, still got a long way to go but finally seeing decent results for my efforts
  7. Been an avid viewer of MGS for a while but finally taking the dip into an active forum life! Grew up hitting a balls in the local playing fields and played the odd round here and there over the years but only in the last year and a half I joined a local club and the golf big has bitten hard! Can’t get enough! 1. Played golf all my life but only seriously for 18 months. 10 handicap here in Scotland, will be interesting to see where it goes when we adopt the WHS. 2. I love everything about golf! 3. Love the podcasts and a gear freak so love the reviews and review processes. 4. Scotland, home course is Easter Moffat GC. 5. Best - Variety of great courses locally to me. Worst - The weather, my home course has been closed a few times this year due to rain / flooding. 6. I make fungicide for a large crop protection company. 7. It’s my email I’ve had for years, when I had more hair!
  8. Never 3 putt all day long. Most courses in Scotland (where I’m from) don’t really need 300 yard drives. 3 putts always leave a sour taste in the mouth
  9. I never give my grip a thought, I have a strong grip, from years of trying to stop a slice. same for every club except putter
  10. Derek. Scotland, UK 12 Honma TW747 170 yards
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