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  1. Welcome Mike! and small world . . . I didn't think I'd find anyone on here who knew where Cherry Tree, PA was! I grew up near there and actually made it back to play at Chetremon last year. I also live near York now (between Manchester & Dover) - probably not far from you. Looks like we are getting a nice Central PA group on here. Feels like we need to get some folks together to hit a course when the weather finally warms up!
  2. LOL! - yeah, I'm the next exit down. 2 miles off the Strinestown exit. I've played Valley Green before, it's been a few years, but I liked that course. I also play Royal Manchester and use their range every month over the summer. We'll have to try to get together for a round this year!
  3. Cool - I'm just off I83 - between Manchester and Dover. Where are you?
  4. Great article. Glad to see MGS not only makes a difference to us Spies but to the OEMs as well to improve quality. Thanks for sharing the link!
  5. Hi fellow Spies! Well, the weather is too cold to golf and my favorite football team (Steelers) didn't make the playoffs so I'm finally out of excuses to give an introduction (other than my own procrastination!) I've been golfing off and on for 25 years but only about 4 to 5 rounds a year until I decided to get more serious about the game this year. I turned the big 50 and decided it was time. I've always loved the game but struggled to find the time to hit the course. I'm a 25 handicap but hope to work that down over the next couple years with some extra dedication to practice. I got a Swing Caddie SC200 for Christmas so looking forward to some garage practice sessions this winter! I live in Central PA between Harrisburg and York and play mostly courses in the York area. I started following MGS 2 years when I was upgrading my equipment and found it to be hands down the best site for honest information and reviews. That's led to an obsession (as my wife calls it) of trying & buying different clubs and equipment. I play a mix of Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade clubs but I've really become of fan of Cobra one length clubs and have been moving more towards them. I used to play any type of ball but Srixon became my favorite this past year so I'll stick with them for now. Nothing special about my username. It was an old work ID from years ago that I always use on forums because I can remember it and no one else ever has the same one.
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  7. Just found your posts, great information - thanks for sharing. How did you like your lessons at Royal Manchester? I actually live near there and use their practice facilities several times a month. I’ve been thinking about getting some lessons again and wondering if you thought it was worth it?
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