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  1. Thanks, can’t believe my team pulled it out. Joe Burrow ended up being a league winner putting up 43 points last week and 40 points this week. Not bad for someone I picked up from waivers mid season. Thanks to the commissioners for a great season. I’ll look forward to defending my title next year! Now on to fantasy golf!
  2. Looks like your team would have put up nearly 200 points this week! I’m glad I didn’t have to face you in the finals! Would have been a much different result for me.
  3. I agree it’s been an odd season with the number of injuries to top players. With none of the #1 or #2 seeds making it to the finals just shows the kind of crazy year it was. I was fortunate enough for things to fall my way in week 14 and sneak into the last bye spot. I don’t think my team would have survived week 15 so the bye was critical. Then had 4 players go off for 30+ points each in week 16 and carry me to the finals. Not expecting that to happen again but a guy can dream! Good luck to the three other teams - should be an exciting Sunday! My thanks to the mods and organizers of this year’s season. Been fun playing with everyone!
  4. Kamara didn’t do much tonight but it looks like Miami’s D is going to bail me out this week. On to the final 4!
  5. So how did Adam Scott and Hughes get dropped and picked up the same day by different teams without going through waivers? Great pickup for the guys that got them, just asking if waiver rules changed after the trade deadline? I’ll need to be quicker on the ‘add’ button next time!
  6. This tournament is one of the most exciting I’ve seen this year. I have English for fantasy but I find it hard not to root for Hickok to get his first win.
  7. Well, admitting you have a trade addiction is the first step.
  8. Same here. I made some trades and gave away guys I would have kept just to get a few players in the tournament so I wouldn't have another 9 or 10 loss week. This decision could have been made much sooner but I'll support whatever the league wants to do. By the way, is anyone else having trouble with the survey? Seems like it closed at 4pm EDT.
  9. I’m taking FAAB $$ offers for Sam Burns. Opportunity to upgrade your roster. I’m short on free agent cash to get me through the season so willing to make a deal.
  10. I may regret it if he carries you to the championship! Lol! I had too many guys missing cuts and needed some depth so that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.
  11. Congrats @Apolloshowl !! Great win! Thanks to the Commissioners for running this league. This was my first time playing fantasy golf and loved it! Looking forward to next season!
  12. I have to admit it was beginners luck to have 5 left in the finals. I'd feel a lot better with 5 if Leishman hadn't just put up a +30 last week - not sure he'll be much help. There's some very strong 3 man teams left (I think one team has both Bryson and DJ!) and Apollo's foursome is looking very strong. Good Luck all . . . I'll be hoarse after next weekend from yelling at the TV!
  13. NO !!!!!! Simpson was my best guy! Looks like he wants to rest for the championship . . . and in the middle of fantasy playoffs!
  14. Welcome Mike! and small world . . . I didn't think I'd find anyone on here who knew where Cherry Tree, PA was! I grew up near there and actually made it back to play at Chetremon last year. I also live near York now (between Manchester & Dover) - probably not far from you. Looks like we are getting a nice Central PA group on here. Feels like we need to get some folks together to hit a course when the weather finally warms up!
  15. LOL! - yeah, I'm the next exit down. 2 miles off the Strinestown exit. I've played Valley Green before, it's been a few years, but I liked that course. I also play Royal Manchester and use their range every month over the summer. We'll have to try to get together for a round this year!
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