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  1. Last night’s beverage: Old bay beer
  2. Well you forced me to look at the TS2's. After additional discount with "EXTRA15", tax, and (free) shipping, I snagged a mint standard length 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid for $126.42 out the door. Two nearly new clubs for cheaper than some of the hybrid fittings out here? I'll take the chance!
  3. Amazing deal, correct side of the ball for me, but probably not forgiving enough for my game. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Fun fact: I generally play matte finish balls and the dry erase marker ends up being absorbed into the ball cover and not imprint on the club. On a related note, I have a single golf ball with a big black cross on it that will not scrub off . I may switch from matte balls to gloss specifically for this reason, despite how much more I like the look of the matte finish.
  5. Not going to lie, had to look this word up. Remind me to never play scrabble with you. Heck of a post, and can't say I disagree with any of it particularly as someone who has LTDx clubs being built for them now. Marketing and PR crafts their words very carefully. So long as the engineers are doing their best on the back-end, I don't care what color lipstick the pig has.
  6. Sorry to hear! I'll send you a bottle of Malort, an iconic Chicago delicacy, to keep in your bag for sharing with folks like this in the future. They should get the message, or they'll lose the ability to taste good food for a day. Win win in your case though!
  7. Fine by me! Maybe I'll request it as a new forum badge for future members Will do! Do you have any experience with foot spray versus impact tape? I don't really care what happens with the soon-to-be-old clubs, but I'll try to be as kind to the new clubs once they arrive. I'm not sure how well the foot spray cleans up or any goo that impact tape adhesive might leave behind. Thanks! I've said before, I'm a scramble team's best friend if I can be carried (no pun intended) to within 100 yards of the hole . Putting is my favorite part of the game, and it's less "I need to improve on putting" and more "if I'm going to be playing with my putting mat anyways, let's work on 7 feet and out." I'm also going to move the pressure putter around on the mat and confirm whether the baseline misses are legit or if I really do have a groove in the last foot of the mat.
  8. June update: I ended up purchasing the clubs I was fit to during my Club Champion Fitting from Fairway Jockey at the beginning of the month. Honestly, I only gave them a shot because of @fixyurdivot's posts. Given that they're owned by True Spec, I'd figure more people on the forum would have posted about them. Guess I'll break up the monopoly on Fairway Jockey info . I reached out with my engineering specs from Club Champion and had to follow up to get any response. They gave me a 10% off coupon for sending the spec sheet from a competitor on top of being substantially cheaper in the first place. After discount, tax, and shipping, the same build from Fairway Jockey was ~22% cheaper than Club Champion. The build time was estimated at 4-5 week and we're just finishing up week 3 of waiting. I'm hoping to have the new clubs in hand sometime in July. I finally spent time making a putting baseline to track improvements from my virtual lessons. I'm practicing on a puttout mat with their pressure putt trainer, so I tracked both "perfect putts" and makes/misses: Weirdly, I was perfect through 5 feet and missed one put at 6 feet for a 59/60 made putts. At 7 feet and beyond, I consistently missed my putts with the ball being dead on the painted puttout line but veering off in the last foot to miss one cup length inside (right-to-left miss as a lefty). I'm not entirely convinced I haven't worn out a groove somewhere, but I'll take this as a baseline and spend more time practicing puts outside 6 feet. I picked up a Rapsodo personal launch monitor for use with the Sporina SPG8 net test. I'll elaborate over in the test, but the reality for me is that hitting only into the net doesn't provide the feedback I'm looking for in terms of improving my game. The launch monitor with the hitting net has been tremendously beneficial to my my hitting sessions and validated my belief that my biggest struggle is with my irons. Here's a snip of Rapsodo's analysis on a session where I hit a dozen balls with each club: I may not be the smartest guy here, but even I can see where I suck the most. I'll be spending more time with my 7i-5i to improve there as well. I've spent some time finding lessons in my Me and My Golf subscription to help with my irons and will focus on those in the coming weeks. It should also be interesting to compare this bag striking baseline with the new set of clubs once they arrive. As a data fiend, the thought pleases me greatly! There is a mud wasp that is trying to set up shop in my garage. It is apt to get smacked with a club or a fog of Raid should it invade my personal bubble. Nothing will come in the way of my indoor hitting bay.
  9. One issue I noticed on mobile is the indented sections don’t wrap correctly in portrait or landscape (note the clipping on the right side): This is on an iPhone using Safari. Happy to provide detailed version numbers if needed. Additionally the star ratings are not easily readable, but this is also true for non beta areas:
  10. I've been getting more practice sessions in thanks to the Sporina SPG8 test. For the past week or so I've been playing with different grip positions with my irons, as they've far and away been my worst clubs in the bag. Lately I've been choking up on my existing clubs since I was fitted at -.75" length and my existing clubs are (allegedly) standard length. I've found my striking to be MUCH improved when my pinky is ~2.5" away from the end of the grip/shaft. If anything, it's validated that the shorter club plays better with my current tendencies. It's also added value to my view of the SPG8 (which I'll add to the review) as I wouldn't had the time nor inclination to travel to the range just to play with my grip position. I also, out of laziness, tried swinging without a glove and had great results. I'm dangerously close to following in Hogan/Couples' footsteps at this point. If there are any glove-less converts out there, please let me know your experiences!
  11. Less bought, more gifted a new Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag for Father’s Day. It replaces my second hand Lynx bag I picked up 6 years ago at play it again sports. I’ll do a deep dive once the beta review area is up and running. Overall though, it’s AMAZING and Moose-approved!
  12. Lots of really good points in this thread that I will try not to repeat. Here are some of my thoughts as a relative new-comer to the forum: The "Most Wanted" series is what introduced me to MGS (having realized that other publications were rating new equipment based on aesthetics and demand which seems asinine to me), and from there I found the forum. I was enticed by the testing opportunities but I mostly was looking for a community where I could write and converse with others who share my interests. One positive thing about the relationship between the main site and the forum is that it served as a trickle of water for me before trying to drink from the firehouse of knowledge that is the forum's expertise. A personal example: at the beginning of the year, I wanted to buy a new set of clubs. The main site introduced concepts like game improvement vs plays irons, forgiveness vs distance, and the like. If I were to have just based my purchasing decisions based on the main site and the most wanted posts, I would have blindly purchased a PING G425 MAX driver and Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal irons. However, because of the forum I decided to do a fitting before making a purchase. I tried to be as educated as possible even as a high handicapper because of the forum. I ended up trying both the Ping G425 MAX driver and Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal irons during the fitting and they were awful for me. If it wasn't for the forum, I might have bought a driver and iron set that was a bad fit for me and blamed the MGS Most Wanted series for the poor fit. As an extension of that, one potential minority opinion of mine is that the testing opportunities I'm most interested in aren't of the big OEMs but of the smaller gizmos and gadgets. I'm not as engaged with things like club reviews because they really seem so user specific that even controlling for club speed and handicap seems dubious. The official and unofficial reviews that have helped me make purchasing decisions have been for things like launch monitors, speed training, hitting nets, hitting mats, etc... While individual differences in hitting speed and handicap may yield different benefits, there isn't' a barrier to entry in those products like there are with clubs. Lastly, the biggest thing I think that the forum could improve upon is usability. Oh Mylanta, I would deeply love for this to come to fruition. It is so hard to find reviews even when you know what you're looking for, official or otherwise. More broadly, I think the forum would benefit from a reorganization much like @jlukes mentioned. While that may not be the topical structure I would recommend, I think this is a classic example of why User Experience designers are in such high demand right now. A more intuitive structure to find or browse information may not drive initial engagement, but it certainly would help maintain engagement (much in the same way social media breeds addictive ongoing use, for better or for worse). For driving initial engagement, SEO needs to be a priority if things like the current tests aren't showing up in search results. That's the proverbial "leaving money on the table" if you've got existing manufacturers sponsoring content and even people who are actively looking for that content can't find it.
  13. Good luck, and looking forward to the review! Where are you getting fitted? Any preview based on the back and forth in the build a bag thread on what you're hoping to end up being fit to? I saw you mention both the one-length forged tech and the JPX Tours. I feel really silly for not having looked into Cobra more seriously before my fitting. I'm not to the point where I can handle the Forged Tech but I did end up fitting into the LTDx irons. I fully expected to end up with Taylormade, Callaway or JPX and the Cobra's were far and away my favorite. If I can be so bold, make sure you check out the Cobra LTDx and LTDx LS since you seem to be most open on the driver. I spent the weekend in a YouTube hole watching reviews of the LTDx line (as I await the arrival of my LTDx MAX) and the reviews of those with swing speeds in your neighborhood was overwhelmingly positive. Plus, as a righty you'd be able to pick from their limited edition alternate paint jobs if specific aesthetics are your thing. @chisag picked up the black edition over in the CHA thread and it looks clean.
  14. Ordered a CCE 3’x5’ mat from Costco to use with the SPG-8 XL test. To say it’s an upgrade of the mat I picked up from Dick’s Sporting Goods a few years ago (left) is an understatement of epic proportions.
  15. I am just now discovering this thread and I can't... I want to break a club from the vicarious emotions alone. The amount of heartbreak is palpable in here. Of course, now I have to follow the thread as a guilty pleasure . Like watching a train wreck, I can't turn away!
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