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  1. For any fellow indecisive buyers / ball gremlins, TaylorMade now sells a "Performance Decision Kit" thats basically a variety box with two each of the TP5, TP5pix, TP5x, TP5x pix, Tour Response, and Tour Response Stripe. I REALLY hope this is the start of a new trend, and would love to be able to buy this kind of box from other OEMs!
  2. I'm a fan of the S pattern in a 14-way bag since it generally gives your longer irons clearance over your short irons and wedges. Also check out this thread for some inspiration!
  3. A playing partner of mine hit Warriors for one season. I personally witnessed two of his clubs break, one iron head slamming into his ankle and causing significant pain. Scam aside, my anecdotal experience is that they’re not worth purchasing at any cost.
  4. mynerds


    @Josh Parker I can vouch for King Arthur sourdough starter if you don’t have local luck. It’s overpriced for what it is, but they’re reliable. Attempting to eat better with the wife lately - we made salmon with French potato salad (olive oil, no mayo) and roasted broccolini. The salmon came out a little fishy but the potatoes were incredible.
  5. AFAIR, the shortest course is going to be the 18 hole, par 3 Aero Club Short Course, just outside the MYR airport. Holes range from 58 to 95 yards, plus great views of all the airport arrivals and departures. If you're looking for something family friendly that isn't mini-golf, that's where I'd go!
  6. I'm a big fan of the colored balls. Agreed with @Donn lost in San Diego that red/orange is easier to track in the air, but can be a nightmare to find on the ground, especially anywhere with any leaves on the ground. I like playing the matte blue balls which are easy to find on the ground and surprisingly easy to track in the air. The only colored balls I absolutely can't work with is the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe or the Srixon Divide. I love how they look, but they're a nightmare to find. Depending on how and where the ball settles, you could be looking one solid color, a different solid color, a split color, or a solid white ball. IMO - Keep a variety of colors in the bag to try out, but make sure each ball is only a single color.
  7. Had a heart-related issue last week that, after some follow up, seems to be relatively benign and in the rear-view mirror for the most part. Got the all-clear from the cardiologist today to ease back into activity. I'm excited to get back out there soon!
  8. I am offended that Illinois is not considered to be "Midwest." Do you know how much corn we have?! We earned this!
  9. @cnosil out here lighting the bat-signal for all the putter nerds. It's about to get busy in here! Some other putters to consider that haven't already been thrown out there, but I imagine you're familiar with at least a few of these already: Sub70's 007 putter and Meridian's Okatie came to mind for a traditional, non-anser blade. Argolf's Merlin reminds me of mini golf putters and their Excalibur is about as an unusual design as I've seen. If you want to go WAY out there, Greenwood has those crazy wood putters. Not sure if any of these have the color or shaft you're looking for though!
  10. As the resident dummy, thanks for sharing this image! I had considered getting a broomstick to play around with but I'll pass after seeing this clarification that holding the forearm to the body is prohibited. One scenario I don't see here - in "Grip Resting against Forearm", if one were to brace the grip with their right hand against their forearm, that would be prohibited correct? Also, I'm fully prepared to attach my pitchfork to the top of my Odyssey 2-Ball Ten arm lock.
  11. No shaming here! I'm a fan of Aaron Rai and ever since I heard his reason for using iron covers, I've never thought poorly of them since.
  12. As a 702 native, thanks for the memories of that long terminal 1 walk . Some follow-up questions for you: Did you have any issues with the size of the travel bag in the shuttles at LAS or MSP, or in your transportation in Minneapolis? Did you use iron covers or did you tightly pack the top of the bag with towels and other soft items? The box noted that it fits "most stand and cart bags" - any thoughts on what might keep a particular bag from fitting the travel bag? Do the zippers seem like they'll hold up to long term use? Any features not present that you wish the travel bag had? Any features that on the bag you wish were removed?
  13. Played my best 9 in quite a while - four pars and a birdie on the 9th to end the round. Great way to spend the afternoon!
  14. Greetings @KP9231 from just west of you down 88! What are your go-to courses, and how have the cicadas been there? I played arrowhead yesterday and had a half dozen land on me throughout the round - I’ll be glad when the brood is gone! Welcome to your post-lurker life!
  15. Here for the entertainment from afar - enjoy your time gents! Take lots of photos for all of us living vicariously through you!
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