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  1. I'll toss in an additional option / idea. I have gone through a complete swing change that is getting better with my irons but really created problems with my long clubs. My solution was a 4 hybrid (195-220) and 5 hybrid (185-205) and yes I know those ranges are way too big but I never know who is showing up to the course that day or what kind of swing I will deliver. This golf game is a real struggle. Here is the new / additional option . . . these two hybrids were Cobra ONE length - the length of a 7 iron. WOW! These are glorious. My old Titleist hybrids are sold and my 5 wood (went 230-240 when perfectly) and 3 wood (went about the same as the 5 wood) have been left in the garage. I don't even play with 14 clubs because I would rather hit one of these comfortable 7 iron length hybrids than risk a horrific shot from one of the woods. The worst that will happen is that the shot is less than great and they are short or I pull it left which in full disclosure is still a possibility . . . but still . . . they are amazing and so much less stressful. Hopefully my swing will continue to improve and I can put my 3 or 5 wood back in for off the tee or 5 pars but playing from the whites . . . I am doing just fine currently. Cobra ONE Length hybrids . . . think about it.
  2. My favorite bag - OGIO with Woode top (8 slot top) was not included? (Perfect compromise between 5 top vs. 14 top.) As such, I'll assume it is still the BEST (at least for me). Ha!
  3. Hmmmm, Sounds like True Spec is the preferred choice. I don't have one in my area but I will travel for something this important (make it part of a trip). Having said that . . . I have been going to GolfTec for lessons. I almost quit them as my game got sooo much worse as he was working to implement some major changes that destroyed my scores. I was looking to move from low 90s to mid 80s but instead went back to 100s. When I started I had a super strong grip and big back swing and then swing through with a lot of power and a lot of left arm chicken wing. I had great distance but really bad inconsistencies (one day slice - next day weak hook that went no where all mixed in with good shots). Coaches before GolfTec just talked about tension / breathing / tempo. All important but not really changing the bad swing. The GolfTec coach's lessons mirrored Mike Bender work - nice in to out swing with no chicken wing - closing the clubface without over rotation and fixing a horrible tense set up. So of course I suffered for a long time trying to change in such a major way. Anyway . . . now I am trying to achieve consistency but finally on the right path . . . changes starting to feel natural and stick and scores finally dropping . . . we have been through a LOT. Ha ha ha. Why am I telling you my life story? Because I wonder if the coach who has committed this much time to me and knows me . . . wouldn't be a better choice for me and a fitting even though he is at the dreaded GolfTec? With that life story . . . do you still say go somewhere else? Thanks, Michael
  4. I am with TBS and surprised more haven't mentioned it. My putting improved significantly when I started focusing on a blemish in the green in front of the ball (how far ahead depends on length of putt but usually around 2" to 6") and stroking through the ball to the blemish. The only time I have run into trouble is when the greens are so perfect I don't have something to focus on or it is less obvious when standing over ball. Having said that . . . I play public courses so that only happens once or twice a year. Ha ha ha. But if I am nervous I will use an alignment line on the ball but only so I can then pick a blemish once standing over the ball. If I focus on hitting the ball with the line on my putter meeting the line on the ball . . . I get into real trouble with bad strokes.
  5. Miura CB-501 golf irons (6-P) $375 Project X 6.0 (stiff) shafts Your opportunity to purchase $1,500 clubs cheap. I wanted to try something crafted by what the Japanese call the “Hands of God” unfortunately for me I am not a good enough golfer yet to game these. Read the review below. These are special. https://mygolfspy.com/miura-cb-501-irons-reviews/
  6. Michael from Boise Idaho here! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have played golf for about 10 years but only hit the driving range and played every once in a while. Starting last year I got really serious about getting better. Practice every day, simulator installed in garage, lessons. For the first time the score has been dropping from 110s to 100s to 90s and for the first time in 80s but really still 90s player (although much higher if on a narrow course where the penalty shots mount up). It is a whirlwind of disappointment slightly outweighed by thrills. Still have a long way to go. What do you love about golf? I love the challenge to improve. I am a bit OCD as is and golf just feeds it in a good and bad way. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I love golf so much I am constantly online reading, watching, learning. But I try to avoid swing mechanics stuff as I have enough running through my brain as is (with exception of Russell Heritage as his focus is similar to my coach's focus). MyGolfSpy is perfect interesting / fun alternative non-swing instruction content. Where are you from? What is your home course? Boise Idaho. I like to play at a place called River Birch as it is SUPER wide open / forgiving. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Golf is relatively inexpensive compared to other areas. Some beautiful courses as well. What do you do for a living? I serve the people - government policy and legal analyst. How’d you pick your user name? It's my actual name.
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