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  1. So several of you built the speed trainer...What were your results of using? Before/After swing speeds?
  2. It seems posts here regarding traveling to play golf get dropped like hot potatoes...Best advise for Bandon is do all your golfing before hand walking. Get in shape. It's nice to know each round gets cheaper by the day...but in the wind and walking...your energy gets zapped. Really only one good restaurant off premises Alloro. A couple ok seafood places. The resort is special and you are pretty much a captive. Going in May is nice. I'd have waited a little to play Sheep Ranch. I've been when they had 2 then 3 then 4. I need to plan a trip in future to play Sheep Ranch. Next summer is apt in St Andrews for 10 days, maybe 2021. There is no other place you can go and play 4 courses in the US Top 100...Enjoy Bandon the best in the US.
  3. I just did a OC,MD trip. Played Baywood, Bayside, Rum Pointe, Lighthouse, Eagles Landing. Did Myrtle two weeks prior. with Dunes, TPC, TB, Caledonia and Reserve. Myrtle was a tad nicer. Was a tad more $ too. Nemocolin has two great courses and is within drive distance. Have been to Streamsong a few times. Don't think you can do 5 days there at $1500. Look at Black Diamond stay and play...and 20 miles away is World Woods. So many places...Ha
  4. What I love about the discussions about going to the British Isles is it is always Scotland vs Ireland... I have made 2 trips to Wales. The nicest people you will ever meet. Yes nicer than the esteemed Irish. Some great golf too. Royal Porthcawl the best with Pennard , Royal St David, Aberdovey, Southerdown and a few others. The biggest loser in this discussion is England...Some of the best golf is there. And better weather. And yet you will hardly ever hear anyone chat about going to golf there. I've made two dozen trips to the Isle...Have hit the N/S/E/W of both Scotland and Ireland. St Andrews is the big draw. It is fabulous. I'm going back next year. Have apt down town and 10 teetimes. What happens with me is guys who have intimated they will go some day...When they finally agree...they want to go to the big name places...So I go back to previous haunts about every other trip. And yes Fergusons book is the best reference for self help for newbies for Scotland. All good stuff. My best advise...Go while you still have game. Not later in life when you are teeing it up....
  5. Doug a 46 years playing as a single digit capper, playing for 50 years I am a Golf Travel Dude. I have been blessed to travel to play golf at most of the great links courses of the British Isles. Having made 21 trips there. I organize trips for myself and others. My standard set up is rent a place for the group and coordinate play at the best available places. The beauty of the British Isles is that most every course allows visitor play. Maybe a special trip organized for some Golf Spies would make sense. I am also a golf course rater and utilize that availability to play many of the best courses in the US as well as Internationally. I hope to share advise and counsel on the best ways to plan your golf trip.
  6. New to site so late to list. Been blessed to play so many fabulous places...Here's my top 10 but be warned, I can't count. Pine Valley National Merion Pebble Beach Royal County Down Cabot Cliffs Royal Dornoch St Andrews Old Muirfield Turnberry Ailsa Royal Portrush Fishers Island Ballybunion Winged Foot Carnoustie Sunningdale Old Cape Kidnappers Any one of those has to be in my top 10 but I can't throw any out of the list....
  7. New to the forum. Important characteristics of a golf course to me. First is the design. How it fits in the land it resides. Are the greens interesting. Nothing worse than continuous flat greens. So a few humps and bumps and strategic entry required. Conditioning is very important. And conditioning is important more from the green back than vice versa. Interesting scenery. Yes I'd much prefer holes on cliffs and views of water than holes thru housing developments. Is it walkable. I love and prefer to walk. So green to next tee distances are important. That's why many classic courses are better to me. They are more efficient. Varied holes. A group of par 3's which require different clubs vs the same. Some risk reward holes. Short par 4 which dares you. Reachable par 5 in 2 that presents options. Ultimately there are so many courses to pick from. The cost is much for the best. The time commitment is long. As with so much in life....You get what you pay for. Members at top private facilities pay dearly for their privilege. What is an appropriate cost for a top course. Is $500 too much. My guess is the members at clubs that charge you once to play $500., fork over more than that for each of their many rounds...I'm a massive hunter for bargains. I have found many angles and have been quite blessed to play typically 1/2 of any list of top courses you can view. I love the old classic designers but todays new breed of designers are quite good too. This is a grand time to be playing this crazy game.
  8. For those who may be traveling to St Andrews with hope of playing the Old Course....Here is a link to a friend who put together a site called Ballot Buddie. The only way a single can play the Old is by walking up. That typically means you must show up in the wee morning like 3am. And wait in line to sign the list for walk up play. Every group which tees off will go as a 4some if players are there to fill the group. Tee times can be garnered by 2. 3 or 4 golfers. All the 2's and 3's will be 4's if golfers are there to fill in. For singles this is your only way to play. My friend created Ballot Buddie which will group together single golfers to form a 2.3 or 4some. This way they can put in a ballot application for play two days in advance. Here is the Buddy Link.....Good Luck ……………….. https://gingerbeergolftravel.com/st-andrews-old-course-single-golfer/
  9. OK....Truth....You can go to Ireland for a week and spend $1000 a head and play courses like the one down the street. Stay at Motel 6's.. And fly cheapass air..Like Thomas Cook that just went belly up...Right now course costs in $...Ballybunion 290, Old Head 390, Waterville 250, Tralee 275, Lahinch 275, Royal Portrush 290, Royal County Down 300.....If you go 3000 plus miles to play golf....Those are the places you want to go first few trips...Do you get in your car....drive 3 hours to play the local muni for $20....NYET...So why go to Ireland to play below average courses....No. You go to play the worlds great links courses....and they are not cheap. I set up trips...Not bunches of trips but a few every year. I have 4 guys going next August. Single rooms at nice places. Playing the standard rotation of great courses in SW Ireland. 6 nights, 6 rounds, bus, driver...NO Air. $5200 a head. Asking cost of a trip to far away special places is like asking...How much should my Driver cost. Some guys have drivers that were a $100 and play fine. Some spend over $500...Special Trip 101...If you have to be concerned re cost...Maybe don't go. Everybody has a story of some special nice course they played in far away places for cheap money....As with most everything in life...You get what you pay for....
  10. Great resource is top100golfcourses.com I would suggest go to Sunningdale...Play em both. Not a cheap day but it's the worlds best 36 on one property. Ranked higher than Winged Foot, Baltusrol. About $425 for 36 holes $300 for 18.
  11. I'm new to this site so a tad late to this topic...A few suggestions. Muirfield teetimes are thru their website. If you wish to book mid summer...You must lock a teetime up about 16 months in advance. All next summer is sold out and has been for a while. The one thing I do that reduces cost the most is book a house or apartment for group. My priority is always the golf...rooms are secondary. I have booked apartments a par 4 from 1st tee Old. It cuts your cost in half for lodging. The whole thing around advance tee times at the Old makes Scotland a tad difficult. With the exchange rates the way they have been now and the last few years...It's a great time to go. I just booked teetimes for Carnoustie for next summer...Booked our apartment and am interacting with the other courses we are playing. Kingsbarns always twice as 2nd round half price and it is the best in St Andrews...North Berwick is also a must. Fill in with a few others in the area around those. All good stuff. I've done 20 trips to the British Isles and have set them up myself after figuring out what the real costs were after the first few trips...
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