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  1. Peter Millar, Bobby Jones and Fairway and Greene make up a majority of my shirts. I play all over and grab a shirt from places I visit. Polo shorts or Nautica. Bombas socks. And Ecco shoes.
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing 52 years. Cap has been single digit for 51 years. Just barely now. What do you love about golf? Scenery, Exercise, carry often. Socialness. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Looked up reviews. Ended up here. Saw forum. Figured I'd jump in. Where are you from? What is your home course? Grew up Dallas, PA Irem CC was my home course growing up. Have lived in NJ and CT and FL and now VA What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Courses stay open all year. No worst, all good. What do you do for a living? Retired from Reinsurance Industry. How’d you pick your user name? Golf backwards...4 kids.
  3. Scores playing in these conditions can't be posted….hence a hole in one is not....
  4. Played yesterday. Playing tomorrow...Only difference, No hand shaking
  5. Bookings for Muirfield open up for next year on March 18th. If you have plans to go to that area at any time that is prime....You best get on their website and book soon after opening. With the Open there times will go fast. North Berwick is maybe my favorite over there. Ton of fun. Staying in that area I'd recommend the Golf Inn.
  6. Richter a good course. The course across the water on the signature hole, the place I worked was a member and I played there often. Morefar. Re Great River. The 1st is a challenging hole. All the bunkers eat up many that try to cut the dogleg. Just gotta not look that way and go toward the bunker at the corner left. The 3rd hole is I believe the green you speak of. It is a deep undulation and is only receptive to a short iron approach with some spin. With that big hill and creek at base. It creates almost a must play in 3 shots par 5.
  7. Define funky. Love to hear which holes as none are funky in my book. I have played there about 25 times though so maybe they grew on me. It's half the cost of Pound Ridge also. Sacred Heart bought Great River a number of years ago. Made a few upgrades, changed the nines back to original so the 1st isn't a par 3 now. I lived in CT for 30 years. Played over 100 courses in the state. Great River is the best public in CT in my book.
  8. Depending upon where you are staying. There is a course I absolutely love also in CT. It's just 15 minutes further than Pound Ridge. Depending on your time allotment. Another place with a great course is Lake of Isles. Long Island golf is probably the best golf available in all of US. It's just that most all of it is very private. So a day run up to the Black and Red. swing around corner and run up play Pound Ridge, Great River and possibly Lake of Isles. Here's Great River...... https://www.greatrivergolfclub.com/
  9. Doug/Virginia 9.9 Mizuno JPX 140 Yards
  10. You were mislead by the cost of a Ferrari....It's much more.
  11. The only thing that sucks about Pebble is you will have a near 6 hour round....What is the right price? Economics 101 if every tee time is booked 100%....they are undercharging. I agree Bandon is a much better bang for your buck, so is Cabot. But Pebble is iconic and deserves an at bat occasionally.
  12. Love the Ocean course...Here's a piece of advise for those who are warriors....Play one of the other courses first. Play the Ocean as a replay. It's half price. Ends up being 2 for 1.
  13. Couple points....tour operators get volume discounts from hotels/golf courses..average about 15%. . Yes there is advance apps, but hitting that is more luck if traveling high season. I have submitted 8 advance apps...I'm 0 for 8. The Old was pretty much controlled by The Old Course Experience for many years...And then some allotments were made to the 5 star hotels. Having played the Old 6 times...2 via day before ballot, now 2 day before. 3 walk on once via advance guarantee by tour operator. Have many friends who went to St Andrews and thought no problem I'll play and came home empty. Like so many things....There is a learning curve to proper execution. I'm going with 8 in August. Apt in town for week. I have told my group. You will play if you are motivated...We will ballot as we were shut out on advance app....But ultimately it may come down to go to walk on line...which means if you really must play you'll probably sleep at the starter shed...So what $ is that worth for not doing? Playing the Old off season. much easier...But who wants to be in Scotland in April/November...and possibly hit off matts. Last point, not all tour operators upcharge 40/50%....That is more true Scotland than anywhere else but some research could find a much better deal.
  14. Have played em. Good courses. Enjoy
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