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  1. Hello I didnt see a list and they requested we share our thoughts. Also no need for the !...Dont need an attitude. Guess I will just leave this forum.
  2. The new Mizuno range. Mainly the RB Tour, Tour X and 566V...
  3. Hello - Does anyone have insight on the graphite iron shaft options or did they keep the same as last year? Thank you
  4. Still waiting...also wish to know if anyone compared these to the Zelos 8.
  5. Yes I did. Also had minor surgery to clean it up as it wasnt getting better. Now I do alot of stretching before hitting any balls be it on the range or to play. Also I will not hit on mats no matter how soft they may seem or claim its still a mat on a floor. Will only practice on a grass range. Its sucks getting old so much more maintenance! Oh and graphite shafts make a world of difference as well as the grips. Avon makes a great shock absorbing grip. You can also find stretches on-line for these as well as from your Ortho's rehab center. Hope this helps!
  6. Landy

    AVX or Z Star

    You may wish to look at the Q Star Tour. Its said to be a closer match to the AVX but will give you more iron spin. The Z Star will spin more than both the AVX and QST. Also the QST is about $13-$15 less per dozen and when Srixon issue the BOGOs its a great deal. Good luck and congrats!
  7. Does the ascent have a smooth feel or boardy?
  8. This is on the Japanese website... https://sports.dunlop.co.jp/golf/srixon/
  9. Thank you @canecorso303 Also considering the Cobra FTX's. Back to the drawing board!
  10. Hello - Did you put this up against the ZX5? Which one was longer and more forgiving?
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