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  1. I am guessing if I bent my TS2’s weak to more traditional lofts I wouldn’t like the result with ball flight? Wish I was good enough for more players type iron but I have a lot of swing speed but need the forgiveness of a GI iron.
  2. Hi Popeye, so I am trying to understand why companies make the gaps bigger in your scoring clubs and smaller in your long irons? I would think we would want smaller gaps in scoring irons/wedges? Is it because of the tech in the new age clubs?
  3. Good to hear. I just received aTS2 set I am itching to try. Think my next build will be the DBM’s. Appreciate your feedback.
  4. Dang was just eyeing up Maltby DBM’s. How do the F5’s compare to the DBM’s in terms of feel and forgiveness?
  5. Nice I pre paid for my wedges hopefully they ship soon. I agree with the 3 wood I am going to order the KE4 just can’t decide which shaft
  6. Nice! . Just picked up a new set of TS2’s and a TS1 gap wedge. Cannot wait to try them out. Waiting on the new Maltby wedges and am tempted to pick up a driver . They have me hook, line and sinker.
  7. Seamus, Rose and Fire, Sunfish. I like the options at Seamus just worried and being out in rain with them.
  8. Thinking about: Head covers Maltby KE4 Driver Matbly Pure track putter Precision Pro NX7 Range finder
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