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  1. I am well aware. The devil on my shoulder talked me into a dumb club choice. At the end of the round when I looked at the score I was not too upset.
  2. Dear Lord I hit it poorly today and thanks to 80 yard wide fairways it didn’t cost me too bad. Played the front in 2 over and the back in -1 for 73. Piped a tee ball on 18 and promptly rinsed a SW in the pond to make a smooth double after I got it to -3 for the back. The ball striking got better after a few holes but fought the driver all damn day. I hit two good tee balls all round and wasted the one I hit on 18.
  3. Normal drive time. I have NY plates on my car and my truck which is like the bat signal to cops in the south.
  4. Heading out tomorrow to open a casino on western VA. By my math I am a little over an hour from Tobacco Road so the sticks are packed.
  5. Went back to NY middle of last week to play some golf at my club on Long Island. Figured since I am paying for it I may as well get a few more rounds in (up to 6 for the year). Played 9 on Thursday since the course was packed and I am impatient but was 3 under on the 9 that I played. Went out on Saturday and had it to two under through 17 and promptly doubled 18 for even par. Had a massive brain fart with a PW on 18 and blocked it high right into the pond that should never be in play then hit a terrible pitch shot to go along with a craptastic first putt. Yesterday was the annual pro member where three members play with the pro for a best two of four net round. I have to say I may have watched our pro play one of the best rounds of golf I have ever seen in person. Made 10 birds, two bogies and six pars for a round of 64. He made his two bogies on 1 and 2 then played the rest of the round in -10. I made five birds and an eagle to shoot apparently a ho hum 68. Taking a few days off this week then back to playing later in the week at my new club in VA. Oh and for fun two of the birds I made were on par 3's that I was actually giving a shot back so I made a 2 for a net 3. Our pro was allowed to play off of scratch and well he is a hell of a lot better than I am.
  6. What a difference a day makes. I hit it all over the map yesterday and went out today and shot 68 at a course that was 7,200 yards and a slope and rating of 75.5/155. I thought I played well with a one over front that should have been nine pars but threw in one stupid bogie just for fun. Got to 10 and hit a bomb off the tee then a 4 hybrid to 3 feet for eagle. On 11 hit a great drive and a 9 iron to inside a foot. Sprinkled in 2 more birds on the back to shoot 31 coming in for 68. Not sure how it changed but I hit it well today. Changes to the bag were adding a 4 hybrid instead of my 4 iron and back to the broomstick.
  7. The company was certainly better than the golf. I actually hit it better than I thought I would after the layoff. Some things to work on but not too far off.
  8. Can’t think of a better day. Early up to go shoot high caliber firearms and than good company for a round of golf.
  9. Yep. They had golf and beer. My comment was tongue in cheek. Just happy to get out after a layoff.
  10. Playing tomorrow with @cnosiland didn’t want to be a complete embarrassment so I found a place indoors to hit balls and play 27 holes. Only had one go sideways so I take this as a win.
  11. Let me know if you make it up this way. I just joined there yesterday, couldn’t pass up the course for the price and it being six minutes from my office.
  12. Thanks to a fine upstanding member here I will be teeing it up this weekend for the first time in a month. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went a month in the summer without hitting a golf ball.
  13. I rolled two putts yesterday and played mini golf with my kids the day before, does that count as practice? Been over a month since I have hit a golf ball and not sure that streak ends this coming weekend by choice and not circumstance.
  14. Is it wrong I park there with my white Hellcat? It does have an eco mode to be fair to me.
  15. Nice, that is a hell of an accomplishment . I am just working into competition level with trap. My son is still better than me but I am a better shot with a pistol and an AR so I have that going for me.
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