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  1. Thanks guys. Had my first birthday without my grandpa and without my family. Played a great golf course in VA and a nice dinner. Will get to celebrate next weekend with my family in Hershey PA so overall a great day. As a plus to holed out for eagle on 17 today from 175 (190 adjusted) with a six iron to get in at one over.
  2. Similar issue but mine was my front shoulder. Was moving too much up at impact instead of level. This was causing me to lose my angle with my hands and wrists making me deliver too much loft. Or at least that was how it was explained to me. I just took focus on more level shoulders and everything else fell in line. I like to feel like I am driving a wedge shot and who knew it was me and not the club.
  3. Could have used that sign as a warning when I played the Pro Am on Thursday. Hit a few balls outside the ropes.
  4. I keep trying to kick this wedge out but every strike is just pure center so I decided it was either my delivery or approach. Thanks to my pro on Thursday we decided it was my delivery. Hit 100 balls or so today before I played and well it is now back off the waiver wire. Every shot with it is just dead nuts center.
  5. Played Country Club of Virginia today in a Pro Am in a tidy -1. After my tee shot on the first that almost went into the parking lot (made a nice par) I settled down band played well for the day. Our pro asked me on 14 why I don’t do this for a living so I take that as a compliment. Overall it was a fantastic course with the toughest greens I have played in a long time.
  6. Got in a lot of putting practice today at CC of VA on greens rolling close to 14. It was interesting.
  7. 16 at RNK is aim at the yellow street sign in the distance and turn it over. Off the back tees it is normally an 8 iron for me into the green when it plays a little firm. Sunday it was a 5 iron straight into the wind. The other tough part about that hole is if you miss into the left quarter of the fairway the trees block you out and the right side of the green is the best you are going to do. Need to hit a draw off of a downhill lie to get anywhere near the middle of the green. I personally feel that 4 is a much harder green to hit from the back tees than 16 but I hate that fairway with a passion so I guess it is personal preference.
  8. Only if we are all playing back at the posts
  9. Just got back from the pairings party for the Dominion Energy Charity Classic and will be going off with Stephen Ames at 8:15 on Thursday morning. Is the conversation on 9&8 something I take care of in the front nine or the back nine?
  10. Guess I would count today as practice. Played 27 holes to get a groove with new irons and a new 3 and 5 wood along with a new putter I modified in my condo last night. Over played 27 holes in one under at my club in VA then went to the range to hit some wedges in the wind. The 54 is getting swapped out and the 58 is staying. I hit too many full shots with the 54 and the PM grind is just not cutting it. Going back to my 54 I had made for me in the MD4 along with a driver shat change. Overall hit it well today and looking forward to 18 tomorrow.
  11. Just got a text that my new Apex UW is in the shop so I have to pick that up this evening. Can't wait to get it out on the course and give it a go. Was great when I got to hit it indoors over the weekend.
  12. Nope. Still rocking my old school Ping B90 at 46”. I didn’t want to buy a 3 wood today and contemplated going with just a 5 wood for the near future.
  13. Went to hit balls this morning and on my third ball with my 3 wood the face finally gave in. Was able to find an Epic Speed with the MMT 70x that I am sure will have the shaft pulled in short order for a Graphite Design that I have hanging around.
  14. I spent 7 years traveling to South Florida for a company I had in Miami. I toured all of them down there multiple times. I preferred the Seminole property in Hollywood but would head over to Tampa on occasion mostly because it meant a trip to Cigar City for some beers.
  15. I feel like I know that casino somehow???
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