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  1. Not a purchase but I did acquire this gem of a putter. I know next to nothing about it other than it is a copper 8802 style that I am darn sure I can’t putt with. Still nice one to have around to roll on the indoor putting green.
  2. Completed my Bettinardi wedge set with the addition of the 50*. Just need to bend it flat, reshaft it and put a new grip on it then it is ready to go. So maybe by spring it will be in the bag
  3. Played the first round at my club since my buddy passed and well I think I had an angel on my shoulder. Drove it well and hit my irons like crap but somehow made five birds on the back (my opening nine). Hell I tried to hit a low five iron from 205 that I absolutely thinned that ended up two feet from the cup. Managed to chip in three times from inside 20 yards and all were for birds. End of the day I shot four under 68 and not sure how. Hit it about as bad as I could and just put up a number. Guess I had someone tempering the golf gods today.
  4. He is 3 so he is past the chewing stage thank God. Now the drool….that is another issue. I got into NY last night at 3am and my whole family was up to meet the big goof. Promptly slobbered on my youngest just to break her in.
  5. Thanks for the kind words, it has been a tough few days. My buddy’s family came into VA today and are starting to get why they need to do done. I got a request from them in that they wanted to know if I could take the dog permanently. They have a lot going on between this and some other issues back at home and can’t care for him. One call to my wife and she said absolutely bring him home and we will figure it out from there. So meet my new buddy Sebastian…. He is a 3 year old St. Bernard and the sweetest boy you could ever want. Obviously hate the circumstances that led to this but my buddy loved this guy and he deserves a good home. My initial decision to take him was based on either he comes with me or goes to a shelter which was not going to happen. He and I are taking a road trip north tomorrow so that he can see his new home and get adjusted.
  6. I am not even sure where to go with this. I lost a good friend and employee today and just crushed. He was not feeling well this week and last we heard from him was Saturday. His family called for a welfare check and unfortunately we did not get good news. He came to VA in February to work for me and not only was great at his job but became one of my best friends and golf partners. He was way too young to leave this world but it was better for his time here. I have his St. Bernard staying with me until we figure out next steps with his family and the poor guy is just devastated as well. Going to be a rough few days and a lot of tears shed.
  7. In fairness to me all were hands down better than what I was playing...so there is that
  8. I was doing so well then fell off the wagon. Bought a Titleist TSR2+ this week and a TSi3 20* hybrid this morning. The TSR2+ was just a rocket off the tee and well I go a great deal on the hybrid. Bag is now complete for another year I guess.
  9. Me neither but I did it. Actually did not change much at all this year. Driver is two seasons old, 3w is from 2012, Apex UW was new this year, irons and wedges are on season three. Took close to 40 years but found clubs I can’t replace. That being said I have a TSR3 on the way that was paid for with shop credit I needed to use up.
  10. Would it shock you more to know I have used only one putter this season? I am a changed man
  11. Been a long time (at least for me) since I posted in here. Made my first club purchase since early summer today with two Bettinardi wedges to give a go. Also have a BGT Tour Fire going into my Toulon Madison. Now back to just playing golf and not buying gear.
  12. After 15 years in the casino business I could write a book of all the dumb stuff I have seen and stupid complaints that I have received.
  13. One from my line of work. Had a couple complain that our casino had too much sand ……the casino was on an island in the Bahamas.
  14. After some quality range time with my son in NC (gun range that is) I stumbled on the Golf Warehouse retail center right down the road. Picked up a PXG 0317x 22* hybrid with an Accra 60i in perfect condition with original head cover for $100. Figure I could dump the shaft and the head cover and come close to break even.
  15. Not saying it is not a good course, just not a fan of some of the changes. The strategy is still there just to penal off the tee for most amateurs. I do disagree that if you hit fairways it is a tough second shot course. I have posted scores from mid 60’s to high 80’s and the variable is how many fairways I hit during the round. Except for 5, 15 and 16 it is no more than 8 iron into any of the par 4s and most par 5’s are three shot hole with the exception of 4. The course can be had if you hit it where you need to off the tee.
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