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  1. I miss that place a bunch. Haven’t played it since I left the area over 10 years ago.
  2. It will be there tomorrow if they don't change them and not as long of a putt as 12 if you are on the front and the pin is back. 12th green is almost 40 yards (yes, yards) deeper than 7.
  3. Just a bit. Tough when the pin is back but not too bad when it is in the front.
  4. For the last 8 years it was Inwood CC on Long Island. Now that I am mostly full time in VA I play out of Royal New Kent in Providence Forge, VA. Course is a Mike Strantz design and plays a shade under 7,500 yards off the back tees with a slop and rating of 76.8/154. Fun place that always seems to play a bit differently with each round and certainly a challenge. For the membership cost it is really hard to beat and a welcome change from what I was paying up north. I would post some pictures but I can't do the course justice with my terrible photography skills, so here are a few stock photos.
  5. What day are you playing Royal New Kent? I agree with @cnosil on how choices and would skip Kiskiak, not really a fan.
  6. My irons were a small fraction of what I spent on her today. My wife’s birthday also happens to be on Monday and me and Louis Vuitton are on a first name basis again this year
  7. PXG 0311ST 4-GW with KBS Tour 130s, 2 flat, one strong in the dark finish. My wife spoiled me for an early Father’s Day present.
  8. 75 is his afternoon at my club from the Invicta tees and it was the best number I could have shot. Two par 3’s playing over 245 and a few par 4’s around 500 yards. Think I may go up a box tomorrow.
  9. Played today at my club for the third time in four days and had a few realizations. I really just can never play steel shafts again. I tired going back to my PXGs and my elbow hates me for it. Second revelation is I am stuck with the long putter. I just simply do not putt well enough with a short putter for my index to try. That being said I played 9 today in 40 mph winds on one of the hardest courses in the country at a few over and it was learning for me. Hopefully windy season in VA ends soon.
  10. Tee shot is rough but the second is not bad. I knocked a 5 wood just short and got up and down for a bird.
  11. Old Hickory in Woodbridge. Shot four under and got in just before the rain started. Was a fun course to play once but not in a hurry to head back up there. Sat and had a beer and watched the last few groups come in on 18 in the rain.
  12. I am in for either date but prefer August. I can either stay on site or get something offsite, does not matter to me where I shower and sleep.
  13. Rain gear that I thought I would have needed to play in a tournament yesterday. Fortunately I got in before the rain started and never took it out of my bag during the round. At least I now have a second set to keep in Virginia.
  14. 3 of his 4 wins were with a belly putter and his 4th was with an armlock putter. I have had the pleasure of a round with Keegan and one of the best ball strikers I have seen in person and also a great dude. His game tee to green didn’t really leave him after the ban, but the belly putter did. If you could find stats on how many belly putters were in use vs long putters that would give the answer. Belly putters were fine until they started to become the norm and not a crutch for guys that couldn’t putt up to Tour standards. The ban was gaining momentum and then 3 of 5 majors were won by a player using a belly putter and that sealed the deal in my opinion.
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