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  1. The sensitivity of recording and missing of shots does seem to be an issue. Disclaimer, this is all my conjecture and could be technically totally wrong There are 2 possible ways it could miss a shot. The first is with shot detection. I'm assuming the sensors have some sort of MEMS accelerometer in them i.e. can detect when the club is being swung. With the App enabled the phone is permanently in listen mode. When you swing the club the sensor sends a club unique audio pulse (setup in the pairing process) that the phone picks up and the phone then records club and location of the shot. For the shot to be recorded it must be able to trigger the accelerometer. The problem shots will be the little dinks around the green with your irons. This would also account for the putter having a more sensitive sensor i.e. it can detect smaller movements, and can miss the tap ins. The second is the communication between sensor and phone. In my experience and following the thread this is the more inconsistent performance area. It seems to vary from phone model to phone model and is sensitive to even the orientation of the phone in your pocket. I used both an iPhone 6 and 7 when Oaks is using an 8 and getting better performance. Looking at the teardowns the iPhone 6/7 use the same chip for audio while the 8/X/X(x) use a different audio chip but but the electrical difference is not significant. One thing that has changed between the phones is the Adaptive Noise Cancellation algorithms (ANC) which is enhanced post iPhone 8.
  2. No case, but the phones have 2 mics. I going to dig I should be able to find out the difference between the audio input paths.
  3. You must be special! What phone are you using? I wondering if the newer iPhones have better mic or audio CODECs.
  4. Alf. S

    Causes of Slow Play

    People are the problem. Their attitude (or ego if you prefer). Personally I don't mind who is in front of me as long as they adhere to etiquette. If they are looking for a ball let the group behind play thru. If they lose a hole to the group in front again let the group behind play thru. I seen people running around in front of me trying to hurry up because they are holding my group up then duffing a shot. If they just stopped and thought let the group play thru they would enjoy the game more. The worst are the ones that are in their own micro bubble just ignore or are unaware of other players around them and no matter how long they take won't let anyone thru. On the original question of balls being the issue. If you can't afford to lose premium balls then don't play with them and if your losing a lot of premium balls in a round then you're game probably isn't at a level that you need to use the premium ball in the 1st place.
  5. Just received this from the R&A, in summary if the local rule for DMDs is in force then Arccos is conforming. Dear Mr Sheppard, Thank you for your question regarding the conformance of your Arccos Distance Measuring Device (DMD). Firstly I will assume that the Local Rule allowing the use of DMDs is in effect – if this is not the case then using a DMD is a breach of Rule 14-3. In the case of the Arccos device, as the wind information is not from a measurement by the device but is, instead, from a public source, then that is okay. Also, as the caddie option takes its strategy information from data obtained before the round and does not make any alterations during the round, then this is also allowed, as it is essentially the same as a strategy written out before the round and carried with you. Therefore, if the Local Rule is in effect, then the features you mention in your email are both acceptable for use within the Rules. I hope that this fully answers your question, but if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, Clive Roberts Assistant Director – Equipment Standards The R&A
  6. I said in my review about the course maps been out of date which for my home course is annoying but today I played Turnberry and as some of you maybe aware the POTUS commissioned a whole load of changes about 2 years ago after he bought the course, moving a lot of greens and substantially changing the layout. Arccos was all over the place especially when the green had moved. There is just no way to make sense of the round.
  7. Like Danbrook I remove them when washing my grips.
  8. Alf. S

    What are your weather limits for golf?

    I try to play 52 weeks of the year, the only thing that usually stops me is if the course is closed. In the heat I normally walk but when above 80'F will give in and take a buggy. Scotland is quite temperate so the coldest it gets in the Winter is -10'C/14'F. I just put on more layers, snood and hat. When the ground is frozen we play to shaved pieces of fairway as Winter greens with gimmes inside a putter length. It is not really golf as you know it, giant bounces and 300 yd drives. The shorter hitter usually win the money in these conditions. The one set of conditions I don't go out in is howling +30mph wind with persistent rain but usually the course gets closed pretty quickly with these condiations
  9. Alf. S

    How much does your club cost per month?

    Different world here in Scotland, the normal course in Central Belt are about £600 to £700/year, for unlimited Golf, no extras i.e. Carts. Some do put a yearly levy on your membership for food and drink but tis is normally £20-50. You can also get some good "County Member" deals where if you live outside 50 miles you can get deals around £300 to 400 a year. Play at your home club during the week Count club at the weekends.
  10. As promised Trump International, this was given out as part of our green fee.
  11. Alf. S


    Got to counter this. Not really sure what the immigration rights are in the US but I would think that if non-USA citizen that live in the USA would require a Green card, which would also mean they pay US taxes. I would also think that after a set period if they wanted they could apply for American citizenship and even hold dual nationality but until that time they will be Brittish, Spanish, Italian, etc. What makes the PGA tour the best in the world is not the tournaments themselves but the quality of the field and it is money that attracts the quality players from around the world. It would be pretty boring if it was all US players. Maybe you will get your way and they will start a World tour and that will solve your problem. Here's a question, I wonder what would happen if Ian Poulter's son in future qualifies for the Ryder Cup, born in the US of English parents, eligible for both?
  12. Alf. S


    Nothing like a healthy debate and it is OK to disagree. Maybe I'm a bit more passionate about it and it means more for us to beat the US, I grew up the era of total US dominance of the Majors, Watson, Miller, Trevino, Nicklaus, Weiskof. The Tours define the selection criteria that is all. You have to play a minimum of 13 events on the European Tour to qualify and the country of your birth defines your eligibility. To my knowledge there was only one player on the European team that is a product of the US College system, Jon Rahm. All the others are a product of the European tour, even Koepka started on the Challenger tour then European before moving back to the PGA. The PGA Tour is the most lucrative and richest of the tours that there is no doubt and because of the cash it attracts the best players but if you take out the European and USPGA dual counting events i.e the 4 x WGC events and the 3 Majors, apart from The Players what are you left with? Part of the reason it is the richest is the fact that the best in the world play, which means the PGA can sell the TV rights all over the world. i.e. All the PGA events are picked up in the UK by Sky which is a subscription satellite provider. It starts next week again and until the Phoenix open I won't watch much because a lot of the Europeans aren't playing.
  13. Alf. S


    Really, if you remember the Ryder Cup use to be between USA and GB&I. All the GB&I players except for Peter Oosterhuis played in Europe. GB&I got stuffed every year. Seve and Jack Nicklaus came up with the idea of making it Europe vs USA and suddenly it became competitive. Last week you had 24 players playing against each other that are all ranked in the top 35 in the world, going by the World Rankings the Americans should have won but they didn't. The PGA tour is the best in the world how can it be the best if you start excluding players because they are in the team that beat the USA in the RC. If you start getting beat at the Presidents Cup will you start excluding the Australians and South Africans?
  14. Alf. S


    Oh and there was this shown to the players on the Thursday evening.
  15. For me it is a course that I would play once, I found it really tough and the wind was blowing. But it really is a spectacular course where nearly every hole is framed by the dunes. You feel like you're the only people on the course.