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  1. One other thought Samsung even on their flagship phones (i.e. Galaxy S and Note) use two different Codec vendors. They split production across using the Qualcomm Snapdragon Application Processor which binds them to using Qualcomm's Codec and their own Exynos Apps Processor which they partner with a 3rd party Codec. I can't remember which is which in terms of country markets but one platform is sold in the US the other in Europe. This means you may not get the same audio performance with a Galaxy S10 in Europe as you do in the US. Just for info. The Codec is the 1st chip the mic connects to in the audio chain it converts the audio signal into a digital signal that the application processor on your phone can understand. As the name infers the application processor is the chip that runs most of the software including the Arccos app. In the other direction it takes the digital output from the apps processor and changes it into audio to drive the speaker, ear piece or headphone jack.
  2. Pretty much, the shaft in both was Fujikra pro 62. This was one of the stock shafts in 2016/17. I can't remember what the shaft was for the M6 but i was Stiff and light, did it at American Golf in Uphall, obviously didn't buy!. Bit more data my swing speed is usually 95 to 105 and I tend to close the face a bit. On the Callaway I average about 240yds with a carry of 220.
  3. Not used the M2 or M4 but have experience with the sister clubs M1 and M6. I use to be a TM zealot ever since the R7. But I had an M1 for 2 years with Stiff Fujikra shaft and it was the worse driver I ever had. It was more the consistency rather than anything else. Sure I could hit some great drives but the off centre ones would go nowhere. Going back a couple of years I was fitted for a Callaway Epic ended up with a similar Fujikra shaft as the M1 and really happy. Tried fittings with the Epic Flash, M6 and Cobra F9 and this year and not getting much more out of them than the older Epic but again the M6 gave me the worse dispersion.
  4. An experience update. Don't wear tight jeans when using Arccos. Played 18 yesterday and was 3 over at the turn (39), took phone out my front pocket and it had me 15 under. I think combination of thick material and it being snug in my pocket meant it missed most of my shots.
  5. Personally I think it the variations in Audio performance across Android is the issue rather than the variations on OS. With Apple the mic input through the Codec is pretty much the same since the iPhone 6. You tune the App for one iPhone you have it for the full range. For Android even across the same vendor the Audio paths can be significantly different. Samsung A series and J series use a lower cost Codec compared with flagship Galaxy S and Note you match this with the mic then the permutations to tune soon get into 10s just for Samsung.
  6. Oops We'll soon be the 51st state if BloJo gets his way!
  7. Hi I'm Alf and I'm bad at course management, I hope by sharing this maybe I will realize this on the course and back off. We have 2 par 5s at my club that I can reach on a "good" day in 2. My destructive shot is a slicing 3 wood which is maybe 50% of the times I hit the club. I can carry my 3 wood 210 yds and I go for it every time. Absolute testosterone driven nonsense. I find our 17th a bit tight and can end up blocked in the trees on the right for my approach and in my head I'm Seve. Instead of chipping out I will try a shot I have never practised or played. Instead of putting for par I end up with a double. This is from Tuesday I consider myself level headed and very objective but on a golf course this seems to go out the window.
  8. BTW this is the 3rd best course at Gleneagles, The King's and Queen's are much more enjoyable IMO!
  9. A game of what might have been on the Europe side as well Charley Hull halving her match when a par on 18 would have got her the point and Anna Van Dame. She was amazing on Friday but someone needs to talk to her about hole strategy, her decision making on both Saturday and Sunday on 18 cost her one and half points. But what a climax on the last stroke on the last green with a wild card pick playing her last Solhiem Cup. She misses USA retain, she holes Europe win. Hollywood couldn't have written the script. Anyway onto Inverness in 2 years.
  10. I admit the conditions are challenging "freezing" come on! We were playing 25 miles south at Grangemouth and guys were wearing shorts. Today 56'F bamly late summer in Scotland. I'm playing in Dundee today so will miss the coverage. EU-ROPE.
  11. get a 64' wedge that's something that can do damage to anyone's game.
  12. Thinking about going up to watch but depends on the weather, only 45 minutes away. I remember last year they were looking for volunteers, I was working at the time so didn't apply, regretting it now!
  13. Good debate. For me I've always been an irons man until recently that is. My 2nd last set of new irons (c. 2013) were Adams CB3s (KBS Tour Regular Shafts) which as standard come 4i to PW with option for 3i and GW. I tried to get the "optional" 3i but in the UK could never get it. That left me with 4i 180yds to 3w 210 yds gap. I tried a set of Titliest 910 hybrids to fill the gap but never really felt happy with them and fell back to using an old set of AP1s with a 3i. My latest irons (c.2018) Srixon z565s (Nippon NS Pro 850gh Stiff Shafts) again come as standard 4i to PW and I bought the optional 3i and AW. I'm now hitting these irons 10yds longer but after 6 months was finding the 3i was dropping out the air i.e.I hit my 4i 190yds and my 3i was about 185. to try and fix this I bought the Callaway Epic 3h (Recoil ES Shaft) and hit it great about 200 so I then bought the 4h and again more consistent and higher ball flight. I also have a 2h but that stays in the garage my thoughts were that the hybrids spin less than my 3w so in high winds I would take out the 2h. I'm now really comfortable using the hybrids and don't think I will be going back 3h, 4h are in my bag with no 3i or 4i.
  14. 2 months into my retirement and golf is not going the way I planned, playing lots of it but game has gone in the wrong direction. gone up from 7.3 to 8.6 so playing off 9. Personally I don't think the lessons mentioned on my previous post helped. I've always positioned the ball back in my stance closing down the club face, the Pro had me move it forward and getting more shoulder rotation. This has resulted in me knifing a lot of shots which have been pretty destructive especially when playing the shorter clubs. 56' wedge knifed = 130 yds c.f. 100 yds means lost ball. One thing the Pro did emphasise was getting a consistent setup, if you hit a bad shot the question should be what did I not do rather than trying to change things on the course which I'm prone to do. Slowed things down and gone back to the old ball position last week's 5 rounds:- 81, 79, 85, 81, 76. The 85 was interesting 1 over after 7 with 2 eagle putts and a lost ball, hitting the ball really well. The 8th and 13th holes at Kilsyth run parallel to each other I sliced my ball from the 8th heading towards the 13th. 4 ball on the other hole searching for a ball must have played my ball. I heard a guy shouting to his partner "what were you playing", reply "can't remember, but that will be it" then plays the ball and off they go. When I got there checking Arccos data the old boy with an army swing must have hit it 260 yds?? Anyway lost concentration and crashed and burned. For the 76, it was suppose to be the clubs Pro's Day yesterday a 4 ball better ball competition but it was cancelled due to torrential rain on Friday so had a bounce game (non hc counter) in 25 mph winds gusting to 35 mph, best round of the season. Left with only about 6 counting competitions until the end of the season so will end up at worse 9 but hoping for some form to get a few cuts.
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