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  1. 1st session with it yesterday and pretty impressed so far. One annoying thing is if you hit a shot left, it sometimes misses it due to your body being in the way. 1st thing I noticed on my dats is the smash factor drops 20% with my RTX 3.0 wedges compared to my Srixon Z565 AW. Shaft differences or head? Spin seems pretty inaccurate as well but I wasn't using the silver stickers. Once I get a bit more detail I will post a detailed review
  2. Exactly! He doesn't get to choose is the point. He did blob the hole and ended up beating me by 1 point for the season anyway.
  3. Sorry, hate playing with people who play fast and loose with the rules, Quiet word at the start of the round just to say it is a penalty each time he does it. I play with 3 other guys thru the winter and we have a wee competition, the winner is the best 5 Stableford score. The last round he is having a stormer which means he is going to pip me. He duck hooks his drive on the 16th into a bush, takes a provisional up the centre, declares the 1st ball lost without looking, someone shouts that it has rolled out into the rough, so he decides to play the original ball. Its friendly but this is taking the p!ss!
  4. St Andrews has about 13 courses Old, New and Jubilee are the more established the Castle is newer out by Kingsbarnes or even the Fairmont courses all are good tracks. But I prefer Ladybank, Downfield, or as Barbajo has said Lundin Links they have all been used as Open qualifiers and are members courses Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. Alf Falkirk, Scotland Skycaddie Touch / Nikon Coolshot 40 Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. So when I subjectively think of my home course West Lothian I say 16th , 427 yard par 4 up hill and normally into the prevailing wind. I'm normally hitting 3w or 3h as my 2nd shot and find it a tough par. But then I looked at my Arccos stats and I play the 13th a lot worse. who'd had thought.
  7. Kiradech Aphibarnat Winning score -3
  8. I've ended up going for Mevo, mainly due to spin and launch angle plus video capability. Hopefully 1st day out on Friday depending on weather.
  9. Get the usual ball markers but like to get some logo stuff at the special courses. I have a set of Muirfield headcovers, Royal Troon oversize towel and all sorts of Turnberry logoed shirts.
  10. Use to just use the general purpose club marked SW for just getting out of bunkers because that's what it says it's for but it seems a waste just using a club for bunker shots which for me is maybe 1 shot a round. I evolved long ago to using a 56' wedge which has a bounce of 14'. This in most cases is enough to get me out of the bunker successfully. It is also a 100yd full shot, 60yd half shot and I use it to chip around the green. Open the face for a flop as well. I'm currently using Cleveland RTX 3.0
  11. The Duck's Guts, what does that mean? I guess a bit like the "Dog's Bollocks"!
  12. I've really been struggling with my driving. I changed my iron setup over the Winter to get more consistency I moved from having a left hand dominated swing to more neutral. With my driving the consistency and distance went, with the bad one being a high fade. I went back to my old setup last week for my driver with left side dominating, wider stance and swing. This seems to have sorted it, distance is back need to work a little on setup. One bad drive on Saturday was a nice draw, double cross started on the left hand side of the fairway and clattered in to the trees over the course boundary 30 yds left. Doh!
  13. Played Senior League match on Thursday lost 2&1 in betterball was 7 over on my ball so not a bad day. Giving 4 and 5 strokes to the other team and it told in the end. Saturday was a real frustrating day hitting the ball well but not scoring. Ball seemed to defying the laws of Physics.. Summed up by the 10th approach shot right at the flag but a little short, pitches on a drain cover on the fringe and flies through the green. Bunkered on 18 catches the ball really well and lands on the green exactly where I was aiming on a left to right down slope with the spin the ball had to go right and roll down to the hole nope went left. Shot 82 missed buffer back to 7.2. Off to the Algarve on Wednesday with clubs for 5 rounds in the sun to cheer me up.
  14. 4 Competitive rounds for me last week. Tuesday beat 5 and 3 in KO comp against 2 h/c. 4 down after 5 never really recovered. Thursday senior league match betterball lost 2 and 1. Really good game 2 down then 2 up, all square at 15th, partner and I both double bogeyed to lose to a bogey. Then they birdie SI2 at the next. Friday won 3 and 1 in KO comp against 5 h/c. Saturday played a Texas Scramble team event. came in with scatch 64 (-7) net 58.9 for 3rd and a nearest the pin. Got our monies worth at £10 a skull. Partner really driving the ball well with his new Epic Flash.
  15. The guys that shout this p!sh are not doing out of respect or their knowledge of golf but because they want to stand out from the crowd. i.e. they try to shout as soon as the ball is hit so they can say to their friends with pride "I shouted Mash potatoes you can hear me on the coverage". If that is what you aspire to you need to get a life.
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