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  1. I hate trees! Whoever said they are 60% air is lying. Love the course video!
  2. I've used it on and off for the last 2 years and personally I don't like the Caddie feature. I found the wind direction and speed could be inaccurate on the course I play. It makes a big difference if you play in 15 to 20 mph each week. It also suggested high risk strategies that just didn't make sense. Classic "User Beware" software. I really like the SG methodology of Arccos but it tends to confirm what I already know from my post round analysis. I stopped using Arccos earlier this year the only stats I now collect are FIR, GIR, recoveries and putts via my Skycaddie. Found I was focusi
  3. Use to do this last year but stopped and been focusing on other things but I think I might go back to this. I don't do this on the green it puts me off I more likely to put the logo at the back and use this to focus on until I've completed the stroke. One interesting fact, if in match play your opponent asks to mark your ball off the green because it impedes his swing or line. You are not allowed to clean the ball and he could claim the hole.
  4. I'm struggling to hang on to any resemblance of middle age. My wife tells me that 14lbs takes 10 years off me. I'm a Boomer but feel if you dress and act like you're old, you'll feel old. I like the comments "you don't look 60". But they probably snigger behind my back.
  5. During summer season I use pink and orange balls on the range because they are identifiable from other players. In the Autumn the range is just cover in leaves so move to yellow and white. On the course we don't have a lot of deciduous trees so it is still white, but I do carry yellow for frostie days.
  6. In the UK Callaway Customer Support and warranty is 2nd to none in my experience. Quality of products sometimes I would question but when questioned they have responded very well. Contact them now would be my advice.
  7. Scottish Golf have started to send out their initial calculations of handicaps under WHS and mine is down to 5.2 form 5.5 I'm pretty happy with that. Some said that WHS doesn't have categories so I can't say I became a Cat 1 golfer but 5.2 is cool. After our Index and Slope came out I did a extrapolation on my excel and it came out at 5.14 so pretty close. Is this a hollow victory or I'm I being harsh on myself?
  8. The mind is a powerful thing. If you can stop concentrating on swing or ball alignment marks or .... and let your brain do what comes naturally you'll be amazed at the results. I always tried to think about hitting the right pace on a putt, I now look at the line pick my spot have a look at the lay of the land wrt to the spot take a few feely swings align the putter and swing. My brain works out the pace 95% of the time pretty good, if I get distracted in my final prep with "get it to the hole" or "this is fast be careful" I inevitably misjudge the pace.
  9. Putting is so unique to an individual and you need to find something that works. Look at the Pros and the myriad of clubs, swings and grips. I think I'm back and thru, as soon as I try to arc the swing I push everything. I'm rock my shoulders, very little wrist. I'm a spot putter and if I'm concentrating on the stroke the pace goes. Swing thought tend to be focus on spot, ball, spot, swing.
  10. Don't know if we are further north than you because Ontario is pretty big we are North of Ottawa, Scotland's weather is pretty temperate and off the Atlantic so Autumn and Winter tend to be rainy and windy. Our competition season for most courses end in October and we move into Winter golf. The links course tend to stay open but some will make you play off fairway mats, the conditions on links are OK, the greens tend to be slower than the summer but you can still get a decent round at discounted prices. For the inland parkland courses it tends to be a bit different. Our course take off the lo
  11. BTW you can rent the Lighthouse from Mr Trump including Butler for £5,000 a night!
  12. The reviews of it in Scotland is that the changes have been for the better I've only played it since the changes and the removal of the dead space around the lighthouse. The 9th is now a spectacular hole across the bay, championship tee is 230 yd par 3 across the bay. Still think there are a couple of meh holes on the course 3rd and the 12th but on the hole I would rate it highly. But the uniqueness of Trump International in Aberdeen surpasses it. They have just been given planning permission to build a 2nd course their. One other which is getting rave reviews at the moment is D
  13. Thanks I'll try and capture what I think I've changed. The chipping has definitely improve my up and down rates, my swing has changed considerably over the last 6 months. I've moved to more shoulder turn in my swing and a strong left hand grip this improved my consistency. I then carried this on into the rest of my game which has improved my consistency off the tee and with my longer clubs 5i, 4h, 3h, 3w. I have a really destructive cut with the longer clubs and this may not have cured it, but it is more a controllable fade now. One thing I've started to do is use the acronym GAS at
  14. Last medal has been cancelled so the season is finished at the club. End of the season/target summary. Retired 28th June 2019 h/c 7.8, target to reach 5c (5.4) before 5th Jan 2021 Took lessons, bought new kit, used Arccos to help "improve" game. Dumped new kit and Arccos at the beginning Oct 19 h/c 8.8 Immediately hit a net -5 and cut back to 7.8 end 2019 season on 7.9 Covid hits, course closed, 1st competition 20th June 2020 Chipping and pitching practise during lockdown has help my short game. Very consistent season with no medal
  15. I've never measured it but in winter where I regularly play in 40 -50 F I definitely feel I struggle with getting the carry that I expect in the summer which in Scotland is probably mid 50s to mid 70s. Saturday hitting 3w in 50 F, normally carry 210, with wind behind 215 or more and I embedded the shot on the full in the ditch at 205. The Pro also told me once that clothing in the winter can take 5 mph off your swing speed. So I guess we have to live with it.
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