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  1. Alf. S

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Me too. tried it last Friday with the Atmos stiff shaft and I was hitting it really sweet
  2. Just saw this and thought I would share of my local club. The sun always shines like this all year round with it being Scotland
  3. Any plans to review and test the Cobra F9 Speedback? Had a taste at a local reseller on Friday and was hitting it really well c.f. my Callaway Epic and against the M6 and Flash. Like 20 yds carry further!
  4. Alf. S

    Turnberry Changes

    Just saw this from one of our local paper https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/donald-trump-orders-changes-turnberry-13587847 The 11th is great hole I won nearest the pin there last month 14th Oct, 9th I sort of agree hit a 5i to the centre of the green from 180 and ended up 10 yds through the back. The championship tee is another 50 yds back
  5. Yeah me too, I'm going to have to upgrade soon and don't know whither to go for iPhone 8 or X. Fozcycle's posts saying his iPhone 7 works every time does throw me and have me doubt my upgrade choice. FYI The main hardware that connects to the microphone on your phone is an Audio CODEC. The CODEC normally has its own microcontroller/DSP this does all the signal processing before passing it to the Application Processor (where the Arccos App runs). The iPhone 6 and 7 have the same CODEC, where as the 8 and X have a newer version but to my knowledge hardware wise there should not be any major performance difference. From a software point of view then the newer phones will have better Adaptive Noise Cancellation but these tend to be more focused on tuning for phone call use i.e holding the phone to the ear the phone will use the video microphone on the back of the phone to cancel background noise in the earpiece.
  6. It maybe worth doing a comparison of user experience against phone use. Anecdotally from the reviews the iPhone 8 and X is better than 6 and 7. Arccos are releasing an Apple watch that will do the sensing will that be any better?
  7. Alf. S

    Drive for show? Or dough?

    I was one for always saying if I drove well I would score well. But over the last year I've released my good scores are because I chip and putt well. My home course can be quite generous if you're a bit wayward with your drive, consequences are blocked out rather than losing a ball or in a hazard. If I can get it back in play and within 50yds I have a good chance of getting up and down. I've always been a decent putter but not great, with a little practise this year my average from 6-12 feet has gone up to over 50% and has resulted in my handicap reducing by a stroke at the end of the season. When I play tight courses I do suffer if I haven't put the time on the range beforehand to get my driver in the groove. On the comments about right tees, for me I don't like playing a course above 6500 yds. Hitting woods, hybrids or long irons into greens on long par 4s is not my strongest part of my game and if this is the requirement on 80% of the holes then I won't enjoy it. I like to come of the course having exercised, the clubs in my bag if that means playing off the forward tees then so be it. I'm not into Testosterone Golf.
  8. Working in the electronics industry the False Accept/False Reject issues are going to be challenging for any offerings. Connectivity from club to watch, handheld or phone is solvable, especially now that Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth Low Energy are available. The main challenge is being able to differentiate when there is a small movements in sensors and from my experience of both Arccos and Shot Scope neither of them are accurate at doing this, most of my missed shots are putts. Let's see how they respond.
  9. Now we're talking. This is my favourite just now Benromach a peaty Speyside which is unusual. Still has the peaty taste without the Laphroaig antiseptic aroma. Usual straight for me. But if it is strong sherry tasting will take it with a bit of ice. Have the best part of 40 malts in the drinks cabinet. Tend to buy a bottle drink 1/2 of it and then keep the remaining for visitors to sample. Except obviously the favorites which need replenish on a regular basis. Have had many a night taking a malts tour of Scotland from the cabinet. When it gets to about 2am the 8 year cask strength Highland Park comes out. This is a bit like firewater and usually the guests can finish it and the night ends.
  10. Alf. S

    End of Season Blues

    You've taken that too far!
  11. Alf. S

    End of Season Blues

    BTW don't stop playing in the winter, just layer up. Last year on 29th Dec
  12. I've changed my whole bag since November The driver, 3w and hybrids were all Titleist 910 and and these have been replace by Callaway Epic and has given me a more consistent strike My irons were Titleist AP1 710 r300 dynamic gold shafts and these have been replaced with a set of Srixon Z565 with stiff Nippon NS Pro 950GH shafts. These have given me an extra 10 yds on the AP1s Cleveland 588 RTX2.0 wedges updated to RTX 3.0, these are probably the least successful purchase. Better around the green but don't seem to get the same distance as the old wedges And I've sorted of changed my putter from my old TM Rosa Monza to a Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection 10 putter. Although after using the new putter for 4 weeks I'm back to the Rosa Monza yesterday.
  13. I'm pretty much self taught although have had a few lessons. People use to say I had the quickest swing that could fit in a phone box. i.e short and fast. But I've changed over the years so at least I get to about 3/4 swing with very little wrist cock. Looks: C Effectiveness: C
  14. Alf. S

    End of Season Blues

    That's me played my final qualify competition of the season. Autumn is upon us, the clock go back next weekend and I reckon my home club will go onto the shorter winter course in a couple of weeks, sigh. For me it has come at the wrong time, I've found a swing that is working and my handicap has dropped by 1.5 in the last 3 weeks. But C'est la vie. I like to reflect back at this time to see how my season has gone. Handicap started 8.3 finished 7.1 Won one medal and came 2nd in another 2. Played Turnberry Alisa course for the 1st time. Competed in Golf in Scotland for the 2nd year and fell 10 points short of qualification for the finals in Turkey Had some great golf in Tenerife, Benidorm and Lanzarote After an injury season last year this year has been a big step forward. Roll on 2019.