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  1. I use an electric Powakaddy trolley, in the UK they have become pretty much the norm for golfers. I would say about 70% of club players use them. On the iron covers I’ve used forged irons for years and they are all heavily dinged, I go thru phases of using them but in the end it is usually the fuss of taking them on and off when playing makes me put them away. I actually like the look. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  2. Not sure about the iron covers either, the only last for about half a round then get fed up taking them on and off or lose one then I put away for another year.
  3. Don't ride but electric trolley is a must.
  4. 4 weeks to go before the new season so bought myself a new bag. Had looked at the Callaway Org 15 but settled for the Srixon Tour cart bag. Seen here in all its glory. Iron covers too much?
  5. I've had mine for about a year and last week was at the driving range in a bay with a small 3 foot partition and the Mevo was getting triggered by intermittently by the guy next to me, data was totally rubbish and spoiled my session. This is the 1st time I've noticed this.
  6. Snow gone in Scotland hopefully for the Winter. Big thaw this week means course open for 18 holes for the 1st time in 3 weeks but lots of stormy weather coming in from the Atlantic, hopefully avoiding the course leaving in open for the 1st competitive golf at the weekend. Played the 18 today, dry but gusting up to 25mph, my driving was abysmal to start with and started double, bogey, double, par, double. 7 over after 5 then fished 8 over for the remaining 13. Really rusty but happy with the finish.
  7. With COVID lockdown we can only play in 2 balls at the moment but the course has been open only 5 days since Christmas. Heavy snowfall this week course closed again. Thaw due to start tomorrow so hopefully course might re-open by the end of the week.
  8. I agree with the putting comment Without the Arccos Link I found the putting data almost useless. Because it relies on the GPS on your phone and the maps being used don't accurately identify the green edge you could end up trying to set flag and Arccos thought you were off the green. I was trying to use the Siri shortcut "set flag" and would end up getting annoyed and annoying playing partners. So then you resort to hand editing the flag position which changes the distance of your 1st putt so you manually change the putt distance. Meanwhile your playing partners are halfway up the next fa
  9. I've used both extensively and my short answer: Shotscope hardware is better, good data analytics and better price. Arccos data analytics is better but without buying the link is not as accurate which drives the price higher. ps I don't like or use the Caddie function
  10. All my wedges are the same length 36" which is the stock length of my PW this was mainly because I felt the 56 and 60 were too short and I felt uncomfortable over the ball. This of courses adds maybe about 5 yds onto a full shot with the clubs. Are these custom or Cobra clubs? 39" is about the length of a 5i! Your club head speed will be 10 to 15 mph faster for a full swing this will add quite a bit off distance to the wedges. My main concern would be to get them gapped correctly. Couple of other points. Swing weight should be fairly consistent across the set but normally the w
  11. I'm perfectly happy with the gapping on the irons and they are pretty much get ~10 yds between them , like I said I was fitted for them, then the gapping was checked once I played with them for a while and hence the decision to strengthen the AW. I've played with 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges for the last 15 years and looking back may have always had the issue. I probably been kidding myself on that I hit them 110 and 100yds, this is probably the top of the range. The reason I went for the AW in the Z565s was because from PW to 52 was 20 yds (or more). When fitted for the Z565s the
  12. In Scotland at the moment we are in lockdown due to COVID so travel is limited and fitting sessions are not allowed at the moment and probably until mid March. We are allowed on the range and to play in 2 balls only so the data I have been pulling is from the range with my Flightscope Mevo. I would rather be settled with my bag for the new season so waiting for a fitting session might cut it fine. I'm a tinkerer and I do have a spare set of wedges in my garage.
  13. The AW has been strengthened to 48' to get it to gap to the PW.
  14. With a full shot with the 52 I'm looking to get 110yds and 100yds for the 56. Currently i get about 102yds with the 52 and 95yds with the 56. Don't really chip with the 52, mostly 56 round the green and from sand. I have a 60 with the same shaft but only comes out when the greens are quick. The problem I have is that I pretty well gapped down to 120yds and I also have 3/4 shots that covers 90 to 60yds. I can hit a 3/4 9i 100yds but it is a lot flatter trajectory. If I really stand on the wedges I can get the yardages but this can result in a pull. Bottom line is I'm not getting in the sco
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