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  1. Pmookie you are what I strive to be in my dreams haha sweet set up! Hope it plays well for you
  2. I just got fitted for 921 hot metal pro. To me they just felt the best. Not quite forged but a very soft feel that can grow on me. The maverick irons felt very clicky to me and didn’t enjoy the sound when striking a ball. There are 2 other irons I highly highly rate and would recommend considering in your list and that is the titleist t300 and the sub70 699 irons. both had amazing performance for me and great pricing on them as well. If you are getting fit expect a lead time of 30-60 days. I’ve been waiting on my mizuno for 6 weeks now and they won’t be shipped until the ends of next
  3. I got a 699u 2i back in October. Played 4 rounds with it. Using it mainly off the tee box and loving the bullets I’m hitting with it. Finding it easy to flight high and low. Feel is meh to me but performance and forgiveness is top notch. Finding as my go to club for par 5 approaches because I know I’m going to get it down to the hole and keep it in play unlike my hybrids and woods
  4. Not to start my swing by turning my shoulders but to use my lats to start my swing which will cause my natural shoulder turn to happen which will also help transition my weight and clear my hips
  5. Joel, Cincinnati iPhone XR and iPad Pro testing indoors with net in garage setup, and outdoors at my range with trackman bays would be a great comparison
  6. I’m selling a set of irons on eBay. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheapest most efficient way to ship?
  7. So I recently went to a club fitter to help address a baby pull issue I’ve had for years causing me to miss too many gir. After many swings and lie board hitting and measurements he decided I need a 1/2” taken off my irons. I tried some demo clubs at that length and boom center of face contact swing after swing instead of inside of the face contact. I was like great let’s make the adjustment. But to my ignorance it changed my swing weight from a d1 to a c7 and now I can’t feel the club head and I’m hitting the ball so inconsistently. so my question is what is everyone’s preferred swingweigh
  8. Joel, Cincinnati OH 8.5 adidas tour 360 boa comfort, waterproof
  9. 5 hncp Cincinnati, ohio 718 ap1- 8 iron 155 yards i know sub 70 are a well reviewed dtc company. I was very close to purchasing these irons right before the lockdown happened but they were out of stock. Would look very forward to testing and reviewing them. If I don’t win I will most likely buy them when the wife gives me the okay again to purchase them!
  10. Joel, Cincinnati Ohio garmin vivoactive watch garmin vivoactive watch
  11. Joel- Cincinnati, Ohio test 460 model swingspeed- 105
  12. Cincinnati,Oh and hc 8 ball side stamp Bridgestone tour b
  13. Hey everyone. There has been so much talk about sub 70 699 irons and how good they are. But has anyone tried the new level modb-1 irons? They are a similar price and currently in stock. Just curious on performance. Hoping mgs does a review on them soon
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