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  1. Joel- Cincinnati, Ohio test 460 model swingspeed- 105
  2. Cincinnati,Oh and hc 8 ball side stamp Bridgestone tour b
  3. Hey everyone. There has been so much talk about sub 70 699 irons and how good they are. But has anyone tried the new level modb-1 irons? They are a similar price and currently in stock. Just curious on performance. Hoping mgs does a review on them soon
  4. Joel- Cincinnati, Ohio 8 handicap honma world tour 737v ptx pro-icon combo
  5. How do you manage the change in swing weight?
  6. My buddy was using his Nikon and couldn’t pick up the pin with his either.
  7. They just opened a club champion by me. I will have to give me a call
  8. I recently bought some honma 747v irons online with no adjustments. These things feel great when you strike a ball. But first thing I noticed is the toe of the club when addressing the ball. So I know I need lie angle adjusted. But my question is has anyone here taken their current irons in and had them tested for a whole new makeover. Loft lie shaft grip and flex? And is it worth having it done? Any advice would be great. Thanks all
  9. It’s truly amazing how much difference a shaft can make. Glad you are liking the driver
  10. Not sure if it’s applicable but I was having issues engaging my hips in the swing last year and was talking to my local golf pro about it. He told me to start doing side planks for a few minutes each day. It wasn’t the perfect solution but I did gain more rotation and power through it
  11. For me there is the dreaded chip shot from 40-60 yards. I will hit a beautiful drive down the middle and will be 60 out and my buddy will be like here comes a double. And sure enough I’ll chuck the first chip 5 yards. Blade the second chip over the green. Finally get on and be so in my head that I miss the 2 foot putt. Does anyone else have a struggle like mine?
  12. Haha that is savage but I love it. I just shears thought it was in my head that I didn’t hit them quite as far
  13. Every time I walk into dicks I walk right over to the counter to see if the 6 ball packs are in stock. Great deal if you find them that way
  14. One of my favorite YouTube golf god just did a pretty good review on these balls. Overall seem like a good ball for the price but it does have one minor shortcoming. Hope this helps everyone
  15. Jchris05

    2020 tf gamer

    Thanks for the comparison! They will be good for those narrow courses in prone to losing a lot of balls at
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