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  1. Greg Dublin, OH Ninety percent of my rounds (60-65/yr) I walk using a manual push cart rented from my club.
  2. First Name/City State: Greg/dublin, OH Shoe Size: 121/2-13 Current Shoe Worn: Ecco and Adidas What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: cushioning/comfort
  3. Greg/Dublin, OH ZELOS 8 regular/firm Swing Speed: Driver 92 Current Shaft/Flex In Use: Ventus Blue Graphite, stiff soft stepped.
  4. First Name Greg City, State, Dublin & Naples Current Driver in Play, Epic Flash Handicap 15-16 Swing Speed, 90 Which Driver Would You Like to Review, TSi2
  5. Greg, Dublin, Oh/Naples, FL 15 Ping IWedge,56 & Mizuno RP 60 Added spin
  6. Seasoned does sound better than super senior! What I like about golf is if you start late you can continue to improve and compensate for a trending slower swing speed.
  7. I’m 71 and still (slowly) improving since starting at 51. Currently working on many things, however my number one goal is to get a consistent in to out swing providing a small draw. I feel if I can accomplish this for my go to shot I will score lower.
  8. Just had a very interesting golf match in our Old Pals single elimination tournament. My partner and I are 71 with a 14 handicap and made it through the qualifier in the middle of the pack. Our first match we were against two 30 y/O’s with a 1 and 3 handicap. We stayed to our game plan and were 4 holes up after 12 and feeling good. The youngsters picked away and used their length and club speed to their advantage. On the 17th they both drove a small green 280y away in a valley with creek in front. One was 8’ away and just missed eagle. I think the old bodies were taking they toll and the youngsters were strong. They tied match on 18 and took their first lead on 19 for the win. I was disappointed but enjoyed the entertainment of seeing what high swing speed can do to a ball flight. I started at 51 and never experience that type of distance. Time is running short but there always is next year!
  9. Greg Dublin, OH & Naples, FL Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 91.8
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