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  1. I can't hit a shot straight regardless of club, ever. It always has some shape to it
  2. I think I saw a whole rack of X Line callaway stuff at my local Academy Sports, not sure if OP has one around but it's worth a gander. They also had a lot of TM M2 drivers, 3W, 5W, and hybrids.
  3. I just bought a basically brand new set of Nike Pro Combos 4-AW, original S300 shafts and nike grips, with a Nike Method Matter putter for $300 on a local FB ad. I'm playing P790's but I couldn't pass this deal up. I always wanted to try them out but never pulled the trigger.
  4. LIke lefty above, I'm looking for a certain feel but also making sure I'm exaggerating certain points of my swing so when I do swing it evens out. Also making sure the sole is barely hitting the ground so when I do swing I'm not digging or picking.
  5. Don't make him hangry. You wouldn't like him when hes...hangry.
  6. I can't hit the ball straight. Theres always a fade or draw to it. My instructors working on that with me.
  7. So yeah, I guess it's not the OEM but more so the "influencers" who are leading the marketing campaigns and "possible" misleading.
  8. Taylormade was the culpruit. I can't remember what driver started it. They stopped using that distance line and went with more forgiveness and added in for the their sim +/- 20 yards on the draw/fade bias. Now after looking it's mostly "reviewers" saying they're gaining so much distance.
  9. Yeah but how many golfers actually read the rest of that? They see the 10-15 in large print and don't bother reading the rest of the smaller print.
  10. The only thing misleading about club companies claims is the every new driver the release gives you 10-15 yards more. Other than that, nah.
  11. Face angle and holding the face just a smidge more at impact to reduce side spin and have a more stable draw.
  12. As others have said, only a penalty if there is money on the line. I don't care who the person is though, if there is money on the line then it's a penalty. Savage, I know.
  13. I won't buy Cut ever again. I tried them out and liked them so I got the 10 dozen deal off amazon. They were the worst quality ball I've ever used. They cut (no pun intended) and scuffed up quickly. When I say quick, i mean quick as in a few holes quick. Half the balls were good but the other half scuffed and cut. And these weren't with all wedge shots either. I emailed them, no response. I commented on their facebook, they deleted the comment. I wasn't the only one this happened to either. F*** Cut golf.
  14. It's not harassing if we're playing...
  15. Broooooooooo. If you put Brees on the patriots with everyone that brady had they would've won waaaaay more Superbowls. Brees has how many records? It's hard to argue his GOAT status with the records he has.
  16. I'm going for anyone except Boston because I hate the Red Sox. Tejas Rangers ALL DAY SON. Drew Brees is the QB GOAT too.
  17. I draw with my irons but I'm more comfortable fading with a driver. That being said, on a dog leg I always aim straight ahead or slightly with the leg because I know the curve will even out with the leg it's dogging too.
  18. I would buy a yardage book for a club I've never played if it's reasonably priced. Looks like SL is $47 a book, not terrible i guess. I would really be buying it as like a keepsake from the club, more for memory purposes.
  19. I love geese lol. I would frolic with those little demons.
  20. Following as I'm fairly interested in this program and what it entails.
  21. Oh yes. The best kind. Huge. You could say they’re the best dinosaurs ever.
  22. Those are some fantastic pictures. I took this one on Easter morning two years ago.
  23. A tad late to the game but I'll give it a go as well. This scorecard doesn't really show how dangerous some of these holes are. Take 6 for example. Looks to be an easy par three but if you hit is short the entire front is a bunker that is 10ft lower than the green. The 8th sucks depending on pin location. If they put it in the back it's on a shelf maybe 10-12 feet wide and then dramatically slopes all the way down so if you miss it, your putt is around 40 feet uphill and at a slope.
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