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  1. I know you’ve done it, we’ve ALL done it. Taken photos while playing. Not necessarily selfies but gnarly photos in general. Let’s see em?
  2. Perhaps I'm not being clear in what I was asking. I was just asking for a cheaper radar solely for the swing speed protocol. By single use I mean as in I wouldn't use the LM portion, I only need something for the radar portion to measure the speed. Which cnosil gave me a recommendation. Does that make more sense? Hopefully it does.
  3. That's what I was referring to, the SS training. But it also seems like this one isn't all that accurate as a LM?
  4. Anyone know of a cheaper alternative? $200 for a single use seems a tad expensive.
  5. I got fitted for clubs and nothing really changed with my dispersion or flight. He said the spin rate and launch angle were better but I still hit the same ball flight (maybe slightly lower?). The only thing he did was change me from a JPX900F with a KBS 120 tour shaft, to a JPX919F and a TT DG S300 shaft. My driver head and shaft change helped me the most, but I wasn't fitted for that. I took it on recommendation from my instructor that I've been taking lessons with this year. He isn't the one who fit me in the irons either, I did that before I went to see him.
  6. Here in Northwest Arkansas we have a lot of golf options to choose from and I think that is what will help grow the game more than one type of course. The 9 hole courses are generally the ones I see people start on and grow their love for the game, then they move on to the 18 hole courses. There's like six 18 hole courses alone in Bella Vista, three or four in the bentonville/Rogers area, one in Pea Ridge, four or five in Fayetteville, and two in Springdale I think. We have six 9 hole courses scattered around the area with only one of them being a strictly par 3 course that is relatively tough as the majority of the holes have water hazards (Lyndi Lindsey, owns the Lindsey property company). So, variety is my answer.
  7. Is there a specific reason it matters? Not everyone is on all the forums.
  8. I put my 3W in the same class as my putter. I NEED that club, it is that essential.
  9. That is the downside, but the cool thing about a lot of the putter makers is you won't lose 100% of your money if you absolutely hate the putter. In the case of Tyson, you can get more than what you paid for the most part.
  10. I was wondering what happened to it. I lurked a lot.
  11. No it takes me to another website, I was dragging from google images so I'm sure that's what it was.
  12. Lajosi is legit! So is LaMont Mann in Arizona.
  13. I keep trying to add photos but it always takes me away from the site? They're mainly just artisanal putters, good looking and quality builds.
  14. Pure strike or something like that is supposed to be the best, but expensive.
  15. Break 80, then do it consistently. Find a comfortable distance to the green and not use my driver as much when I don’t have to, more short game work.
  16. I would either chip it towards the palm or attempt a flop shot if I’m feeling froggy.
  17. +3 on the front with two birdies, and +12 on the back with one birdie.
  18. Always a good reminder. I know it's not "legal" but I always take a practice swing beside the ball, then step up to the ball and go.
  19. I know fitness and swing has a lot to do with it, but what about the club? Most use a 5 or 6* head yes?
  20. We know the major players in the putter making game are, so who are the smaller or up and coming ones that have caught your eye? I like Logan Olson, he's doing some fantastic looking putters. Mackmade is doing some cool stuff as well.
  21. I teach boxing and brazilian Jiu-jitsu so I'm in the gym a lot, i really can't promote kettlebell workouts enough. They're fantastic for core work, cardio, strength, etc. Keith Webbers Extreme Kettlebell is a good program. So is Pavels simple and sinister.
  22. I like spiked more (adidas 360), they give each more traction. Even in dry weather I prefer them.
  23. That doesn't look that bad actually, nice job
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