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  1. Seems to be a touch high on the price there.
  2. I really like how stripes look while I’m standing on the tee box. That being said, it is definitely better for the grass to change it up and if it’s constantly changing, it almost makes it look like a completely different course at times.
  3. Cool article, thanks for posting it. Hovland seems like a pretty down to earth player who enjoys playing the game. During tournaments, he looks like he engages with with whomever he is paired with and is out there enjoying what he does for a living.
  4. I’ll second that one. Max has been a fun one to watch this season. Hope he keeps going strong.
  5. Outstanding golf from Rory today! That was a great showing of a player keeping their head on straight and focused.
  6. Congratulations @Lacassem! Quite the birthday present for you.
  7. You’ll bounce back from that one pretty quick. Nothing like a little range therapy to straighten things out.
  8. Happy Birthday gentlemen, have a great day!!
  9. This topic has some serious potential!!
  10. So sorry to hear about the loss to your family. Never an easy thing to deal with, sounds like she was a great woman.
  11. So so so close. New PR with a 46/44, 90 this morning with four doubles and four pars. Analyzing the round in my head trying to figure out if there was that one shot that I could have saved. There were actually a few. Only hit one green in regulation which left quite a few chips but several of those chips were close to the hole which resulted in 6 one putts and no three putts for a total of 30 putts. Truth be told, I was feeling decent. Tee shots weren’t great for the most part but recovery shots helped a lot. I might just need to go to the range and work on just tee shots. I’m not usually one to hit just driver and 3W at the range but, it might need to be done.
  12. I bought mine while the testers here were posting their initial impressions which were enough to convince me to buy one. Paired together with my BagBoy Nitron push cart, I am quite pleased with their function and durability.
  13. Interesting response from Piastri. Does he end up at McLaren next season?
  14. I’ve heard of everything from a couple weeks without taste to a guy at work who still says he can’t taste anything after 18 months. The vast majority of people that I’ve heard talk about it were a few weeks. Hope you get your taste back soon.
  15. One of the local munis has a really decent chipping green setup. I’ll go over there after work once in a while and I rarely have to wait or share the green with anyone. Short game is my favorite practice session.
  16. Crazy how that always works out. I know that I’ve had players in the past that have an amazing, points filled weekend, and they sat on my bench all four days. On my bench or not, I’d really like to just see him play well.
  17. That should be a bit of a spark for Rickie. Hopefully he can take advantage of it and make it through to the next round.
  18. Happy Birthday gentlemen!!
  19. I listen to podcasts mostly while driving back and forth to work. I’ve also listened to a few of them while at the driving range but sometimes that can be a not-so-helpful distraction depending on the podcast.
  20. I have several of them in my library in my phone but, the only one that I listen to religiously is The Par Train. Their conversations and interviews are great IMO.
  21. Four solid rounds from Finau this week. He definitely seems to be coming on strong at the right time.
  22. Same here. I’ve never witnessed one first hand.
  23. I’m still pretty active with other things so hopefully I’m not posting in the injury thread.
  24. Hoping that I’m making the right decision at 48 years old here. I’m planning on coming out of retirement and playing ice hockey again. I have not played in ~17 years but I think I can still pull it off. Fitted into and purchased new skates this morning and just finished ordering everything else that I need to get back on the ice. I figure that I have a month or so to get comfortable before league starts. Hockey and golf should be a good balance, right?
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