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  1. That’s a productive three hours! I have nothing against Sims or places like TopGolf and would definitely say that they have their place. I don’t mind using them but if given the choice of one or the other I would prefer the real deal. I’ve never had the opportunity to use a facility like a TopGolf but would like to give it a try. There is a similar facility from PinSeekers that was recently built about 90 minutes from me that buddies have been talking about so it might be in my future.
  2. That had to be a sight to behold. No other damage I hope.
  3. Good morning and happy Saturday spies!! Didn’t have to get up early today and I still only slept an hour past my normal wake up time. My mind and body just like the early rise for those sunrise rounds that will resume in the spring. So this is my 1000th post here on the MGS forums but, I don’t really have anything special to share on this occasion. It’s taken a lot longer to reach this milestone than I figured it would because I always seem to fall off with posting during the offseason here in the Midwest although this year I vowed to change that. This season was my best to date and sharing that on the forums has made that feat that much more enjoyable. Tie that in with being a first time tester with the Evnroll V-Series putters and I guess one could say that I truly felt like I was a contributing member of the forum. So many cool people sharing their experiences and insight with their games, equipment and even their daily lives on here. The Good Morning thread has become an element of my morning routine that I really enjoy and being able to follow it along as the day goes by and everyone “checks-in” is pretty fun. So many different personalities that contribute to the enjoyment of this thread. Well, I guess that I had more to say than I thought I did. Hopefully the journey to 2000 posts doesn’t take as long as this one did. Hope everyone has an amazing day today!! ️
  4. Same here. The wear pattern on the denim copper is something that I did not realize I would like as much as I do.
  5. Wow! What a great opportunity for someone and an awesome element to being a member of this forum.
  6. Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to December spies! This week has kicked my butt and I am really looking forward to some rest tomorrow. Supervisors came around looking for volunteers to work tomorrow and I told them ‘no’ since I’ve worked the last two before Thanksgiving weekend. Had a buddy stop over yesterday that isn’t quite happy with his grips on grips irons, wants to be a little thicker. I was talking with him about adding wraps vs going to a midsize grip so he stopped over to compare his standard Z-Grip to my midsize as well as a few experiments that I have been working on with regripping other clubs. I think we found a setup that he likes better than what he has and I actually thoroughly enjoyed sharing the knowledge. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!
  7. That has to be the most truthful statement ever made.
  8. I’m curious about the grips as well. Where does one find them?
  9. Welcome to the forums! Lots of great people and content to be found here.
  10. Good morning and a happy Thursday spies on this final day of November. Starting off at 36° with a slight warmup to 44° to help what little snow is left to melt away. Last day of the month means busy day at work which usually translates to the day going by quickly. Hopefully that is what happens because yesterday was a bit of a drag, seemed like the day just wouldn’t end. Hope that your wife feels better and gets to enjoy her birthday @ejgaudette. Chocolate chip cookies sound so good! Hope you all have a great day!
  11. This kind of touches base as to why I’ll probably stick with my 54°. My GW is a 49° and so the gapping works well to the 54°. If I were to switch to a 56° then I would probably start to consider throwing a 52° in there as well because of the wider gap from GW to SW. I’ve been playing the 54° for a couple seasons now and I like it, it’s just the tinkering aspect that I get in my head once in a while.
  12. I think that it’s safe to say that I like what’s in my bag and have no plans to kick anything out. However, I might do a little test between my 54° and a 56° just to see if there are any real differences around the green.
  13. I like that technique. Biggest thing that it proves is how easy it truly is to fix a ball mark so no one has an excuse as to why they don’t fix their own.
  14. I agree with everyone else on this one, unrepaired ballmarks on the greens drive me nuts. Literally takes just a few seconds to do properly. The worst is when I’m behind others who I recognize as regulars at the course and they are not fixing their marks when they know better.
  15. Good morning spies and a happy Wednesday to you all. Starting off the day with sausage, eggs, and some OJ to get the body going. Temps are around 24° with projected highs in n the mid 40s with sunshine. That should help get rid of this little bit of snow on the ground. Hope everyone has a great day! ️
  16. Definitely would not trust that palette!
  17. Good thing that you had a backup plan for lunch!
  18. Congratulations testers! Looking forward to your thoughts on these, have fun testing!
  19. Good morning spies and happy Tuesday to you. Starting the day off at a whopping 6° and it should climb up to 31° by this afternoon. Highs are bouncing between 30° and high 40s for the next week or so. I wonder if the courses will open up on those high 40s days? We shall see. Hope everyone has a great day!
  20. The end of this season marks four seasons with my BagBoy Chiller bag and three seasons with my BagBoy Nitron pushcart. I can honestly say that I have zero negatives about either of them even after all this time. The Chiller bag has plenty of room for everything and still looks great. The Top-Lok does a great job of keeping the bag straight and secured on the Nitron cart.
  21. Good morning spies! Starting the day off at 17° with a projected high of 29° today. Four days off of work was definitely nice, need those more often. No real plans other than the work day today. Hope everyone has a great Monday!
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