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  1. Keeping it really simple today, chipping with foam balls in the basement and a little putting to balance it all out. That's pretty much my limit while there is snow on the ground.
  2. I hope the time off helps you out and you can get back to it sooner than later. Heal up.
  3. Same here. Screen looked just like above and I thought I had accidentally hit something. As a matter of fact, the ad just popped up again as I am typing this . Maybe I should buy an Audi……..
  4. Totally agree with you. Love the rain racing.
  5. You know what they say, rain is the great equalizer. Awesome to see Russell on the front row in the Williams, hopefully he can put together a great race tomorrow and capitalize from his starting position.
  6. Another moment of buying something that I don’t really need. Ordered a dozen of the Callaway Chrome Softs for Steph & Ayesha Curry’s Eat, Learn, Play, Foundation. Four of them will go on the wall for my collection.
  7. Needed to close a yardage gap between my 44* PW and my MD4 51* GW and ended up buying the 49* GW that was originally part of the 921HM iron set that I bought back in April from the local golf store. Put it into play this morning and everything already seems to be a touch better.
  8. I started experimenting with the ProV1x late last season and really enjoyed how I was playing with it to the point that I bought four dozen for this season. Unfortunately, it has not been performing as well for me as it did last season and I have been working the ProV1 back in every once in a while. I am intrigued by the AVX and have considered picking up a sleeve to try it out.
  9. Absolutely unbelievable to see someone just walk up all nonchalant and pull a club from a Tour Pro’s bag. I would love to know what Rory & Rahm were thinking while it was all going on. Truth be told, it was also pleasant to see how calmly it was handled by everyone involved.
  10. I have begun to consider changing up my wedges due to a gapping issue that has been creeping into play a lot lately. Currently my wedges are 51, 55, 60 and my PW is a 44. That 44 - 51 gap seems to come into play more often which gets me into swinging the 44 soft which never seems to work out or really going after it with the 51 which sends the ball off course more often than not. Haven’t tried anything yet but I’d like to try out a 50 for the sake of curiosity.
  11. I always have thoughts of fairway woods but my 3 wood is actually really good for me so I have a hard time actually replacing it. I went to my local shop a couple of months back with the plan to get into a new 3 wood and ended up with a new driver.
  12. Wife has informed me that she acquired a couple of tickets to the John Deere Classic for the weekend so I’ll be attending my first professional tournament this weekend. Only a couple hours from home so it seems like a no brainer.
  13. Haha. Always a benefit to having a birthday around the fourth!
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