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  1. For me it’s the number 1 par 4 playing around 400 yards from the white tees. This hole is totally in my head. Doesn’t matter if I warm up first or go straight from truck to tee, this hole drives me nuts. Pretty straight forward. No elevation. Hand full of trees on both sides. For whatever reason, I cannot get a good score on this hole which means that I have to get it out of my head quickly and move on once I walk off the green so that it doesn’t make the round drag. 95% of the time I stick my ball just behind a tree on the right side forcing me to chip or punch back to the fairway. That’s usually followed by an approach that ends up short or right of the green and then a chip on and maybe even a three putt to top it off. Very common for me to card a 6 or 7 here.
  2. Legal here for three days. Sounds like a war zone at the moment.
  3. I feel your pain. Three Yorkies here. One is terrified, one is slightly agitated, and the third couldn’t care less.
  4. I bought one based on what the reviewers had posted so far and absolutely love this bag.
  5. That’s how it works. As soon as a club knows it’s done, it fights to stay in the bag.
  6. My shot of the day wasn’t anything TOO exciting but it was memorable for me. 130 yds out, 7-8’ uphill to the pin, and I hit a nice, straight 9 iron shot. Landed a couple feet from the cup and rolled away to about 12’. Two putted for par. The memorable part? There was a gentleman standing to the left if the green that watched it all happen and complimented me on my approach shot as I walked up. It happened to be the club pro so the compliment felt like it had some extra substance to it.
  7. Today was 14 pretty good holes followed by me exploding on 15-18 and tanking the round. I’m still walking away from the course happy today, 14 holes is making good progress for me. Got held up at the turn by a threesome that snuck onto the back without waiting for me to go (I was finishing the 9th as they teed off) which caused a huge delay for me but they let me through on 11. I wish I would have had some stopping power in my approach on 13 too. Ball just rolled right by the hole.
  8. Thank you everyone!! Much appreciated! Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy this forum? Put it 9 holes this morning so the day was definitely off to a good start.
  9. Bogies are my goal!!! I’d be super stoked to have nothing higher than a bogey sometime. Seriously though, as much as I love getting pars and the rare birdie (gets me all sorts of worked up ), my game is happy with bogies for the time being.
  10. That’s good. Using the app for notifications sounds like a plan.
  11. It looks like you could turn notifications on to send you an email for updates. I’ve never used that feature so I’m not sure how that would work out for you.
  12. I agree with @Lacassem on this. Mobile site is easy to use and I also just leave it open on my phone. I like the layout better than the app as well, just like being at home on the computer.
  13. I’ve been in your shoes with dogs like that. Never easy, my sympathy goes out to you. Great job in the PB!!! Crazy how NOT thinking about golf helps to shoot a better score. Golf is hard but I love it. Love the compassion and camaraderie that this forum has too. Definitely one of the best forums, regardless of subject matter, that I have ever been a member of.
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