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  1. After my not-so-confident range time this morning, I decided to spend about an hour or so in the garage working on getting things back together. It’s pretty crazy how slowing things down and thinking them through can correct the problems so easily. Ball contact was much better and my swing felt much closer to “normal” for me.
  2. So I haven’t swung a club in six weeks due to life being in the way so I finally made time to get to the range at a minimum today. Wow. That was an odd range session. I usually play a fade with the occasional slice and today everything was a draw or was getting topped. Not a terrible draw, everything would have been playable but the topped shots were certainly frustrating. Not sure what I was even doing wrong so I’ll need to hit some balls in the garage later on and try to determine what is going on.
  3. I didn’t really NEED balls just yet but, I just had to have some of the mustache pix so I ordered them. Interesting bit though. Package arrived with the mustache version right away but the pix version was not in the box. Emailed TM and they were quick to respond and quick to get the pix shipped out. It was my first order from TM and I am pleased with their service.
  4. I was an Android user for a long time before giving the iphone a shot. I love it. It works for me but I don’t think that either system is “superior” to the other.
  5. I agree with that 100%. I feel that great customer service is so rare that it almost catches me off guard when it does happen. Best way to lure me back as a return customer is great service.
  6. That is awesome that both companies took care of you so well. Great customer service can do wonders for a company.
  7. I still need to get mine cleaned up too, thanks for the reminder. Bummer on the window but nice work prior to that! Focus on the good, block out the bad.
  8. That 54 hole challenge sounds brutal!! Even 18 wears me out pushing in the heat as of late.
  9. Shot another 99 today so that’s two out of the last three rounds under 100. Driver and mid irons got me in trouble more than I would like today but I am still happy to be making progress on the season. Short irons and wedges were definitely my friends today. Played at another course in town to get away from my home course and test out my course management. The biggest thing that I have changed in the last month or so is making sure that I take the smart shot when I get in trouble instead of always playing aggressive. It seemed to work out to my advantage today.
  10. That sounds like good range time with the 3 wood. Hard not to use it in place of your driver with results like that.
  11. I like that idea, may have to give it a go sometime.
  12. Nice!! Great that he has support in his new adventure! Hopefully he loves the game and plays for a long time.
  13. I know the feeling, I usually get myself in a rush too. You need to have a routine and stick to it on every shot for consistency. Playing with others allows you to relax and take your time going through your routine while they are doing their thing.
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