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  1. I apologize for possibly sidetracking this conversation but, floors me that people would walk off with someone else’s clubs at a range or drop off. I’ll walk into the pro shop and leave my clubs outside without thinking twice about it. I absolutely hate thieves and experiencing what you have is definitely not on a list of things that I’d wish on anyone.
  2. Soooooo, normally I would wait for a new item to arrive so that I can share pictures but, I really enjoyed my new Sub70 58° wedge yesterday and ended up ordering a matching 54° last night. I expect that it should arrive here in around 10 days or so.
  3. I keep forgetting about the Audi takeover in 2026, that’s a strong possibility as well and could be a solid chance at being a number 1 driver. I would also love to see what he could do if he got back into a Red Bull. He’s become a solid driver so it could be just a 1-2 punch at every race.
  4. I have to think that he stays in a top team so Red Bull and Mercedes both make sense. Aston Martin could also show some interest if the other two don’t grab him.
  5. Let’s be honest, although very unlikely, a Sainz championship would be ideal for 2024.
  6. Great points. I think I read $300 million next year with endorsements as well? Definitely couldn’t walk away from that.
  7. I am not a Lewis fan but, I still think that he may have a couple more wins in him. I wonder if Mercedes heavily favors Russell this season to make it that much harder for Lewis to get one though.
  8. Totally agree. Lewis is a great driver at the end of his career. He’ll probably still be able to get podiums and even an occasional win but I feel that his championship run has come to an end. I hope that Sainz has an outstanding season in 2024 to show Ferrari that their decisions were premature.
  9. The race definitely was not a surprise but I was able to enjoy Sainz being the first Ferrari so that’s a huge plus for me.
  10. Good morning spies and a Happy Sunday to each of you! Only thing on the agenda for today is an indoor soccer tournament for my daughter so it should be a fairly chill day. Great looking cars at your link @rkj427, thanks for sharing! Have a great day spies.
  11. Pretty basic, first range session of the season for me today. Mostly going through the motions to get the rust off. I was quite pleased that as soon as I saw a shot start going to the right I was able to make the proper corrections and the next ones were pretty straight. Starting off the season on the correct foot I think.
  12. Good morning and happy Saturday spies. Today’s agenda is pretty straightforward. Currently watching Formula 1 pre race while waiting for the first F1 race if the season to get under way . My wife is making waffles and eggs for breakfast so I’m also keeping myself on standby just in case she needs any assistance. After the race I’m planning on a driving range session or at least chipping and putting at a minimum. Need to get some time in on the Sub70 58°. Have a great day spies.
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