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  1. Had a thorough hit with the 699 demos Sub 70 sent me today. I have to say I had a similar experience as @TxTwinDad+2. I placed an order for the 699s and the 739 to test the difference. I received a call directly from Jason and he was kind enough to take the time to chat with me and answer questions about what I wanted to get out of a new set of irons since I'm in the market. Great experience there. Next I received a call from one of the staff to confirm my Order details which was really a nice touch from their customer service department. I happened to get some data earlier that day testing some player distance irons and decided to cancel my 739 demo order. No problem, they were on it. Voila, my clubs arrive beautifully packed in a snazzy custom Sub 70 box. Excitement ensued. The clubs were wrong . I received a complete mish-mash of clubs ranging from a 739 Pitching Wedge, to a 699 4 iron. No big deal. Wrote a quick e-mail and got a call back within 24 hours discussing what I ordered and saying they'd make it right. Well, the good news is they did. A new box arrived in under 48h (amazing) with brand new, wrapped and custom labeled irons. They threw in a really awesome Sub 70 hat as a thank you (I'm definitely rocking the hat). This was followed up by an e-mail saying that I could take my time hitting the clubs due to the mixup and just let them know when I was returning them for the appropriate shipping label so that it wasn't a box bonaza at the post office. Customer service 10/10. Really appreciate that they took the time to make things right even if we had a rough start. Initial impressions: Clubs are beautiful. Really nice style, simple and clean. I'd rock these in my bag any day and twice on Sunday if they were in black. If I bought a set, I would spring for the pros just because they look so good at address. How did they hit? Not bad. I really can't complain about the 699 clubs they sent. I was not a fan of the 739. Unfortunately I could not pull any data from the launch monitor today since there was way too much interference at the range with people walking around and crowded bays. The 739 pitching wedge had less distance than I'm used to and very little feel off the face of the club. My typical P goes 130-150y depending on whether I take a shoulder-swing or a full swing. I love hitting wedges but with the 739 the best shot I hit, perfectly square in the sweet spot went for about 135y. I found that I did not have a feel for the club through impact and where/how it would land. The perks of the club are that it's hard to chunk it due to the larger sole, and that the dispersion was pretty tight. If I played this on a course I'd be finding the green pretty consistently. The 699s on the other hand had a nice feel and decent ball speed off the face of the club. Launch was in a similar trajectory as my AP1 irons with a bit less distance. Feedback on the club was much better than I expected and I knew when I hit off center loud and clear. Forgiveness was there though even on intentional heel/toe shots. That's not to say the clubs aren't duck-hook proof. Swing poorly and you'll find some scary ball flight. Overall I liked the shorter clubs they sent but could not find a rhythm or consistent ball flight with the 5 and 6 irons. I didn't have the same feel and feedback that I had with the higher number clubs but that could be attributable to the 130g shaft I'm not used to playing. Based off this first hit, the irons definitely could be a fit for someone, but were not for me. I can't hit woods off the deck to save my life so I'm very much reliant on my long irons to get in scoring position. Without confidence in those mid to long irons my game will tank. I may give the longer irons another smack and report back, but otherwise it was overall a really fun demo and a huge thank you to Sub 70 for stellar customer service.
  2. 1. Anthony-- Jericho, New York 2. 18 handicap 3. Taylormade P790 w/ DG x100
  3. Hi all. I have a like new Voice Caddie SC300 launch monitor that has been used 3 times for sale in the original box with all the trimmings. Asking $450 o/b/o shipped.
  4. I’ve had success with the neon green balls lately. I played a box of the Callaway softs which worked nicely. Giving the OnCore Elixir in lime green a shot next followed by the Cut DC yellow. I got my girlfriend a couple sleeves of the Cut matte pink and we had a lot of trouble tracking them as they came down to the fairway— didn’t have the same issue with Callaway pinks.
  5. Nice Review BB I have pretty large hands and can palm a basketball-- around 7 3/4" from the bottom crease to the tip of my finger. I used to play the Callaways and still have 1-2 old ones lying around in my bag in M/L. The Callways were a really tight fit and needed a break-in period before I was able to play with them. They do benefit from a little flex. I bought the KS in L and they fit snug, but ready to play. I tend to prefer gloves a bit tighter than most. Hope it helps. @fixyurdivot The looks change real quick when I can smash a Pinnacle Gold 280y clean :D. Totally know what you mean though especially when playing private clubs.
  6. We'd give it a shot if we can get our hands on one.
  7. I'll definitely reach out and give them a whirl! Thanks!
  8. We’re doing a bit of testing now on the fun/colored balls and the missus is a big fan of the Callaway Super Soft in pink— to the point that she swaps in a white proV1 any time she’s playing near water . I have to admit, they’re pretty easy to spot in the thicker stuff unless there are leaves around— then it’s a nightmare. I’ve played the green version and red version of the Callaway as well and it took a minute to get used to. The matte finish threw me off at first but it was a pretty quick adjustment. The green pops a lot especially against thicker grass and was by far my favorite. The red simply doesn’t agree with my eyes and is not for me even though a friend of ours plays with them religiously. Surprisingly the colors hold up pretty well round after round and shine right back up after a quick toweling. Well...as much as a matte ball can shine.
  9. It’s not just your eyes— there’s a great comparison that one of the review sites did with 4-5 balls at different distances and they found that the red/orange are among the hardest to spot. Blue is near impossible to track for me when it goes up against the sky.
  10. BOOM! Bombtech's slogan of choice. Sully, their owner and originator set on a journey to produce a driver that not only outperforms the market share of big-brand drivers, but also does so at half the cost. The products they produce are in bold colors and seek to make a statement when you pull them out of their respective covers and tee up. Do they stack up? Keep reading for our first-impressions of the Grenade 3.0. After a little more testing we'll follow-up with some data and final thoughts. **Edited** We finally were able to get some data on the driver and update! Thanks for the wait. Photos and video to come! Who tested the club? For this series we had three testers take a rip at the Grenade 3.0: (1) The Four Putt Prince; (2) Fairway Queen; and, (3) KrolMaks. The Four Putt Prince-- the author and yours truly--is an 18 handicap male that recently picked up golf with an athletic build, high swing speed, and stone-hands around the green. Best known for "accidentally" bombing Par 4s for 300+ over the green, artfully chipping back on, only to end up putting for bogeys. Known weaknesses are unnecessary body movement when trying to do too much, trying to track the ball early, and the occasional wicked slice. The Fairway Queen is exactly that-- a Fairway Queen. She's an athletic 12 handicap female who specializes in finding good terrain regardless of the par, hole, or conditions. The Fairway queen is the type to drive a bunker only to have the ball skip out over the lip, launch skyward and roll for another 20 yards. Her drives are picturesque only punctuated by the smirk and smile when she smokes you from the Men's tees. Her other strengths are chipping for clean putts. Known weaknesses include "rescue" anything clubs and hitting woods off the deck. KrolMaks is the self-proclaimed King of the Course, showing up in the exact same outfit whether its 55 degrees outside or 105 degrees-- LONG pants, starched collar polos, and a cap to doff when he sinks putts with flair. KM is a tall, lanky player whose strengths include extreme focus in sticky situations and sharp reads on greens. Known weaknesses are consistency and tempo of his strokes. KM runs about a 30 handicap with strokes of brilliance followed by shots that make you scratch your head. The unit we tested was a standard weight and length Grenade 3.0 in their "Stiff" Flex shaft. The specs below are taken directly from their site. Our model was a 9*. BombTech 3.0 Driver Club Head Specs Face Material: Titanium Head Weight: 200 grams Face Angle: 1* closed Hosel Depth: 38mm Hosel Diameter: 0.335 inches Size: 450cc Lie: 59* Dexterity: Right Handed BombTech 3.0 Shaft Specs Torque: 3.8 Launch: Mid-High Kick: Mid Weight: Regular 54 G, Stiff 56 Driver Length: 45.75 inches Optics I'll admit, the Grenade 3.0 is not a club for everyone. I personally happen to love neon/lime green and black in just about every combination so the Grenade 3.0 popped to my eyes and brought a smile to my face. Having said that, the club is downright garish to others. On public courses, we had several people come up to us(within 6 feet!) to ask questions after hearing the club-holder tee off (more on this later ). At private clubs, we may have... possibly... potentially... maybe offended the sensibilities of some of the more traditional patrons. (Oops!) One thing you'll notice right away is that the Grenade is a statement-driver. The reflective black bottom is highlighted with points of Green where the weights sit and BOMBTECH GOLF boldly written across the bottom. You'll also find markings that reflect the degrees of the club, and head-size. The crown/top of the driver is a bit less pronounced with a nice soft matte and an alignment "Bombtech" script giving you an indication of the sweet spot. The shaft is neon green and marked with "Bombtech" and "stiff". I'd buy a neon green driver any day of the week, and twice on Sunday if it performs to my standards. My playing companions weren't so keen. Sound and Feel This is likely one of the most commonly griped about sections that lovers and critics of Bombtech debate. The feel and look of the driver at address is clean, and simple. However, it does not share the aggressive styling and feel of other name-brand drivers-- you get what you pay for. The grip itself is a standard/ basic grip that is replicated on all of their clubs, whether they are a driver or a wedge. Fairway Queen and I had no issues with the grip on the club, but KM was not a fan and found that the surface actually discolored/ rubbed off on his hitting glove. Typically I prefer more robust grips (I can palm a basketball) and I found that the grip was less comfortable and did not inspire confidence when attempting to relax and loosen up for a smooth down-swing. Players with large hands or looser grips may find that the club can torque in the hands at unexpected times depending on where the shaft is kicking in the downswing; unfortunately, this can promote mishits. Swinging the club around and through practice swings felt ok, but a bit unpredictable. Many reviews and users have found that the "Stiff" shaft is quite flexy and have had trouble finding the sweet spot in their swing. All three of our playtesters agreed that it was difficult to "feel" where the head was in their swing and to adjust their swing to accommodate for the shaft. All three also found that the driver felt a touch lighter than what they were used to. Personally, I struggled finding a good tempo and swing-speed for this driver but I'm also used to playing with a 76g X-stiff shaft. Holy cow this driver is loud and piercing. You. Will. Draw. Stares. There's no two ways about it and no way to mask the report off the titanium face. One common reaction is the assumption you automatically smashed a drive, and questions of "how far is that?" The other most common reaction is for people to ask if you either broke your driver, or the ball when hitting it. I'll admit, it's amusing the first few times but quickly gets old. Two thumbs down here across the board from our testers. Performance **UPDATED** While Bombtech presents a really nice package and works hard on their advertising, we did not find that the Bombtech Grenade 3.0 outperformed whatever we had in our bag at the time of testing. While I'm sure there's a market of people who enjoy the Grenade 3.0, it didn't work well for me and the numbers proved it. The absolute best shot I was able to hit with the Grenade produced the following results with a Titleist Pro V1: Carry-- 267.4yds Swing Speed-- 104.2mph Ball Speed-- 155.3mph Launch Angle-- 12.7 Smash Factor-- 1.49 Apex-- 101.8ft Spin-- 3170rpm The AVG on-course data I was able to collect with the Grenade was as follows with (5) Bridgestone 330 RX balls: Carry-- 249.1yds Swing Speed-- 107.6mph Ball Speed-- 149.2mph Launch Angle-- 12.0 Smash Factor-- 1.39 Apex-- 91.2ft Spin-- 3522rpm The AVG data from my usual driver taken from a recent practice set (and range balls) removing the highest and lowest statistical outliers is as follows: Carry-- 261.3yds Swing Speed-- 110.7mph Ball Speed-- 155.2mph Launch Angle-- 10.4 Smash Factor-- 1.40 Apex-- 86.9ft Spin-- 3485rpm I struggled mightily with the feel of the shaft and the club-head as I swung. As mentioned above I had to drop my swing-speed to get any sort of consistency with this driver and even then I was snapping off shots far left of center and slicing balls right with the same discomfort. Hitting the fairway was do-able but less than confidence inspiring. Case and point, we've been doing a series of tests on putting aids and ball-markers lately which includes a fair-share of wiping sharpie off club heads-- one of the shots I hit dead center in the hot-zone of the club produced a 250-something carry. I assumed I mis-hit the ball until I went to put the driver head-cover on and noticed the sharpie stripe smack in the middle of the club. On that particular shot I had no feedback of where impact was, or that it was well struck other than I hit the fairway. It was an unsettling feeling. On the other hand, I attempted to toe and heel a series of balls and could quite literally feel the club torque in my hands on some impacts. Forgiveness even in these situations was surprisingly good. One area where I wasn't particularly confident with the readings we received was in the apex flight. While I personally hit to the clouds, I don't think this was accurately reflected in our data. The Grenade Driver felt like it launched excessively high even by my standards, to the point where my playing partners and I struggled to track balls initially off the tee. The driver we received was a 9.5* but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a 10.5* or greater. While I may wow my playing companions with a prodigious slice every now and again, my feeling of inconsistency was mirrored by my testing companions. Shockingly, Fairway Queen failed to find the fairway with this club producing a series of slices that are completely uncharacteristic for her game. KM similarly struggled to find a rhythm, but was able to produce more consistent shots. Did we mention it's loud and obnoxious? Although it really doesn't affect performance of the driver in any way, we noticed that all of the bombtech clubs get phenomenally dirty in no time at all. One session at the range with about 50 balls had me searching for water and my scrub-brush. 18 holes had me wishing I brought some soap with me. I've played with the wedge set only one time on-course to date and the 60 degree legitimately looks like I played in mud. Yet, my other 60*, which I played side-by side for comparison, looks regular and in need of a wipe-down if I'm being generous. **Good News!** It scrubs clean very easily. Value **UPDATED** I struggled quite a bit with this portion of the review. I see the potential for this club in someone's bag, but it's not for me or the crew-- take it with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, Bombtech produced a relatively modern driver that can be found paired with a matched 3-wood and the right promo-code for under $300. From a value standpoint that's incredible. If you evaluate the driver from a... say...$200 standpoint, I'm impressed with what Bombtech has put together. When you back it with what has been (in my experience) great customer support and responsiveness, it's a steal for a weekend golfer who is happy to get out and play the game. Having said that, anyone who is picky about their equipment will struggle with these clubs and will likely end up buying a big-name replacement. For someone with a lower swing-speed the Grenade may be a fairway-blaster. but we felt that at anything 100+ mph, without pro-level understanding of what the club is doing, it's somewhat unpredictable. Conclusion **UPDATED** While the Grenade 3.0 doesn't quite make it into my bag, I don't rightly understand the shade that the club has received from the review community provided you evaluate it objectively. Taken SUBJECTIVELY, the club does not meet the marketing claims that Bombtech boasts. I've heard some back and forth about other claims and manufacturing along the way but have not considered them for the purpose of this review. Objectively speaking you're getting a $200 driver that looks good, sounds terrible, has a solid support team, and is capable of putting up some decent numbers in the right hands. The team and I struggled quite a bit with this driver (yes, there was a 230yd shot, total distance, that looked like a bomb ) but to say that the testing results we received were a complete wash would be a misnomer. We struggled with the shaft on this driver, but it does show some promise from a numbers standpoint. With a swing speed of 104mph and a launch angle of 12.7*, I was able to produce a 267.4y carry which was likely in the 280+ roll range. Smash factor was near 1.5 on that shot. I'll take 280 on a fairway any day. But, the club has to be right for you, no the other way around. With BT, you're going to have to take a chance and bank on the refund program before you can say whether it will work for you or not. Personally I'd consider giving the Grenade 3.0 a shot if I could find more consistency in the stroke and the shaft but until then, I'll keep my Adams! NOTE: I paid for this demo out of pocket to review. I also ran into an issue with the 3-wood that came with the driver where the shaft broke-- I contacted BT and within a day they offered to have a replacement shipped free of charge, no questions asked. Similarly, they have answered all of my questions and inquiries within a day of sending them. It's a good feeling to know that there's a person at the other end of the line. Next Up: Mavrik magic!!
  11. Hi All, AcesAndHoles here for the first of many reviews on MGS! We're a group of friends and players in New York that are doing reviews and play-testing of golf (and tennis) gear by average players that don't have the benefits or tools the pros have. We have male and female players trying stuff out ranging from 3-30 handicap to see what works, what doesn't, and what just downright looks great in our bags. Enjoy! P.S. Apologies that we don't have any pics or vid on this one! --- 2019 Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 The first thought I had when picking up the Stroke Lab Seven (“Stroke 7”) was, “holy cow, this thing is sleek”. When I look at the base profile I’m staring at two turbine engines powering my putter to birdie freedom. There’s a classic feel to this putter with the silver and black contrast at address despite the two fins hanging off the back and you will have people come up and ask what you’re playing with as you warm up on the putting green. The review model we had in hands was 35” at 366.3g total weight. For $50 you can get the Stroke Lab weight kit direct from Odyssey to customize the weight and feel of the putter with 15g, 10g and 20g options. Play around with it a bit and you can change the balance—or you can just order from a massive myriad of options, hosel, head shapes, and configurations offered. What’s New? Stroke 7 advertises a Stroke Lab shaft that’s 40g lighter than the typical shafts available with a 2 piece graphite and steel construction. If you’re used to the typical steel shafts, your eyes will be the biggest bias in perceived feedback at address. Feel wise, our crew found the differences are negligible in terms of feedback and vibration and you soon won’t even think about the graphite component of the shaft. Counterbalancing is nothing new in golf and Odyssey accounts for the 40g reduction by adding 10g to the back of the head of the putter and 30g to the end of the grip to smooth out your swing. If you like lithe putters in your hands, this may not be the roll for you. In this rendition you will find the crossover of Microhinges and White Hot technology. The latest face involves a slight tweak in the material composition designed to get the ball rolling towards the hole in a smooth manner without the hiccups or skips that some other putters catch. If you’ve played with an EXO lately, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Face Feel Anyone that has played with a White Hot insert before will recognize the genetics of the muted face at impact. Nothing particularly revolutionary here except a fresh face. Stroke 7 still has more of a “thud” than a “click” from an auditory perspective but produces consistent roll stroke after stroke. However, anyone that is familiar with the mallet style Odysseys will also recognize that there is no discerning audible feedback on strike quality and twist if you happen to pick your head up and don’t spot the issue first-hand. You’ll feel it in the hands, but you’ll have to really pay attention. Stroke/Swing The focus on this rendition of the putter is in stabilizing stroke and back-swing through innovation in the shaft and careful counterbalancing in the grip. As someone that struggles with keeping a smooth pendulum swing and tempo, I was personally intrigued. At 6’3” I prefer keeping my hands to the butt of the putter instead of hunching over but I found the biggest benefit/ assistance from the tech by choking up a bit on the grip. Players with some play in their wrists will benefit from the extra counterbalancing. Overall, I found the shift from backswing to forward motion to be a touch smoother and more comfortable which allowed me to better gauge tempo and retain distance control. Conclusion Odyssey produces quality products year after year—that’s no surprise. They cater to a massive market of players with tried and true success that’s reflected in championships and sales alone. If you’re happy with your current setup and achieve consistent results then this update may be a pass for you. However, if you’re looking for the latest shift in tech to smooth out an errant putter stroke and to give you the best shot at consistent rolls then the Stroke Lab line may be for you. Across the board, all of our testers noticed a subtle change in tempo and timing with this putter. We even pulled one of our blade testers over to the dark-side. TLDR: New innovation with the Stroke Lab two-material shaft helps smooth out tempo and consistency of stroke in this latest edition of putter. Pros: - Sleek looks without being obnoxious for a mallet - Tempo control. - Even swing. - Customization with many options and styles to choose from. Cons: - Too many options to choose from—I wish we could test them all - Lack of auditory feedback for where you strike the face - Aside from the shaft innovation it’s similar to previous renditions. - Players who prefer maneuverable/light putters will not appreciate the counterbalancing.
  12. I recently received the Grenade 3.0 driver and 3-wood to playtest and purchased the black wedge set (yep, Insta got to me) . Hoping to get out this weekend and get some concrete data on all the clubs with video for a stand-alone post in the unofficial review thread. Jury's still out on the Grenade 3.0 driver but I can say this, BT has been super responsive and helpful with the customer support. Shortly after I put in my order for the wedges a different promo code came out than the one I had. I shot off an e-mail and got a response in under 12h crediting me the balance. I had a separate issue with the 3-wood where the shaft made a horrible splintering/cracking sound on the downswing of a big cut. There's no visible damage on the shaft but I wasn't comfortable playing with it anymore. I sent them an e-mail yesterday about it and they addressed the issue immediately and offered to replace it no questions asked. Time and some more play will determine if the're any good. I can say this without spoiling anything though--the driver is stupidly loud! I had an older man move a couple bays away at the range!
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