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  1. There are times when I find a wildly open fairway and will straight up call a scrap ball just to see what I can do with it with a full swing.
  2. Its insanely gratifying to smoke balls at full speed. It's absolutely not practical. Sadly it can be more than 2 strokes
  3. First Name/City State: Anthony, Jericho, NY Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net: Yes, both nets and screens. Do you use any sort of LM with one: Yes, I've used a Skytrak and Swing Caddy with the net. I want to get a rhapsodo!
  4. They weren't bad. Jason is a really great guy and will take the time to work with you, talk with you, and get you a tailored set of irons. Having said that, I felt like something was missing. For lack of better words, they felt like a simple version of the rest of the irons I've played. After playing the D7, 921, and Apex they simply felt "less" but that could also be the fact that the others are "forged".
  5. While they lean towards the GI/ Player's Distance category these were my findings in order of preference: Wilson D7 Forged; Mizuno 921 Forged; Apex 2019; Mavrik Pro; Titleist T200; Taylormade p790; Titleist T100; Mavrik; Sub 70 699;Taylormade T7MC I fully acknowledge that I'm not consistent enough to be playing proper player's irons but ended up with the D7 Forged which gave me a little bit of everything. Having said that, I would have been happy with any of the purchases through the T200s.
  6. Logically it's the next step but it's somehwere being built with no ETA of arrival. And definitely, I'll have to sneak some decent balls in to get better numbers but the ones above are a start. For reference I was hitting the 52* BombTech about 110-115yd on-course but it left something to be desired even on the best of contact. My old G was 48* in my AP1 712 set and sniping 110yds but my swing has definitely changed and distance has improved. I'm guessing the D7F Gap (read, hoping) is going to slot into the 120yd range.
  7. I know the feeling. I get sucked into video after video that I can't possibly relate to and then realize it's 3h later, I learned so much about people so far-fetched from my ability, and haven't gotten any work done. And then, of course, I always wonder what kind of drugs do I have to source to get to Matt's numbers...
  8. Too high is totally a thing! Played Bethpage Black for the first time this year with absurd levels of wind in soggy conditions. Contact with my irons was absolutely out of this world (shocked since I was so nervous) and it did absolutely nothing for me. The ball kept floating off in the most frustrating of patterns on what felt like pure shots forcing me to play out of craters in the rough, sand or fairway. I'm pretty sure the local wildlife was facing extinction from the meteors that were dropping off my club. Too high + too much spin is a death sentence
  9. Hi all, TLDR: I need suggestions on new S and L wedges. I've tried the CBX2, RTX ZipCore, Wilson Staff Hi-Toe, and JAWS 5 and although they're all close, I like the feel in that order after my first hits. Thanks! Story time: I'm looking for a new set of wedges to shore up my short game. I've tested a few different options so far and would welcome any suggestions/ recommendations. I presently run 4-P in the Wilson D7 Forged and recently purchased the matching G wedge to finish the set. P wedge is stock 44* G is 49*. I'm looking to buy S and L wedges. I'm comfortable hitting an
  10. Sounds like you got a skunk batch unfortunately. Never had issues with RP, they usually burn super stable. May be worth letting the company know and see if you can get a refund or at least credit towards your next purchase?
  11. My go-to and favorite lighter is a Bugatti double flame. It has a flip-out punch on the bottom that's still sharp after 6 years and it's housed in a zippo case. It's a bit of a conversation starter at events when you pass it around. I have triple and single flame torches as well but this bad-boy gets the job done nicely without overcooking your cigar. It's also super easy to refill. Liga Privada #9
  12. While I'd love to see someone smoke a pipe on the course I think it would be too much of a hassle to keep the burn even, avoid excess moisture on a wetter day, and, God forbid, an accidental dump/ bump in a cart. Imagine having to re-pack it every couple holes? Oof. I refuse to smoke nicer cigars on course for the same reason. Relighting a good stogie is a travesty!
  13. Did you end up going with the Callaway Mavrik Max 6-GW (Mizuno HMB's when I'm feeling sporty)?
  14. The first question really is, what is "high"? Generally speaking it's all relative and doesn't have to be to tour spec so long as you're putting the ball where you need it consistently. I have a similar problem where I sky just about everything I hit including my driver. It's great when you need to clear obstacles, but a nightmare if there's serious wind. To give you an idea of what I mean I'm looking at 38yds avg height off my 7i where the tour avg is 32yds. Distance is still acceptable for me so I haven't gone crazy changing my setup and will be working on my swing in the off-season. If you
  15. Do you have the link by any chance? Would love to watch that.
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