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  1. My wife bought me a shot scope V3 for Christmas. I'm pretty excited to get out on the course and use it. I think for my needs it will be much better than when I have used Arccos in the past
  2. I just did my speed check in after 8 SuperSpeed sessions and my Driver Club head speed is now up to 119mph. Pretty happy with that considering its usually been below 40 degrees when I have done speed training or when I tested today.
  3. Played my last competitive round of the year on Monday and we started on #10. Been struggling all year to keep the driver in play consistently and it showed up again today with 3 lost balls off the tee. Being at a facility where I can't hit driver on the range has definitely casues my driver play to take a hit. The good news is the rest of my game is decently sharp and I was able to snag the 2nd most birdies in round this year to only finish +1. If I can clean that up this offseason I should hopefully be in for a good 2023 season.
  4. Appreciate it. Looks like my current baseline is 115mph on a PRGR. Really hoping to reach 190mph ball speed going into next season. I have some ideas of how to get there but I will be going through an assessment on the 28th that will better help me craft my offseason speed plan.
  5. I know I’m a day late but any chance I can get in on this? I will be getting my baseline today.
  6. Absolutely. Kyle Berkshire just showed why its his event to lose. That was a hell of a set
  7. Too be fair to Bryson and all the competitors prior. They are saying that the conditions are much more advantageous to big drives right now compared to earlier
  8. Swings looking good. Is that style of swing facilitating any equipment changes or future changes?
  9. If I was going to make 1 suggestion it would be to focus your putting practice around putts ~8 feet and in & ~25 feet and longer. The idea is that your working on improving your pace control with the 25+ footers and improving your face control with the 8 feet and closer putts
  10. I have not made it over to Oregon Golf Club to watch. Was planning on trying to go watch before it was moves from Columbia Edgewater. Oregon Golf Club is the worst course ever to walk though. Chambers Bay and other "hilly" courses are flat by comparison
  11. I own 2 pairs of white pants and a pair of white shorts. When it gets up around 100 degrees, white can become a necessity
  12. National Customs is made up of a lot of the same guys as Scratch. Different organization and business plan. Still making great handmade clubheads
  13. Played Stone Creek in Oregon City yesterday and had one of my best starts ever. After making birdie on 13 I went to -7 thru 13. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it off and picked up a couple of bogies coming home and finished at -4 (68)
  14. Gloves were worse than balls at the high point during COVID but neither was truly truly difficult to get a hold of unless you wanted yellow AVX. Those were very difficult to get ahold of for awhile. Clubs have periodically been difficult but that is primarily due to Golf Prides on going grip shortage (Supposedly they lost a shipping container or 2 full of grips in the middle of COVID). Other back orders have been for typical reasons you would see in any given year in the past. In general other than the very start of COVID when everything got hard shut down in Asia, getting ahold of product has been mostly a none issue (grips excluded). There will always be grumpy people. But most have adapted to make sure they can play. Most just make times a little farther out in advance so they can get as close to their preferred time as possible. Some have decided to play other public courses that just aren't as busy on specific days or all together. Some have decided to join a private or semi private clubs. Some have had to shift their typical play times to other less competitive times. Each course is a little different and has seen growth in different parts of the tee sheet. At the public resort I previously worked at, Noon and later became even more popular than it already was so more players started booking the max days in advance while others decided to make time or upgrade their pass to play a little earlier where it was less busy. At my new club its the opposite. Mornings are hyper competitive so more players have started playing in the afternoons. Both regions have very different golf climates too. Central Oregon has roughly 140,000 residents with 25+ courses (more rumored to come in the future too). The PDX and the surrounding area has a similar number of courses but a population of nearly 1 million. Courses in both regions are relatively equally busy. You may not get your 1st choice of tee time but there is a usually a spot to play at every course. You just may need to be more flexible to play a certain course depending on when you are trying to play and how soon you are trying to book.
  15. I'm an assistant golf professional
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