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  1. Maybe somebody answered this already but does this just measure Weight Shift or does it also have some way of measuring vertical force/pressure?
  2. Yes. I would imagine that would be why I have gotten it before you guys.
  3. I might be a PGA Associate working at a facility that is almost exclusively a Titleist Shop
  4. Really looking forward to hearing what everyone’s feedback on the TSi line. With that said I was very fortunate to get an opportunity 2 weeks ago to get fit for a driver and 3 wood, both of which just showed up in the mail today! While I'm not an official tester I definitely excited to contribute in an unofficial manner
  5. Got fit for both on October 13th and the Driver and 3 wood just arrived today. Look great and performance in the fitting was definitely intriguing. As CG2 said, I would keep locked in to the OFFICIAL TEST THREAD to get everyone's feedback on both models from start to finish.
  6. Welcome to MGS! Always glad to see more members from Central Oregon! Also Broken Top is absolutely one of my favorite courses over here. Definitely helps that I got married there and my low 9 hole round is on the front 9
  7. This is definitely something I am going to be strongly looking into before I get my next set of irons. Obviously testing is paramount but it definitely sounds like the Steelfibers would fit what I'm looking for better
  8. This whole thread has renewed my interest in going a step further and acquiring some playable hickory clubs Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Yea it’s because my handicap is +2 and I have to add strokes for net competitions. In the equation it’s actually -2/2
  10. Ended up firing 35 (-1) on the front today from the back tees. Course Rating = 71.8 Slope = 132 Handicap = +2 35-((132/113)x(-2/2))+(72-71.8) = 36.37 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. This is way too good to not get in!! So I just finished putting together my bag (minus a sand wedge which I can hopefully pick up soon) and I will be playing my first round tomorrow. And yes I will be gaming a 1 iron for this!
  12. I’m also always available if u ever need man.
  13. Will require more testing but it will be given a shot. The TR20 will still be hard to beat
  14. Whoever is part of the selection, you are in for a good one. Just as a little teaser, I was fit for a TSi Driver and Fairway today and saw a 2mph gain in ball speed on the final build over TS3. Oh and that as at the end of the session when my club head speed dipped 2mph.
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