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  1. Finally able to get in contact with Evnroll and a new shaft should be on the way! They were also able to confirm over the phone that they indeed use a specially designed single bend shaft made by KBS and that it is different from the single bend KBS sells themselves.
  2. So I have tried replacing with that same shaft. Lie and Loft weren't an issue but Offset and Toe hang were. I would either get 2+ shafts of offset instead of the normal 1/2 shaft if I got it to have the correct toe hang. To get the correct offset the tip needed trimmed but then the putter went from 21* toe hang to 60+* toe hang
  3. I am in a bit of a pickle. I tried to replace my beat up shaft in my Evnroll ER2 but have come to find out that Evnroll does not use a regular single bend shaft. So right now I am stuck with a putter head with a shaft. Does anyone by chance have a shaft from an Evnroll ER2 that they could part with???
  4. Depending on the date I could be down for this
  5. I really wish the Olympics had a team format as well. Every other individual sport gets a team event besides golf. Personally I would love to see something like a 2 man Scramble. How cool would it be to see a bunch of teams chasing 59 or lower. Plus team formats seem to be far more crowd friendly if the Ryder and Presidents Cup provide any indication
  6. Yea it has been a little bit. Working on getting active again. I am at a Private course in the Portland/Vancouver area now but things have been great. There is tons of get golf in the PNW and I’m glad to help out where I can!
  7. As someone who spent a good amount of time in Central Oregon I can confirm that Meadow Lakes in great. Probably in my personal top 5 for most fun courses to play over their
  8. Just ordered a Taylormade Hi-Toe Raw 60* wedge with a KBS Tour X shaft. Desperately need some new wedges so hopefully it somehow gets here by mid May
  9. Scorecard is doubtful but hopefully on the website sometime soon
  10. Played Widgi Creek in Bend yesterday from the tips. My play was a bit sloppy and disappointing but I was able to scrap together a 73 (+1). Highlight of the round definitely was blasting 2 good shots (including one of the longest 2 irons I have ever hit) on the 3rd hole and reaching the 653 yard par 5 in 2.
  11. I will be working at Orchard Hills Country Club
  12. Hey guys I'm moving again! I will be starting a new job on the 11th and will be moving to the Vancouver/Portland area. If anyone in the area is ever looking for someone to play with feel free to hit me up!
  13. My length definitely helps me get more eagle chances than most. I probably get about a dozen or so eagle putts a month on average. I have have been fortunate to have a couple rounds with multiple eagles and a couple of round with 4 eagle putts. Coolest one definitely has to be that I can say I have hit a 600 yard par 5 in 2 with a driving iron. Granted it was from 3,500+ feet of elevation but I'm taking it!
  14. It isn't even a good price value though for them. Its $397 for the driver and I have to take their crappy 3 wood too. There is no option for just the driver Tour Edge already has that value market locked up and getting a Major OEM driver that is 1 or 2 generations old will still be a better value and definitely a better performer. I understand your trying to sell Bombtech really hard for some reason but your doing it in the wrong place. Frankly you shouldn't be trying to push that snake oil at all.
  15. Not to be that guy but could I be removing from the tagging list? phone is just getting blown up constantly and half of it hasn't even been golf related stuff
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