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  1. I have done the Aimpoint Express clinic. Its life changing
  2. For awhile I was prepared to swap back and forth between a driving iron and a hybrid for tournaments based on the course and whether it was going to be used mostly from the fairway or the tee. After awhile I started finding myself just not hitting the hybrid at a tournament level so I have retired the idea for the foreseeable future.
  3. Yea they use gross and net. U can actually have ur USGA Handicap through them even instead of a course
  4. I actually was a member of NW Golf Guys until I turned pro. Really good group of guys that run it and they do a great job with all of the events. They also now have their own indoor space with 2 simulators
  5. I'm going to 2nd Mike Adams & Terry Rowles. I'm currently sitting in on their Ultimate Golf Lesson webinar and its mind blowing stuff. Monday I screened myself and started implementing a couple of changes based on their BioSwing Dynamics. So far I have had 1 range session and played 11 holes and I have yet to hit an iron or wedge shot more than 5 yards off my target line
  6. Just submitted my staff order yesterday for 6 dozen of the New 2021 ProV1 in Yellow. Just need to get ahold of some new wedges and the 2021 bag is completely set in stone
  7. Mine is supposed to show up soon and I really hope this is just an isolated issue
  8. Glad to see more options coming available for people to be able to track and access strokes gained. I have tried Arccos (Never had a chance to try Shot Scope) but I found distance locations to just not be accurate enough. Now I just track distances and what lie I had on an extra scorecard and input them into an old spreadsheet I found and have since modded so I can track just about any variation of strokes gained I want
  9. I don’t know if i would completely agree with that. I think an argument could be made that Brooks helped make the JPX line what it has now become. Prior to him, not many people would consider JPX unless they were going game improvement. Now the JPX line seems to be showing up in more bags but at least appears to be on most golfers try/fit list before buying a new set of irons.
  10. I would also 2nd this but take it 1 step farther in an ideal world by pairing it with a chalk line or laser line.
  11. In terms of mirrors I'm a big fan of the Back 2 Basics Golf Pro Path Putting Mirror. For a putting training aide, My favorite one is the Delta Putt. It provides great immediate feedback for how well you are returning the putting face to square. It has 3 levels of difficulty so you can see how well you are progressing. Any time my putting gets out of whack this has always gotten me dialed back in. Can't recommend it enough
  12. Right now we have been consistently in the mid 40's however we are supposed to get up to around 60 degrees on Thursday the 14th. We have been really fortunate that the only snow we have gotten this year has just been in small amounts that only close down the courses for a day or 2. Considering we have 3 of the 6-8 total courses in Central Oregon that have stayed open all winter it has definitely been helping keep our tee sheets decently healthy
  13. As previously mentioned, I would highly recommend trying anything in that players distance category. When fit properly I would think something from there should give you exactly what you are looking for
  14. Arguably the biggest reason to play blades (and why so many pros play them) is because the mass properties better encourage a more piercing ball flight. Those guys typically don't need any help getting enough launch and already spin the ball plenty. There is a reason that the "game improvement" club on tour is a compact CB or a "Tech CB" with minimal Tungsten in the heal and toe. Last thing most of those guys need is tons on mass low in the head
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