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  1. Had a chance to play one of the local country clubs yesterday and I feel like I’m really starting to get a good feel with the TR20 after making a few swing improvements. Hit 8/14 fairways with all but 1 miss being barely off the fairway. The 1 bad miss was because I misunderstood where I needed to aim and it resulted in a double bogey. Ended up finishing -4 for the day with 6 birdies. This was one of my better drives of the day
  2. Only reason she possibly has played her last competitive round (And I don't believe she has) is if she is choosing too since she now has her first child and has said she hopes to have more. Even if you are right I don't believe she will be a "cautionary tale" because she still had a highly successful career and she has also talked about how much she appreciated her parents pushing her and even was quoted saying " I owe them everything" after winning the 2014 US Open.
  3. Here is some swings from today with the TR20 on the range. 1st is a normal driver swing and the 2nd swing is a flighted driver. IMPORTANT NOTE: My driver may (and probably does) sound a little bit different than some of the other testers because I requested my driver to be build with a little bit of Hot Melt to bring the swing weight back up around D4 since the length is 1" short of standard.
  4. Yes and no. Both are good quality but Ping is purely a manufacturer of club heads. They do help design the shafts for each model but the manufacturing is handled buy a 3rd party. Honma controls the entirety of the design and manufacturing processes for both their club heads and Vizard shafts Basically Honma is both Mizuno and Mitsubishi Chemical.
  5. Only had a few range sessions and 1 round with it so far but it seems to be coming out of a similar window as my TS3. Possibly a little lower even. Distance wise it’s hard for me to compare right now. I value carry distance significantly over total because I can count on carry distance regardless of dry or wet fairway conditions. As the others have said, the Vizard shaft is definitely not a “Made For” product. I would put it right up there with some of the best quality shafts u can buy. Only difference is that it seems that Honma doesn’t sell their Vizard shafts on their own and the only way you can get ahold of one is with the purchase of a Honma club.
  6. Well for reference my build is setup to be very low spin. Head is 8.5* with the 9 gram weight forward and a 70 gram low launch extra stiff shaft tipped 1".
  7. Too early to definitively tell but it would seem that way. Hoping to get on GCQuad Wednesday or Thursday
  8. Got my first few on course shots in yesterday with the TR20 after work. If the very early returns are indicative of the consistent performance then we have a knuckleball machine on hand. By the way this was into the wind and with zero warm up [emoji102]
  9. Congratulations everyone! Especially looking forward to the thoughts from those who have almost exclusively used rangefinders for distances
  10. Incredible that u started this because I came across these on Amazon like an hour ago today. These are like $140. I really like the idea but I'm curious how the comfort level of the insoles are effected by the tech
  11. Had a disappointing showing at the Oregon Open this week. Course was playing very firm and fast but had 3 tee balls cost me 8 shots. Still hitting my gamer well but a great opportunity to find out about the possible performance gains to be had with the TR20.
  12. TS3 has been a good club for me as well. Had a couple records long drives since it was put in the bag. Excited to start giving the Honma a run and see if it has any performance benefits over the TS3. First rounds on the course should be in the next few days as I prep for my next event
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