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    91-100 mph
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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    Short Game
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  1. I don’t like the all white pants. The clean white pants are nice and all, but laundry is hard enough as it is. An never ending story! Much prefer the khaki or darker or nurtural Colar!
  2. Yankees802

    Maxfli Tour

    I play ProV1X and with Maxfli results like these I will pick up a dozen and give them a go! Awesome!
  3. I am still testing drivers in search of a New one. I loved the PXG 0811 Proto and the Ping G425 SFT. Also the Sim 2 was a good one as well. Can’t wait to try the Epic and Titleist.
  4. For me it is my Driver, 3W, Putter, wedges next. I may change my practice for sure.
  5. Todd, Henderson NV Iphone 12 Back yard range, Local Range., out doors. I will use a net at back yard range no net at local course range.
  6. Todd, Henderson, NV, I would love to test a new net! I currently have a net in my back yard that I practice swinging 3-4 times a week. I am looking to purchase a LM for my Home Range. I have hit at my local golf shop. Thank you for the opportunity.
  7. TODD Henderson, NV Ping G25 15 95-108 MPH Either one! TSi2 or TSi3.
  8. Todd Lemas, Henderson, NV 15 HDCP Cleveland 588 Rotex 60, 56, 53 I have heard a lot about RAW face and would like to put it to the test! More spin? Let’s find out. Plus they look great in any bag!
  9. Todd Lemas, Henderson, NV Cleveland 588 RTX 53, 56, 60 58
  10. Todd Lemas, 17 Arccos HDCP. 8 Iron 150-160. Adams V4 Idea Hybrids. I live in Henderson, NV Honestly have never heard of Sub 70! They look sweet! Thank you for your consideration.
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