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    The Testing Opportunity

    Who is Red Rooster?

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 8.24.24 AM.png

    Red Rooster, a favorite brand among Forum members, is back with their second member test of 2023. Earlier, our members had the privilege of testing the unreleased Red Rooster Sussex glove. Its performance was well rated so we were thrilled to get the Red Rooster Rain gloves for Forum member testing.

    Red Rooster Rain Gloves were awarded the Best Rain Glove title in 2023 in MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Testing. At that time, we said, “direct-to-consumer brand Red Rooster stormed onto the scene in our 2022 golf glove testing and the newest addition to their lineup is now the best rain glove for 2023. The Rain Rooster glove provides a great fit and supreme comfort without taking away too much club feel.”

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 8.24.16 AM.png

    What Testers Said - Fit and Feel

    Red Rooster prides itself on fit and feel. This was a key focus area for our testers. For golfers who play in rainy conditions, it is critical to have confidence in the fit and grip of the rain gloves. Any slip or bulk will have a dramatic effect on performance.

    Tester Bkervin said, “The glove is a little thicker than summer gloves but similar to leather gloves. The fit is snug, it doesn’t slip around on the hand and holds firm… It states it is synthetic but has a little bit of a leather feel to it. It is easy to take on and off with no stretching out of material.”

    Tester Clayton said, “The material is nothing like most other rain gloves I’ve had in the past. The ones I play the most have some sort of suede feel. These have a palm and top that feels like a rubberized fabric with a neoprene cuff and sticky rubber roosters. Between the fingers feels like some sort of breathable fabric… The feel is very good. I thought the inside might feel slimy when wet, but they feel awesome, even when soaked completely. The feel to the grips is also very good – I play cords and can still feel flushed vs mishits. The feel side is full points, and I took away points from the fit.”

    The first impressions of the glove were fantastic from the looks to the feel and overall fit. The only criticism was an initial tight fit. However, with the added stretch in the material, this was quickly alleviated.

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 8.23.59 AM.png

    What Testers Said - Performance:

    With good first impressions and a good fit for all the testers, it was time to see how they performed on the golf course..

    Tester D01M4: “Since wearing the Rain Rooster gloves, I've played three of my best rounds ever, including an all-time best of four under par. The grip is incredible - I didn't experience any slippages, even in wet conditions … on the course, a few folks noticed my Rain Rooster gloves and were pretty interested. These gloves offer the best grip I've experienced. I didn’t think I would get away from my Clinch gloves. They do tend to lose a rooster or two each round, but to me, that's no big deal. Even with the fading roosters, their quality and grip are great. I'm convinced that these gloves have played a role in elevating my golf game recently.”

    Bkervin really put the Red Rooster rain gloves through rigorous testing. “These gloves provided so much grip for me. I didn’t have one time that I felt like the club was rotating or slipping, like I have had with regular golf gloves. I golfed in the rain and/or the cold; I poured water on the gloves; dunked my hands into a bucket of water – but the grip remained firm, and the club did not slip in any way!”

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 8.23.44 AM.png

    The Final Verdict:

    All the testers had ample opportunity to play with these gloves to test their durability, long-term fit and performance.

    The testers graded the Red Rooster rain glove out of 100, giving them a 94, 96, 97 and 98.5. All testers intend to continue using the rain gloves and will purchase them when their current pair wears out.

    Their durability was praised and, with the exception of a few little logos dropping off, there were limited signs of accelerated wear.

    Screenshot 2023-12-18 8.23.28 AM.png

    To wrap up their reviews, our testers had this to say:

    Jerbooth: “For anyone looking for a wet season glove or a glove to wear in a rain shower on the course, these should be given serious consideration by anyone looking for a rain glove.”

    d0m41n: “The Rain Rooster gloves from Red Rooster Golf impressed right out of the gate with great looks and comfort. They are a red and black design with red roosters on the palm, offering incredible grip, flexibility, and a comfortable fit. They’ve contributed to some of my best golf rounds ever played. The gloves' standout feature is their grip in wet conditions, though the roosters on the palm do fade. Their overall performance, comfort, and value at $31 make them my top choice in any weather.”

    If you are interested in reading the full reviews and what the testers experienced, go here: Forum Member Review: Red Rooster Rain Gloves

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