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  1. I bought a set of Mizuno 223 this summer and really like them. The plastic crap started breaking out of my Psi irons (that I got because my Rocketballz Tour were cracking and had plastic breaking out of them!) Anyway, 46* PW, solid forging going to a hollow core in the longer irons. They are 1* stronger than what was standard for the last 2-3 decades, before "loft wars" happened. The Psi had a 45.5* PW, but hit the ball exceptionally high. I have two bags depending on where I'm at and the other set is i210, 1* weak - so a "standard" 47* PW. I've never seen the ball go so high and they seem to need less loft on them. Planning on taking care of that with Ping soon. Anyway, long story short, I miss having my 3 irons in the bag. I played a bunch of golf in St. Andrews this past May, three times in Spain, and once in Portugal. All of these places being right on the coast, it can be very windy. One of my favorites, Troia, was a true links course as were the ones in Scotland. I have to be able to play a windy game where 5w and 7w aren't so great. Especially since I'm going back to Scotland in April! Basically, I miss having a 3 iron in the bag, especially for tee shots in crosswinds, and am thinking to go back to more traditional lofts and gain a long iron. I'll do this by reshafting my TM 300 Forged irons and bending some of the short irons up to a degree weak, possibly 1.5*. The PW will be 49* or 49.5* - a fantastic "modern gap wedge" and then I have the slot available for the 3 iron I am missing so much. So that'll definitely be "non standard lofts" Would love to hear what others think of this idea.
  2. My swing is the best it's been in maybe 5-6 years after this season. BUT... I think I developed some rotator cuff tendonitis in the right shoulder (I play righty). Went to do an off season workout and now my right shoulder is in major pain. Not sure what to do about it but I tried ice tonight. We'll see how it feels tomorrow - my regular left shoulder is still sore from the workout so I want at least that to go away. I just want this season to go on and on and on.
  3. Good comment, thank you. Perhaps you can suggest an iron head that might be useful for shaft fitting. They always want to fit to a head/shaft combo...
  4. Hopefully the title gets people to click, as I really want a lot of opinions here. I've been playing the setup in the title since I came back to golf in 2021 after a short 3 year break while we were having a few beautiful little kids. I lost A LOT of speed and distance in that time and last winter while working at a golf sim I brought as much back as a (now) 49 year old can expect. My new distances generally are (Arccos data): 46* PW - 135 8i - 162 4i - 217+ 61* - 86 (but typically more like 75-78, not sure how Arccos calculates this one) I often play with a +3 index friend and he is absolutely dialed in with his T100S irons, 48* gap, 54*, 60*. We chat during our rounds all the time about how the new lofts are basically the old set with different numbers. I have a set of nearly new TM300 irons. They are close to the same lofts, but the PW is 48* instead of the Gap. I played at St Andrews - four rounds of links golf including the Old Course, and my home course all season as well and there's so many holes where a 3i would be perfect for me. I have had one ITB for two decades and think I want to get one again. The TM300s have Royal Precision 7.0 shafts. They are OK, but a little stiff for me. I could play them well on a good day for maybe a whole round, but if I'm playing 36 holes, no way I can swing those that many times in a day. That tells me they are too stiff for me. Given all that, I am trying to decide on a shaft for them. I have KBS Tour 130x in my i210 and they hit high, high, high. Part of it is shaft, but also that iron design is difficult to flight lower. I have KBS $-Taper X in my Mizuno Pro 223 and really like those shafts. They are really good. I have two iron sets as I live in both NA and Europe for parts of the year. I'm just wondering what you guys think and would appreciate suggestions on what to shaft these up with. Open to suggestions.
  5. Thanks guys! Had a great week of golfing while I was still 48!
  6. Did you have him open it and see what the spec sheet or shafts say?
  7. I play those in my wedges right now and often wonder just how good they would be in my irons as well.
  8. The KBS Tour 130X is always a good option - high launch I know but has that X-stiff stability and pretty dang consistent. Perfect going into winter for the PNW.
  9. This would be one sweet contest to win! I’d go with the King Forged Tec One Length 4-Pw set (not sure why the set doesn’t have the GW like the 5+ set does). Then I’d also buy a 50* gap, 56* sand, and 60* lob to complete the OL setup. I’ve been wanting to try OL for a looooong time but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise: After seeing how well my dad can play with OL, I wonder if it’ll help me gain consistency and lower my handicap. The reason I didn’t choose the X is that they are just so darn strong in loft although I’m not sure exactly how to gap the OL wedge setup either. List your first name/city state (US Only entries) Clayton Bellingham, WA What current irons you're playing Mizuno Pro 225 Handicap 14 Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them. Yes
  10. Cool - I'll check it out. I'm a 14, formerly a 7 hcp and I just shot a low 80s round on the Old Course and a high 80s round on the Jubilee (this from the tips) a couple days ago. I don't think it's so hard to do. We had 30+ MPH winds with huge gusts. I've only been to Paris in France and it was such an awesome trip. Maybe we can tee it up sometime? Want to come play in Norway?
  11. Just an FYI for any of you that would like to see what golf is like at the Old, Jubilee, and at the Torrance and Kittocks courses, I've uploaded over 300 photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10227750640622701&type=3
  12. Well, thanks for the comments guys. I got up 4am and was at the booth by about 4:45. They had 12 spots open when I checked the day before and I was number 14. A couple was in front of me and when they got up to the counter the starter said the last spot was the first tee time in 20 minutes, do they have gear? No… but I did so I got out! it was really cold, maybe 7* or mid to high 40s. My hands hurt etc, especially after waiting for hours outside. Was probably a good thing I didn’t have time to stress. Hit an ok opener and although I duffed a couple tee shots and there were 20-30mph winds, I still managed some pars and birdied 7, 15, and 16. Ended up with 82 and with my current hcp index I’m mighty happy with that result. More golf tomorrow and Thursday!!! So happy I got the OC accomplished first day.
  13. Thanks for the link. I was wondering if there was something like that, but hadn't found one yet. Cool!
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