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  1. First Name/City Clayton / Bellingham, WA What IOS Device Will You be Using: iphone Xr Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors Mostly indoors but I can do outdoors as well. Will You be Using a Net Yes or No More like a wall about 50 yards out in an indoor range. So no net, but yes it's not full ball flight.
  2. Please Provide the following information First Name/City State Jack/Bellingham, WA Shoe Size 11.5 Wide Current Shoe Worn Callaway spikeless What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection Big toe box for wide feet, but fits my ankles still. Plus I want it to look awesome too. But above all I don't want to feel the spikes on my feet, ever!
  3. Good luck to the winners. After looking at them today at the local shop, I’m about 110% sure I could not bag them. It’s just not what I’m looking for in any way (replacement for my i3-blades). What I wouldn’t give for a new set of i3 blades built exactly how I want them...
  4. I’d value this opportunity very much. Haven’t had a new set of clubs in a very long time and would absolutely love to try the Arccos tracking units! First Name/State or Country of residence: Clayton and I’ll be in the US (Washington State) until end of September (playing golf with my dad), then transitioning to Norway so they would be played in both countries. Handicap 9.0 Current irons in Play: i3 blade with Steelfiber X The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 180 Here’s me playing Pings at Öland Links last month.
  5. I would be honored to play and review these irons. First name and home state/province Clayton - Washington State Age and handicap 44 9.5 official Your current iron set/makeup 3-P TaylorMade Psi 1* weak, KBS Tour X, A-wedge 50* bent to 52*, KBS Tour X, Titleist Spin Milled S400
  6. Not sure why you want to know the dream set if the set is already picked but... Clayton in WA State - I'm not sure of my handicap right now - it hovers around a 9 typically. The 565 Irons with KBS Tour X shafts, +0.25" 3-9, all bent weak - the PW should be at least a 47* or could be an RTX-3 (see below) The RTX-3 wedges in 48*. 54*, and the 58* bent to 59*, S400 shafts, +0.25" Z765 Driver in the loft they say will work for me. I'm really liking the White Tie shaft in my current driver in X The Z F65 17* fairway bent 2* open and the 19* bent to 21* loft and 3* open. Just match my c
  7. Clayton in Washington State I walk about 40 rounds a year, only taking a drive cart if required (almost never). I have some strong opinions about push carts and would love to test one for you - my background is in design and QC so I think my experience would be valuable.
  8. 1. Your first name and home state/province Clayton from Washington State 2. Your current handicap I'm just barely a single digit right now 3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting Off the tee, I kill the 3 iron. Off the turf, I prefer to hit 4 iron or higher loft. This is what happened to my last 3 iron...
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