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  1. I played a round today, but before the round I did a lot of putting and pitches with both numbered balls. 3 sounds softer off the 2-ball putter I have with me, 4 sounds a little clicky. They both putt nice and if I just use one version or the other I'm "used to it" after a very short period of time. I found 3 to stop quicker and 4 to release a bit with a 56* wedge. In play, 3 has the same certain something that I really like about the ProV1X. All golf balls fly high for me this year and these are no exception. I did hit a pretty nice bomb 296 yards (Arccos user here) with the number 4, but it was partially aided by hitting over a fairway bunker with some downhill after it. I also hit the 3 ball uphill 284 so I think it's longer for me. On 17 I again hit the 4. It's a downhill shot that should have went a lot further than it did - seemed to balloon quite a bit and... didn't fly a pond it should have.
  2. Signed up. Would LOVE to test this personal launch monitor. I really feel that this technology will help me understand my swing... and with the coaching, BAM! I have good "fundies" but need some personal tweaking on my swing to improve my scoring potential. I'll give the Rapsoso MLM a good workout, and then some. Hope I am chosen, thanks for the opportunity MGS!
  3. I use the pure grips air installation tool. Once you clean the old tape off your clubs they take minutes to install and the best thing is if it’s a little crooked you can easily align them better with a squirt of air. You can also move a grip to another club in a pinch or test another grip without destroying them. So nice. https://www.puregrips.com/products/pure-green-attachment
  4. “Pakken din 965870565870 skal leveres av FedEx i dag. Vil du ikke ha flere SMS? Svar STOP” That says mine will arrive today! Can’t wait!
  5. It's from an older test sleeve I received maybe 5-7 years ago. It was a terribly hard budget ball from what I could tell. I filled out the survey and never got another sleeve. I just thought it looked cool since it said <--TEST--> on it.
  6. Everyone ready for a TEST!?!?!?!?!
  7. I have moved to midsize with 3 wraps to move it between mid and jumbo. I do not use a glove and only use corded grips for that reason. First - I cannot use a standard grip to save my life. My fingernails dig into my palm, etc. I would use a Cadet Large glove so pretty standard large hand but nothing crazy. I guess a regular grip is for a midsize or regular glove. I guess the not using a glove probably makes me want a larger grip. The main difference I notice is my hands hurt less during a round and I'm more consistent. It takes left out of play a bit although I can still get handsy. I would love to have a few hours on a monitor to see what I do with mid, mid-jumbo, jumbo, and that smaller super jumbo that is one step bigger. I personally think I'll end up with a normal jumbo grip but until I can test it, ???
  8. Does the one on the right have a noticeably firmer feeling cover? When I find Titleist balls, that thicker, less clear Titleist logo always gives away a non ProV ball. The one on the left has the ProV look. But it could just be the photo.
  9. Nothing yet for me. I'm excited to try them. I've had Titleist mystery sleeves sent to me in the past and a single sleeve isn't enough to learn anything really. Basically one to one and a half rounds. Having a dozen of each is a game changer, however. I have a Mevo launch monitor so I'll try to check out the numbers after I play them a bit.
  10. Some seriously good looking equipment guys. Thanks for taking the time to post pictures. Hopefully gavinski91 has a big heavy package arriving soon. I'm still wanting to try One Length irons and will be following the (one?) people that have them here. I bought my father a set of inexpensive OL for hit to try out and I plan to hit those when I'm there in August. Gavin - maybe we can even tee it up while I'm in Bellingham. That would be fun.
  11. I'm a little disappointed that we only have pictures of a box. Let's see the goods!
  12. I'm excited to participate in this ball test. I love urethane cover Titleist balls. I also feel like I can tell the difference between hard, soft, etc when it comes to iron, wood, and putter impact. So I guess this will be where I get to find out if that is true!!!
  13. I agree it's not for everyone. It has made changes to how I play golf very quickly in a few ways that I'm not sure I like. I used to always estimate distance then shoot it with a laser to keep my estimating skills sharp. With the fairly intense pace of play our club pushes I just don't do that anymore. I just look at the app distance to middle and fire away. I think it's a bit "dumb" when it comes to taking elevation into account. It also doesn't understand that I hit my 4i a 7i distance because it was uphill into a 20mph wind. I suppose I could exclude shots like that, but it seems like it should know that since it can calculate that you need to hit a 4i into the wind, uphill instead of a 7i (just an example, not even a real example). So some of my club distances don't really make sense - then it uses those when making a suggestion. That being said, for my most used clubs, it knows my game better than I do. Often, when I choose something else I regret it. Sometimes it's obvious there's something whack with what it's suggesting, but not that often. I think the missed shots thing comes down to what direction people have the microphone and perhaps dirty sensors that need just a dusting of air to clean them out. I don't mind my phone in the front left pocket as that's the pocket I have it in all the time, but I do get why some might not like that. I don't see why it couldn't be on your push cart and just park it really close to where you are hitting. I've tried that and it also worked well. I've only used it with an iphone, so can't say with the watch. I could never play golf with a watch on my wrist, so I suppose what works for some doesn't for others.
  14. You go into the putts after the hole and set the one from off the green as a chip. Looks like this.
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