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I'm new here; how should I get started?

Welcome! We’re glad to have new members in our forums. We think you’ll find this one of the best golf communities anywhere, with discussions that are both substantive and respectful. MyGolfSpy is like no other forum on the internet. We're content by the people for the people. You can make it your own in a judgement free zone.

We don't have rules but encourage you to read our Forum Moral Codes. They’re short but they lay out the basic expectations that we have for our community. 

Next, fill out your profile. Click on your member name in the upper right corner, then on “Profile”:


From there, you can change your profile picture by clicking the picture icon. While you’re there, fill out the rest of your profile, with your social media handles, your location, and your handicap by clicking the “Edit Profile” button:


Then start posting! A great place to begin is the “Introduce Yourself” subforum. Jump in the thread for your region and let us know where you’re from and why you love golf!

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