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  1. ohhhhhh, I am in.... getting fit for a new thong as I type this....
  2. HAHAHAHA - etiquette??? I was completely out of line all weekend.... Actually, wasn't one of the fittings, I was setting up with a 7 iron T100 (demo club). Pic was prior to full stance. Even in flip flops, it performed well... Should have seen the bombs I was hitting with my heels on... LMAO...
  3. GREAT choice. I signed up for both stay and play dates. Would be a great time with other MGS nuts... Hoping this comes to fruition.
  4. When I can touch it during play, it gets cleaned and dried.. Same goes for the club before hitting... It is amazing the amount of people I play with that won't clean their ball or club before swinging away. It makes a big difference..
  5. I have been playing the Stability shaft since they came out and it has proved to be more consistent than others in the past. For me, it tracks the line chosen more accurately with better results. As with any club, if you don't trust it to do what you want then it probably won't work in that moment. This shaft has made a "believer" out of me.. My playing partners saw the improvement and switched their shafts as well. Now I am losing a bit of $$$. I should have told them that I had taken more lessons instead of just changing the shaft.. Looking forward to getting out to drop more putts soon.
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