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  1. No one should judge my ability to shoot low AND high scores based on this video….
  2. sooooo, you're sayin there's a chance? LMAO...... Looking forward to seeing you all again..
  3. I’m in. Will need the practice before heading to Scotland in June…
  4. Opponent sinks it all day long. Hate missing the short one
  5. Shameful!!! Body shaming someone who is clearly skinnier than I am….
  6. Alrighty then..... As I have run out of tears from having one of the worst rounds ever (round 2 @ Pine Needles), I will have to say that @cnosil is my kryptonite... To start - what a GREAT group of guys to spend time with. Glad everyone made it home ok, as there were some long drive (pun intended) times after playing on Sunday. Started out Saturday at Mid-South with a 76 and then BOOM, a 28 point swing in the WRONG direction at Pine Needles. I did mention Kryptonite, right??? If you are a Marine like I am, I will pause here for you so you can take your shoes off to count that high (it would be a 104 - I think). Last time i played there (week before LPGA US Open) I shot a 78 - this time - 104... WTF?????? Have no rhyme or reason. But really, WTF???? After some amazing post round moonshine punch, I came back from the dead and shot an 84 at Talamore on Sunday. All in all another great trip and soooo looking forward to the next one. @cksurfdude - apologies.... yellow ball MADE me do it..... To my knowledge no full moons were sighted during this trip.. Golfspy_CG2 - Thanks again for setting it up.....
  7. Rob, don't tempt me with a good time.... Would love to come up and hang with you.. Let me know what works best for you.
  8. Great stuff Jim.... Good to see you again..
  9. Finishing hole at Legacy.. See you boys in a bit.
  10. Count me in when you get it set up.. Headed over now to Pinehurst to take in the beauty and do a little Cradle action (those wedges aren’t gonna swing themselves). See you all soon.
  11. I’ll be waiting in our room princess… Congrats and can’t wait to celebrate with you!!
  12. Warmed up with a round at Spring Creek in Charlottesville before the drive down… A must play venue, if in the area…
  13. Moose, looking forward to our afternoon trek. Safe travels.. I just got into town.
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