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  1. Before spending $$ on a central unit I would compare the cost of a couple mini split units, (especially if any ductwork needs replacing). There are mini split compressors that can supply multiple air handlers so you can have a "zoned" system if you want. That is what we are doing for the shore house (small, 2 br cottage). It is an easier install since getting the replacement central air handler in the attic space would be a big issue for us.
  2. For the 5i thru 9i, I vote for the lead tape usage to get them dialed in as exact as you want after installing the midsize grips. The 919 forged even has a nice shelf that is a perfect place for the tape. As others mentioned you probably wont notice a playing difference but that OCD part of your brain that has you obsessing about it will be satisfied they are the same.....not that I know anything about that.... You can even locate the tape toward where your miss generally is, toe side or heel side. For the wedges I think feel preference rules the day. Compared to my 4-9 I prefer heavier wedges as I generally don't take full swings with them. For me, heavier (and stiffer shafts) means better aim; others may prefer lighter and more flex in their wedges. If you now have good distance and target control from the wedges then I wouldn't change them and make those specs your baseline for future replacements.
  3. Looks Awesome!! Couple questions....Do you use a layer of something between the foam and the concrete floor to allow for some airflow? (That is concrete, isnt it?) What is the mini split unit that was used? I need to look into something similar for the area above our garage.
  4. Thanks for asking. She surprised everyone (herself included! ) and is bàck home with us after two very tough weeks in the hospital. Once discharged after a week of in home rehab she is back to short walks with using the walker and eating frequent small portions. Its been a difficult month but things are stabilized to the new normal. I may even get out to play 9 once in a while!
  5. Is it for indoor & outdoor use? If indoors does the $2k include mats, nets, etc and is there a need / interest for simulator graphics if your weather gets bad for long stretches?
  6. I played a lot of baseball before (and after) picking up golf as a youngster. Rather than being a pull hitter, I would hit the ball where it was pitched which I believe made it easier to translate to a golf swing. I was trying to drive the bat through the back of the ball toward any field depending on the side of the plate it was pitched. We had drills where we would release the bat toward the field we wanted to hit to. So my swing thought when learning golf was to come straight into the back of the ball and release my hands and my club (but in thought only) down the target line. There is a lot of muscle memory at work after hitting hundreds of thousands of balls but it has worked for me over the years.
  7. Happy Birthday Folks!!!!!
  8. The first time I played golf was at a family owned lighted par 3 course in Limerick, PA. This was way back in the '70's. Who knew that our little country bumpkin area was so far ahead of its time?? There was a driving range and putt putt course on the site as well. It was a popular spot after dark. It has evolved over the years and is still there.
  9. Plus 1000% on the comment by @chisag regarding acceleration. Sooo many times i see a bad "half" swing by somebody because they take a full swing length and decelerate at impact causing poor results. Its not 1/2 swing speed its half swing length and accelerate through impact.
  10. Ummm...in this fantasy i just won close to $2B. Do you think there will be other members at my golf course???? There will be me and whoever i invite and thats it. And there will be a staff that will have to deal with the normal headaches of maintaining a course so i wont have to. My first hire will be golfspy_cg2 so i can try out all the clubs he orders with his fully funded equipment budget!!
  11. @ the lessons part! I'd buy a golf course.
  12. I use whatever I have found on the tee box or cart - wood, plastic, resin, etc. Broken ones for anything less than driver and whole ones (or long broken ones) that get the ball to the correct height on the driver face. I don't think I have ever bought a tee. In school when I worked at the course I would load up on tees left in the carts, I was the unintentional supplier for our golf team.
  13. Shipping co's have been hit or miss for me. Fed ex & ups to the house is good, usually the same driver and he drops rhe stuff on the covered deck. They like our driveway because there is enough room to turn around a 10 wheel dump truck and they dont have to back up into the road. Only when they subcontract delivery around the holidays when its super busy and we dont have the regular drivers are there any issues with stuff being left in the rain. UPS freight wins for worst delivery for work stuff in my experience. Ive had multiple orders totaling over $250k get ruined in delivery or lost for weeks by them. And these were 12-16 week production cycle items! One shipment looked like they dragged it behind the truck rather than in it. 200lb hunks of steel engineered to withstand earthquakes were ruined by UPS!
  14. I think an autoflex shaft would work well in those darts!! Better dispersion with less effort.
  15. Thanks Mods for weeding out the spam! I happen to check the forum in the middle of the night last night and was like WOW.....pages and pages of spam threads. But at least I now know that no matter what the company finding a customer service number is fairly easy but getting a response if the hard part!
  16. Like most men you probably need sensitivity training!! Just ask you wife i bet she agrees! I can feel shaft flex and head weight differences in drivers and fairway woods. Less so in hybrids. I can feel head weight differences in irons but not flex.
  17. Especially with recent roughing the Brady calls!!
  18. Setup & grip!! And by setup i include alignment and posture. Start with getting those right and see what the effect is on the rest of your swing. Next thing after setup and grip is proper takeaway. If you get the setup and backswing mostly correct the downswing is easy!! Just Kidding....it may be easy sometimes but its golf so the easy doesnt last!
  19. Hmmm.... In a team golf event I'd bet on a group of kickers over any other position in football. Although some may say kickers don't count as football players!!
  20. I dont think it was Johnny U, you may be thinking of a different QB, John Brodie. I think he was a pretty good golfer but not sure if he actually won a Sr Tour event.
  21. I've got some good data the last couple months about my game using the H4. I still forget to tag clubs but not as frequently as before. Mostly putting and i forget to tag the pin location so my green accuracy is off in the stats. One thing i can say from the data is i consistently "miss" 20% of my tee to green shots. A miss is either direction or distance error...or both! . I dont count a shot as a miss if i hit it the way i want but didnt read yardage or wind impact correctly. The reason for this criteria is i am trying to track mishits and improve my contact consistency. Over 80% of my misses are directional rather than distance. So i seem to be hitting it solid most times but could be off on swing path or face angle. I have noticed that my scoring is better if the misses arent as severe that day or if i miss in the 'better' spot. That is probably obvious but i can have the same FIR or GIR % from round to round but score much differently. The only pattern with a directional miss for the round is how my back feels that day. A stiff back means more pull hooks with my driver but favors a right side miss with my irons. Im not sure whats up with that but that is what the data shows so far. I know i need to concentrate better while playing. My 9 hole rounds show better contact than 18 hole rounds. I dont concentrate well for the full 18. And it could be lapses in the middle 6 holes not just the end of the round so i know its not fatigue. Anyway its fun to me to track this stuff and try to improve in those areas. The H4 data made me look at this more closely than without it.
  22. Looks great! Is this some kind of ominous sign since the dark side finished up after the random spin???
  23. I was thinking about the practice balls i use for my backyard 45-65 yard shots. The snells i take out of play, the prov's swmbo takes out of play and a variety of found balls. There is a bridgestone e ball that consistently goes higher and further by about 8 yards. I have hit it without seeing the logo and knew immediately by how hot it came off the face it was the e ball.
  24. There are balls that perform very similar for me and some that are noticeably different in distance or green holding ability. I tend to use the prov / snell mtb type balls. Except for winter play where i use the chromesoft and any other lost soft balls i have collected over the summer
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