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  1. Had my first chance to take the Tour B RXS Mindset to the course yesterday for a 9-hole round. My ankle was hurting so I just focused on not pushing things. The Mindset process aligns fairly well with what I usually do although the "visualize" step is still difficult. When I describe the shot to myself it helps. For as long as I can remember my last thought before every shot has been "Swing through/Tempo". The Focus part of the Mindset process fits in nicely with this last thought I have before the swing. Overall, the round went well. The ball had good distance off the tee and felt good with every club. It felt especially good on shots between 100-160 yds. and seemed to have more spin than my Maxfli Tour. I have never been one to generate a great deal of greenside spin with any ball and I didn't seem to gain any more the RXS. Only 9-holes so I'll keep at it. And, my putting.
  2. Good morning, everyone! Day is off to a slow(ish) start. Chipmunks and hornets being held at bay (temporarily, I'm sure). Yard scheduled for core aeration this morning -- it can afford to be opened up a bit. Played 9 holes yesterday using the Bridgestone Tour B RXS Mindset -- thanks MGS and Bridgestone!. My ankle was hurting so I opted out of my usual match/skins game -- bad idea as I would finished up 4. Was it the ball or my mindset (nothing on the line so no pressure)? Will try the ball again today (and hope to finish before the rains come across the lake from Chicagoland). Have a great day, y'all!
  3. Not 20 minutes after I took this pic she managed to nab a chipmunk and brought it back to the bed. This time, the chipmunk was still alive and I got it out of her jaws. It limped away. She Who Must Hunt was not very pleased with me.
  4. I have a membership at a golf course but I don’t belong to a golf “club” that sponsors members competitions, etc., so I’ve never faced the kind of hcp manipulation others have. Even when I played in leagues I didn’t run into it. Either I’m very lucky or just too trusting. It’s scrambles with only one team per hole where I think more outright cheating goes on. As I’ve mentioned before, I thought the old method of matching 9-hole rounds resulted in lower-than-accurate handicaps. I also think the GHIN/WHS algorithm for converting 9 holes to 18 holes will probably get tweaked a few times over the next couple of years.
  5. Just perusing the kingdom on a quiet Sunday morning.
  6. Happy birthday, @Golfspy_CG2! Hope you have a fun day. Mid-80s today, dry conditions (for a change) -- wonder how it will affect bounce/roll on fairways ad greens. Grocery shopping at 8:00 a.m., golf at 12:30. Should be a good day. In between I have a new pest to confront -- hornets have built a nest inside a 4x4 support beam on the patio. Didn't know the little critters burrowed like that. Guess I'll zap with some spray before golf and fill in the holes with wood putty after. Play hard and have fun!
  7. No complaints from me, either, about the way 9-hole rounds are treated now. A more accurate reflection of how I'm playing. GHIN is just now showing/counting only 2024 scores for me. Looking forward to seeing if I can regain a bit of form and get the number a little lower.
  8. Thanks, @ILMgolfnut and @Northern Monkey, you’ve pretty much confirmed what I understood. My original comment was prompted by the number of online posts/videos I’ve seen about the impact of WHS on handicap, in general, and Stableford comps, in specific, especially from UK/Ireland-based golfers. I play a lot of 9-hole rounds which I knew suppressed my handicap in the past (it is up over 2 strokes with this year’s change in how 9-hole rounds are treated).
  9. @Northern Monkey Sandbagging knows no boundaries! As someone who rarely plays in stroke play events I haven’t seen/been victim to egregious handicap manipulation — mostly match play although we hole out to keep an accurate handicap.
  10. @ILMgolfnut I admit to only ever having played 9-holes using Stableford. Mostly I know it from those celebrity tournaments and the professional tournament that I think used to be played in Colorado (?). I also don’t enter stroke play events — primarily two-tie, all-tie skins (but we do hole out so scores can be used for handicap). When you play in Scotland does everyone play even up? Are Stableford comps used in figuring handicap? I’m really not trying to be obtuse or difficult, just trying to understand given the amount of whinging I’ve seen lately connecting WHS and comps.
  11. An absolutely lovely day here in the middle of the Mitten but no golf for me today — too many traveling crazies on my home course who are more interested in remembering their frat boy days than playing golf. But enough about (one of) my pet peeves . . . I hope all y’all are having a good weekend. Oh, and if there any UK golfers reading this (or folks who have played a lot in the UK or with UK golfers) can you explain (1) why the WHS is being so vilified?; and, (2) what is the advantage of using Stableford scoring vs. stroke play (w/ handicap)? Thanks.
  12. Good morning, y'all. i knew better than to proclaim victory over the chipmunks. Spent yesterday in a renewed battle with the little guys. We'll see what happens. The dog, aka She Who Must Hunt, is more than happy to show their hideouts. Also spent some time closing up gaps at the end of gutters where some starlings were scouting out nesting sites. And, played what I felt was a horrible 9 holes of golf that turned out to be good enough to tie with one player and win two skins from another. Back to the course again after lunch today. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  13. Usually just a Sharpie dot (red, green or orange ) on the number and “T” with the side stamp. Tested the Maxfli Tour with the enhanced alignment aid and filled in the sides with a Sharpie to get better feedback on putts.
  14. In the fitting, the Orange had a better dispersion but the Green (not Green +) was a yard or so longer
  15. I'm trying not to let that get too deep in my head. The Green + shaft seemed to be what the pressure plates were suggesting but the fitter did not have one to try. I assume he and Colin talked and settled on Orange, so, Orange it is. I played today thinking I was back down to 10.5° but it was still at 11.5°. Ignore the 365 yd. drive -- Shot Scope was obviously having a moment. Interesting that even with one serious clunker off the tee, I came out at 198.6 average and 4/6 fairways hit. The two shots to the right are due more to severe fairway tilt than being pushed/sliced. And, FWIW, today's ball was Maxfli Tour. The thought of going down to 9.5° is both intriguing and scary -- I have never used anything lower than a 10° Big Bertha. I wonder if the back weight should be moved to draw? At this point, all options are on the table. Thanks.
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