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  1. I play Wilsons a lot and like them. I have not tried the soft simply because I have so many Duo pro's and Spins. The article pretty much summed it up: a soft ball with reasonable specs and price. Does anyone pay retail for a Wilson golf ball?
  2. depends on the brand of tequila used.
  3. @Johnsmalls just posted this TGW video in the Wilson Raw discussion. About 3/4 of the way through they use a UV light to show uneven paint distribution. It looks just like your pic.
  4. finally, a golf tee that scores a 10 on ground poking. I have been concerned with that and have found price does not always equate to poke-ability.
  5. I just evaluated that ball. I thought it went well. Certainly not worth the retail price but the BOGO deals make it appealing
  6. The Rukket has 2 nets, a heavy duty net hanging straight down about 2/3 the way in and the actual practice net behind it to catch anything that happens to get by. I just put mine up for the winter and looked it over good and there is no sign of any wear or tears.
  7. I love watches and never leave home without one. I normally wear my Omega on the golf course simply because Rory says its ok.
  8. Bobby Jones. For me, golf shirts are for the golf course. Lots of others to choose from for everything else.
  9. sure makes choosing a golf ball a lot easier with your reviews
  10. i purchased the Rukket net a few years ago and have been very happy with it. It uses a unique folding system that turns this large net into a small round package almost instantly (disclaimer: once you figure out what they are saying to you in the instructions). Durable double netting and easy storage. Rukket on Amazon
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